What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness? How Effective & Its Features

What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness

To help you achieve your fitness, strength, and conditioning goals, Planet Fitness has introduced a new program called Total Body Enhancement. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about this well-known tool.

Working out at the gym might get monotonous and draining after a while. In addition, many people give up training because they don’t see results.

The Planet Fitness franchise of gyms tries to dispel common preconceptions about what a “normal gym” looks like.

This makes it feasible to employ hydro massage chairs, beds, and a piece of unusual equipment that generates red light—Total Body Enhancement—which we’ll speak about today.

The makers of Total Body Enhancement believe that their gadget may help people lose weight, enhance their complexion, and alleviate their discomfort.

What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness

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About Planet Fitness

Over 2,000 gyms throughout the United States, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Mexico are part of the Planet Fitness network.

You may call them one of the quickest-expanding gym chains in the country. Most of the equipment at this gym is of the aerobic and free-weight type kind.

Their first mission was to make individuals feel comfortable, find out what they wanted from life, and help them get there.

“No Gymtimidation” is a well-known tagline of Planet Fitness. At its signing in 1999, it was part of a gym marketing effort aimed at luring in more women and families. Planet Fitness is committed to making its facilities “pleasant and fun for everyone,” as its tagline states.

There are many tiers of membership available at Planet Fitness. Access to the basic equipment is available at this level.

As a bonus, you can skip the busiest times of the day with the Black Card, which grants you access to additional amenities (hydro-massage chairs and beds, PF tanning). Total Body Enhancement (TBE) is a machine that may be used.

What is Total Body Enhancement in Planet Fitness?

It’s called the Beauty Angel RVT 30, but it employs red light treatment instead of the usual tanning lamps.

One wavelength of the lamp’s light is employed to go inside the cells and start chemical processes. The body and skin benefit greatly because of this.

These are the consequences of the Beauty Angel RVT 30:

  • Adipose tissue gets more blood flow while you’re trying to shed pounds. Your body more readily digests fat cells because of this.
  • Serotonin production is stimulated, reducing exhaustion and sleepiness and increasing energy levels. After utilizing a machine, you will feel more energized, focused, and driven. Pre-workout warm-up or post-workout if you’ve got many things on your plate and need to be in peak physical condition.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines may be reduced by boosting the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which encourages the growth of new skin cells. It also aids in renewing skin cells in the dermis, giving the skin a healthy radiance.
  • Post-acne scars and other damage caused by acne may be reduced by using acne-fighting products.
  • Pain and swelling may be reduced and even healed when an anti-inflammatory agent is used.
  • Firming: increases collagen formation, resulting in firmer, more supple skin that is less prone to drooping.
  • To alleviate chronic pain, serotonin synthesis is stimulated.

What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness

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How does Total Body Enhancement work?

By activating the body’s natural reaction to internal and external stimuli, Total Body Enhancement can achieve its desired results. Using red light treatment and vibration therapy is a new technique.

The wavelengths emitted by the red light treatment span from 620 nm to 770 nm. Vibration therapy and this range work together to boost the creation of ATP in your body.

These advantages include enhanced circulation, higher cellular energy, and cell regeneration.

By activating the nerve system and boosting blood flow, this gadget aids in weight reduction.

Total Body Enhancement increases the body’s ability to manufacture ATP energy for cells, which allows that energy to be used up more rapidly than it otherwise would.

There will come a time when the cells will require a break. When they take a break, their bodies are forced to rely on stored fat for energy. Because of this, weight reduction may be hastened with this method.

In addition, ATP plays a critical role in the body’s ability to regenerate tissue. It’s also necessary for a healthy immune system, which speeds up the healing process for cuts, burns, and other injuries.

Total Body Enhancement is based on scientific research.

Whether or not Total Body Enhancement is beneficial is a contentious issue. We’ll examine this gadget’s red light treatment technology to see whether it supports or contradicts these ideas.

The following scientific research demonstrates its effects and efficiency.

Weight loss

What is Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness

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Numerous health professionals have reported that red light therapy is a safe and natural way to reduce body fat and enhance the skin’s appearance.

