What is Nest Aware Plus, and Is Nest Aware Plus worth it?

Nest Aware Plus

What is Nest Aware Plus?

At only $16/month (or $160/year, a savings of $32/year), Nest Aware Plus provides access to more event video history and ten days of 24/7 video history.

Switching to a subscription that includes all your Google Nest devices for a single payment is simple if you currently pay for Nest Aware with each camera separately.

Is Nest Aware Plus worth it?

If you have several smart gadgets in your house, you might consider signing up for a Nest Aware subscription. To top it all off, even if you’re already subscribed to an older plan, you may want to upgrade to the new one so you can fully use your gadgets.

Is Nest aware or Nest aware plus better?

The default Nest Aware plan only stores 30 days of data. A paid upgrade, Nest Aware Plus, is available from Google that extends the free trial period to 60 days and provides an additional ten days of recorded video history.

Nest Aware vs. Nest Aware Plus

In light of the company’s October 2019 announcement of a new Nest Aware plan and my subsequent decision to buy more Nest cameras on Black Friday 2019 in anticipation of those plans’ release, it seems that my expectation was well founded.

Even though we were told to expect the new project in the first few months of 2020, we didn’t get it until later.

The problem is, I can’t decide between the Nest Aware plan ($60/year, event-based recording (EBR) with 30-day EBR history and the Nest Aware Plus plan ($120/year, 24/7 recording with 60-day EBR history).

Nest Aware Plus makes a lot of sense for businesses, second homes, or people who are often on the road. Having previously used Ring, whose recordings were limited to 60 seconds at most, I’m not too enamored with EBR’s offerings.

I have not been able to confirm whether Nest will impose a maximum EBR length, but I have also not seen any evidence suggesting that it would not.

If there is an EBR limit, people who opted for Nest Aware instead of plus may let me know. Because it doesn’t record all the time, I imagine Nest Aware will use less data, which may be excellent news for those like me who are unwilling to pay extra to exceed our one terabyte (TB) internet data plan maximum.

Whether you have an internet-tracking router, please let us know if the Nest Aware (EBR) plan results in less data being used.

How many cameras Nest Aware Plus?

The Google website boasts support for “infinite devices.” There are five cameras I use, and they’re all solid. One thing to keep in mind is that having so many would need a high “UPSTREAM” speed for your internet connection. So far, I’ve been running 400down and 20up with no issues.

See the link below: For a list of these “unlimited devices,” please scroll down.

  • What are the benefits of a Nest Aware Plus subscription?
  • Video recordings of past events are also available at any time.
  • Upgraded motion and sound detection warnings.
  • Areas for Group Activities.
  • We are retaining historical events on film.
  • Produce and disseminate your short films.
  • Make time-lapse videos.
  • The correct Nest Aware plan must be selected.

Can I upgrade from Nest aware to plus?

Yes you can upgrade to plus

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