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Xsport Fitness

About Xsport Fitness

Xsport Fitness is one of America’s fastest-growing fitness franchises, offering state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to our members. Open every day of the week, 24 hours a day. To put it another way, our facilities are the best in the business.

We want our members to have an entertaining, uplifting, comfortable, and clean atmosphere to exercise, train, tan, and have fun while they pursue a healthy lifestyle.

We have a well-trained staff, cutting-edge equipment, and qualified personal trainers to assist our members in achieving their fitness objectives.

As soon as they come into an xsport fitness center, members are greeted with a vibrant, upbeat environment.
In addition, they are greeted by the industry’s most knowledgeable and welcoming staff members, who provide them with the best equipment available.

What we have to offer

High-tech facilities and equipment, skilled trainers and health specialists, and certified health club staff members are just some of the xsport fitness’s many impressive offerings. They’re all working together to help people achieve their fitness objectives.

As soon as you walk thru the doors of xsports fitness, you’ll see that it’s a clean and healthy place. Having access to the most cutting-edge fitness and exercise equipment on the market is undoubtedly a source of great joy for all of our members. Professional trainers and staff members at the health gym make every new and experienced member feel right at home.

The purpose of our work

It has always been xsport fitness goal to provide an environment that encourages its members and visitors to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of the devotion and enthusiasm of the gym’s fitness experts and staff, we’ve been able to accomplish this goal since the gym’s inception. They ensure that the gym’s stellar reputation as a top-notch fitness service provider is maintained by ensuring that all members have access to a safe and pleasant working environment.

Focusing on essential objectives and fundamental principles like providing all members with the best and most effective workout facilities is how xsports fitness can achieve its aim. Because of this, it produces an ideal training environment. When Xsports fitness adheres to its core principles and provides the most satisfactory possible service, members may reap the most significant advantages from their membership.

Membership fees

A thirty-day money-back guarantee is included for all members of xsport fitness, making it one of the most adaptable gyms out there. Nearly all xsports fitness locations offer memberships for $49.95 or less.

It also provides a pay-as-you-go membership option and guarantees that commitments are limited in time. Undecided participants might choose to pay for each exercise only when they show up. First-time visitors may take advantage of a complimentary health and wellness consultation. Free personal training sessions are also available to members.

It’s a perk of membership that you may use all of the club’s amenities and equipment. Towels and lockers are provided free of charge to members. A children’s play area with a closed-circuit tv monitor allows members to bring their kids along to feel safe watching the youngsters play while they finish their workouts.

Xsport Fitness

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Consulting with a group for fitness

Members of xsport fitness may take advantage of group fitness classes that provide a slew of health advantages. All courses are included in the gym membership, and there are no extra xsports fitness fees for this kind of training. Members get access to these courses seven days a week, 365 days a year. While participating in group exercise, you’ll be able to enjoy its distinctive studios, which are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and sound systems, rubber or spring floors, and mirrors that go from floor to ceiling.

When it comes to group fitness at xsport fitness, you’ll find everything from yoga to Zumba to kickboxing to cycling to boot camps (like Nike training club) to aqua fitness to sculpting to group strength training. Xsport fitness members may make use of group fitness without paying additional expenses.

Advanced facility for customized training

We at xsport fitness pride ourselves on delivering industry-leading facilities and services that are unsurpassed by rival health clubs, as evidence of our dedication to giving exceptional value to all of our members. With such cutting-edge facilities and technology, training plans and routines tailored to the athletes’ needs are a perfect complement. Each client’s workout is specifically tailored to meet their specific fitness goals.

We’ve put in a lot of work to ensure that our members have a great experience working out while also getting a great workout. Regardless of their chosen plan, members will have access to the most excellent equipment and the most knowledgeable gym staff, guaranteeing that they will reap the rewards of their hard work in due time.

Xsport fitness membership plane

To start taking care of your health and fitness right away, the XSport fitness pricing has been kept low. Xsport Fitness began as a tiny gym but has grown into one of the most prominent fitness gym brands in the nation, with locations around the country.
You may, of course, check out the Xsport Fitness prices before you join so that you can choose the most acceptable fitness regimen for yourself.

Monthly Prices

Single Structure Amount
Initiation Fee $174.49
Monthly Fee $49.49
Cancellation Fee $0.00
Single Structure Amount
Initiation Fee $349.49
Monthly Fee $69.49
Cancellation Fee $0.00

Yearly Prices

Single Structure Amount
Starting Fee $174.49
Annual Fee $599.49
Cancellation Fee $0.00
Single Structure Amount
Starting Fee $349.49
Annual Fee $839.49
Cancellation Fee $0.00

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The Costs of XSport Fitness Training

Xsport Fitness, like other popular gyms, charges an introductory fee. You don’t have to break the bank since the first charge is so small when it comes to this.
The membership cost may be paid in two ways: monthly or yearly.
A one-person Xsport Fitness membership is $49.49 per month, or $2.47 per day if you work five days a week. A two-person membership costs $69.49 per month.
Xsport Fitness charges an annual membership cost of $599.49 for a single individual and $839.49 for a couple.

XSport Fitness’s Tools and Resources

XSport Fitness has the most up-to-date equipment available. Depending on your exercise objectives, you may use a variety of equipment.
XSport Fitness recognizes the unique demands of each consumer. XSport Fitness Center has the following features to offer its patrons.

  • A wide range of membership choices to suit your requirements. 
  • Personal training sessions tailored to the needs of the individual
  • A variety of activities for adults and children are available, including rock climbing walls, basketball courts, studio-style group training programs, full-service spas, and salons, as well as self-service spa treatments.
  • There are various types of steam rooms and saunas to choose from.

The Xsport fitness pricing is reasonable in light of the services it offers.

Xsport Fitness

Xsport fitness FAQ

How much does XSport cost?

Xsport fitness prices start at around $9.95 for their basic memberships.

How much does the maintenance fee cost at Xsport Fitness?

The annual maintenance fee is $49, and it’s charged on the 15th of the month following joining and on that date moving forward annually.

Are there personal trainers at Xsport Fitness?

Yes, there are personal trainers available. First-timers can avail themselves of free consultation on their health and wellness conditions. Members can also take advantage of free individual training sessions.

How much is a premium membership at XSPORT Fitness?

Their premium membership package starts at $22.95 per month.

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