People who received red light treatment (635nm) for two weeks lost six pounds each. A 20-minute treatment of the waist and hips on both sides was included in each session.

The waist and hip circumferences of the patients decreased by 1.1 inches (2.8 cm) and 2.8 centimeters, respectively (1.2 inches or 3 cm).

In the following research, a low-level laser light device was tested for its ability to reduce cellulite on the thighs and buttocks.

For two weeks, 68 individuals were divided into two groups and given either a red light gadget or a fake device to treat their symptoms.

Compared to the sham group, most patients who had red light treatment (62.1%) were happy with their cellulite improvement.

The end outcome of red light therapy for cellulite removal.

The following research examined the efficacy and mechanism of 635-680 nm red treatment for non-invasive body contouring.

A laser or a control therapy was administered to 40 obese individuals. For four weeks, the waistlines were treated twice weekly for 30 minutes each time. It was a net loss of 0.85 inches after four weeks (2.15 cm).

Pain relief

Red light therapy’s advantages extend well beyond the skin’s surface. Pain reduction and muscular relaxation are two common benefits that people report after treatment.

Patients with lymphhedhy (body edema), accompanied by discomfort, participated in the research. Red light therapy treatments were used as part of the treatment.

A total of 82% of patients (14 of 17) reported a reduction in discomfort while moving by an average of 40% and 62.7 percent following the first and second light treatment sessions, respectively.

Patients with chronic pain who received light treatment were shown to have significant improvements in their quality of life.

For 22 weeks, 820 patients were divided into two groups, one receiving red therapy and the other receiving a placebo.

In contrast to the second group, those who underwent light treatment experienced a decrease in pain intensity while maintaining their analgesia. Red therapy’s adverse effects were indistinguishable from those of a placebo.

Advantages of anti-aging

The skin regeneration and healing benefits of red light treatment have also been safe and effective.
There were 113 participants in the research.

They were separated into four groups at random and given twice-weekly exposure to either 611-650 nm or 570-850 nm light.

All treatment groups received radiation at varying levels of intensity and time. Consequently, patients reported an improvement in their skin’s appearance and feel, as well as a reduction in skin roughness.

Patients with face wrinkles were included in the research. All nine operations used wavelengths of 633 nm and 830nm in total.

At 9 and 12 weeks, the improvement in skin surface was measured. By week 12, 52 percent of participants saw an improvement in photoaging markers by 25-50 percent, and 81 percent of patients reported a substantial decrease in wrinkles.

How to use Total Body Enhancement

No matter the Planet Fitness location you go to, the Total Body Enhancement program is the same no matter which model you see there.

  1. For the most part, foot symbols are located in the center of the platform. As a guide, here’s where to stand.
  2. To keep your balance when standing, look above and see a few straps. These straps are designed to keep your wrists and ankles safe from injury while moving around a lot. With a range of vibration programs, they may assist you in maintaining your equilibrium.
  3. The position of your knees should be the next thing you pay attention to. Keep them a little twisted for best results. This posture helps to ensure that the right muscles are activated throughout vibration training programs. ‘ Keep your knees slightly bent to assist keep your balance.
  4. There are also red lights surrounding you so that all of your flesh will be exposed without having to move or change positions. It’s best to let the machine go to its own devices.

When utilizing Total Body Enhancement, here are some things not to do:

  • Keep your hands on the smartphone at all times. You don’t need to move since red lights are all around you.
  • Make sure your hair is pulled back and out of your face and away from your back while using the gadget. Having your hair pulled back while vibrating is also a good idea.
  • To utilize a red light, you must not access the gadget while wearing clothing. It would help to reveal as much flesh as possible since it cannot permeate garments.
  • The machine should not be used every day, but every 48 hours instead.

Total Body Enhancement Programs

Four applications are available to the user on this system. All programs are customizable in terms of intensity and length.

1. Low intensity

“Feel Great” is another name for this application. It improves flexibility, relaxes muscles, and has a low vibration frequency that aids in the relaxation of the muscles.

