How does Zion Health work?

Zion Health

Zion Health was started in 2019 by Nathan Udy, an entrepreneur and company owner. Nathan, an insurance industry veteran with more than a decade of expertise, redefined what a HealthShare might provide its members.

HealthShare is a community focused on healthy living, inclusion, and personal accountability, all of which Zion Health promotes.

When it comes to HealthShare communities, it’s simple to understand why Zion is one of the most rapidly expanding.


The people of Zion are well-served by Zion Health. As a member-focused community, our mission is to rethink the HealthShare experience constantly.

Members of Zion Health are happy to be part of a community admired by workers, preferred by doctors, and recommended to friends and family.

How does Zion Health work?

Because of a few variables, Zion memberships may be coupled with basic health plans or direct primary care (DPC) memberships in some instances.

For this evaluation, we’ll only consider the prices and plan designs of a pure Zion Health membership since we’re unsure how that would affect pricing.

Additionally, most consumers who sign up for Zion Health directly (rather than via an employer) would obtain the Zion-only membership.

On the other hand, Zion has shown a willingness to collaborate with DPC clinics. It’s excellent that they’re pushing their members to take advantage of preventative care, which prevents more significant health issues from developing.

Like other health scares, Zion Health aims to spread the cost of significant, unanticipated medical expenses among its members.

It is also similar to other health care in that they keep costs down by regulating which bills may be shared and limiting sharing for preexisting diseases.

However, the one-year waiting time is lower than some other firms. In addition, the maximum amount that may be shared for each need grows each year, up to $125,00.

Zion’s member rules, on the other hand, are pretty extensive and seem to do an excellent job of clarifying which charges are eligible for sharing and which are not.

Submitting bills

Zion Health handles both members’ reimbursements and provider invoices. Member feedback suggests that providers are more reluctant to deal with health shares than Zion is hesitant to pay directly, although recent assessments show Zion is leaning further toward reimbursement.

Because Zion Health is not a health insurance company with negotiated rates for facilities or providers, members should identify themselves to providers as self-pay patients to get the self-pay discount.

They don’t even make use of a provider network.
Zion Health asks that members submit all relevant documentation electronically, including invoices and receipts.

Zion Health

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How do I sign up?

Applying to Zion Health is available here.

Zion Health login

Zion Health has launched a new member site. Your membership information, ID cards, and a medical necessity request may all be accessed via the site.

Check back soon for future upgrades as we’re working on adding even more features to the portal!

Learn how to sign up for a new account and use the new gateway in the video below! The new gateway may be accessed here.

Zion Health Review

Founded in 2019, Zion Health was created in reaction to previous health shares’ overly-exclusive character and is situated in Saint George, Utah (just outside Zion National Park).

As one of the first secular health shares, Zion’s membership now spans all 50 states. However, members of Zion Health are not required to make public declarations of faith or show signs of worship, even if they accept a higher force.

Living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding dangerous behaviors like drug misuse are some of the critical beliefs of Zion Health’s community.

All faiths and none are welcome, as long as they agree to adhere to the organization’s core beliefs.

Zion Health

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Zion Health vs MediShare

If you’re searching for a Christian-friendly community, go no farther than MediShare. A whopping 98 percent of its customers are happy, which is unheard of in the business.

All members of Zion Health, regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs, are welcome to join.

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