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Xperience Fitness

About Xperience Fitness

Our purpose at Xperience Fitness is to give our gym members more options to achieve their fitness goals, more healthy living guidance, and more chances to feel unstoppable.

We understand how difficult it may be to begin a fitness regimen, which is why we’ve included a variety of resources to help you become motivated and enjoy your exercises. Who are we to be different?

We provide personal training programs and dietary counseling to get you started on the correct path to a healthier lifestyle. Plus, there are fitness centers with cardio theaters and swimming pools if you want to make even more of a difference to your health and self-esteem.

Xperience Fitness

Xperience Fitness membership options

Joining a new gym (or any membership) might be intimidating. You’re presented with various alternatives and packages, and you may be unsure which is the greatest fit for you.

We want to take a moment to discuss the many membership choices available via Xperience Fitness. For further information on prices, contact your local club, and they will provide you with all the necessary information! For the time being, look at the details of each membership plan below.


The Core membership is our entry-level offering. This membership lets you access your nearest XF club and all of its fundamental features, including cardio equipment, weights, a locker room, and a pool.

The core is ideal for anybody looking for a great training space but does not need complex features. This membership will get you in the door and provide you with everything you need to complete your exercise, but it will exclude courses and tanning.

Fit membership at XPERIENCE FITNESS

The Fit membership includes everything contained in the Core membership, plus the opportunity to sign up for exercise courses, spin classes, and tanning.

This is ideal for those who wish to learn more about Xperience and explore what more it has to offer. Additionally, fit provides the option to add visitor rights. For further information, contact your local club.


The Orange Card is our most popular membership because it provides complete access to everything we provide. The Orange Card grants you unlimited access to Team Training courses, visitor privileges, unlimitedFIT 3D body scans, and a 15% discount on NRG supplements.

We are unable to make this choice for you. We can only provide you with the necessary information! If you seek a great training environment but don’t want additional courses or pizazz, the Core membership is ideal for you.

Fit is worth checking out if you’re interested in tanning or group fitness. If you want to take advantage of all our members have to offer, the Orange Card is the way to go!

How do I cancel my xperience fitness membership?

You may terminate your Xperience Fitness gym membership over the phone by following these steps:

  1. Go to the main page of Xperience Fitness.
  2. At the top of the page, click on “Locations/Gyms.”
  3. Locate and click on the name of the gym where you go to work out.
  4. Call the phone number provided.
  5. Follow the representative’s instructions for canceling your subscription and requesting a refund.

If your gym gets a significant amount of calls, you may utilize another DoNotPay function to skip the line and avoid long waiting periods.

Send a Letter of Termination to Xperience Fitness

The way to begin your Xperience Fitness membership cancellation via a letter should look like this:

  1. Use the Xperience Fitness website to locate your gym’s location as indicated above
  2. Write your letter seeking to discontinue your membership
  3. Include necessary account and contact details
  4. Send the letter through certified mail

To guarantee your request goes through, you may give your gym a call and confirm whether your cancellation request has been received.

Xperience Fitness in Person Cancel

Talk to the person at the gym’s front desk you attend the most about canceling your gym membership. Cancellation requests should be handled immediately, or you may get further details on what has to be done.

Xperience Fitness payment

Manage your payment by clicking here

Xperience fitness app

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Xperience Fitness

Xperience Fitness guest policy

With the Xperience Fitness Orange Card, you can access additional perks, such as guest privileges, when you join up. Xperience locations allow Orange Cardmembers to invite one guest at a time. This benefit has been an increasingly popular reward in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. Find out more by reading on.

Faces that you know

We recognize that working out in public with strangers isn’t the most enjoyable experience for many gym-goers. The company of a close friend, a sibling, or a significant other can help you relax and get the most out of your workout.

Having a friend to chat to

You may have a difficult time starting a conversation with a stranger. Chatting with friends, on the other hand, is second nature.

You may also compare and contrast your various training regimens and possibly pick up some tips from each other. It’s not impossible to do something with a stranger, but most of us can agree that it’s much simpler when you’re doing it with someone you know.


Having a buddy spot is a great safety measure, even if you’re listening to music and blocking out the rest of the gym. As with any large free weights, it’s always a good idea to have a trusted friend or family member present to ensure that you don’t injure yourself.

Improved all-around fitness

Humans are naturally competitive. Having a little friendly competition isn’t going to do any damage. Working out with a buddy may be more enjoyable and productive by putting each other to the test. Simple bets on how many curls you can perform will serve to encourage you more.

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