Reducing muscular tension, increasing blood flow, and decreasing the chance of injury are all benefits of using this product after working out. People who don’t work out or spend long periods in front of a computer might benefit from it.

2. Medium intensity

The name “New You” is another name for this application. Muscle tone is improved with alternating, regulated motions that employ vibrations and massages of medium frequency.

This is a simple practice that relaxes the whole body, strengthens muscles, and enhances the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid.

Beginners are the target audience for this course. It’s perfect for folks who haven’t worked out in a while or want to get back into it after a hiatus.

3. High intensity

This is a more sophisticated application. “Cross-training” is another name for this method. It combines a combination of high-frequency interval training and powerful vibration.

This is a well-balanced workout that focuses on building muscle and boosting metabolism. It might serve as a substitute for a full exercise if you are a novice.

Athletes and sports fans may also find this application useful as an add-on.

4. Mixed Intensity

This mixed-frequency workout targeted the arms, legs, stomach, and buttocks are among the muscular areas. It aids in developing lean muscle mass while also increasing metabolic rate.

Although anybody of any fitness level may do it, it is recommended that novices begin with a lesser intensity.

How many calories does total body enhancement burn?

For 12 minutes, the complete body is worked at low intensity in the Total Body Enhancement workout.

A 12-minute session of Total Body Enhancement might result in a calorie burn of up to 190.

You’ll lose weight, tone up your muscles, and become stronger all at the same time.

How many calories does total body enhancement burn?

For 12 minutes, the complete body is worked at low intensity in the Total Body Enhancement workout.

You may lose up to 190 calories in a single 12-minute session of Total Body Enhancement.

Additionally, you’ll tone your muscles, slim down your waist, and boost your muscular power by doing this workout.

Who should not use the Total Body Enhancement machine?

  • In cases of brain or spinal surgery;
  • Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding;
  • People with heart disease and those who take cardiac medication. You should also avoid using a machine if you have migraines since it might exacerbate your symptoms;
  • Because red light treatment has been observed to increase the risk of bleeding in those using anticoagulant medication and antiplatelet medication, it is not recommended for people taking these drugs;
  • When utilizing a machine, people with epilepsy should visit their doctor beforehand;
  • Cancer patients should not use red light treatment except under the guidance of a physician;
  • Until a sunburn has cured, a person should not operate a machine;
  • When using red light treatment in conjunction with some drugs and conventional medicine that include vitamin A, such as isotretinoin (the active element of the popular acne medicine), it is not suggested (redness, burns);

Does Planet Fitness Total Body Enhancement really work?

Yes, we have more energy in our cells due to using the Total Body Enhancement machine, which allows us to do more strenuous, energy-intensive exercises.

As a result, we may work out even more intensely and burn even more calories and fat.


There are several advantages to using the innovative Total Body Enhancement at Planet Fitness.

Weight loss and cellulite reduction have been demonstrated to be aided by boosting metabolism and improving skin tone and texture.

As a result, it is one of the essential tools for keeping both beauty and health.

To gain long-term advantages and get the results you want, you must use Total Body Enhancement regularly and consistently.

If you don’t see anything different after one usage, don’t give up. Your body will change over time if you keep using the gadget.


Does Total Body Enhancement need a membership?

The Total Body Enhancement capabilities are only available to Black cardholders.

Will Total Body Enhancement result in a tan?

No, the red light treatment used by Total Body Enhancement does not induce a tan.

However, you may find that your skin is more sensitive to the sun following the procedure. Thus it is imperative that you use sunscreen.

Using Total Body Enhancement, do I need to remove my clothing first?

Red light treatment may only be used on areas of the body that have been exposed to light.

Aside from a swimsuit, most individuals wear nothing but their underwear or trunks inside the machine.

When using Total Body Enhancement, do I need to use eye protection?

That’s a waste of time. No dangerous UV rays are emitted by Total Body Enhancement systems, which employ red light.

It’s possible, however, that you’ll find it too dazzling. Wearing safety glasses is preferable if you have sensitive eyes or if you just like them.

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