What is Nest Aware and is the price worth it?

Nest Aware

If you’ve done any research into Google’s Nest Cams or Nest Doorbells for your smart home, you’ve mentioned Nest Aware, a premium membership program you can join up for to supplement its functionality.

What exactly do you receive for your monthly membership to Nest Aware, and should you sign up?

What exactly is Nest Aware?

Lengthy recording history is the crucial perk of a Nest Aware membership. Nest cameras only save three hours’ worth of “event history,” or brief clips triggered by noise or movement.

That’s OK if you’re awake and close to your phone, but it won’t cut it if an event occurs while you’re asleep or out of town.

The default Nest Aware plan only stores 30 days of data. A paid upgrade, Nest Aware Plus, is available from Google that extends the free trial period to 60 days and provides an additional ten days of recorded video history.

Understand that not all Nest cameras can continuously record; the major limitation is battery-operated devices.

Expanded recording history is the crucial perk of a Nest Aware membership.

Familiar facial recognition is the next most significant advantage. While the newest Nest Cams and Nest Doorbell Battery use built-in AI to detect and react to people, animals, and cars, Aware users may train their cameras to recognize specific individuals in their lives.

Instead of receiving a generic “someone at the door” notification, you’ll know exactly who it is, whether it’s Roger, Lakesha, or Stephanie.

A lesser-known feature of Aware is that it allows wired Nest Cams or any other Google smart speaker or display to detect the sounds of smoke and CO alarms.

The Nest Hub Max will also warn you if it detects human speech in addition to the sound of shattering glass, and speakers and screens may also activate alarms in this way. If you’re OK with that, the Max can function as its camera in Aware.

Finally, Aware facilitates contacting emergency services such as 911.

Most people won’t care about this since they can always call emergency services on their own, but if you’re traveling out of town, Google’s “e911” technology will link you to the 911 dispatch center nearest to your house.

What is the price of Nest Aware?

If you live in the United States and wish to subscribe to Nest Aware, you may do so for $6 per month or $60 per year. Both options include unlimited Aware-compatible devices in your house.

That’s not the case with many other intelligent security programs, which increase prices if you add more than one camera.

Could I try Nest Aware for free?

Yes. There is a free 30-day trial available once you’ve set up a compatible device in the Nest or Google Home app. But there’s only one trial allowed per household, so don’t count on resetting when you add or switch out cameras.

Another thing to remember is that you can only get a trial at retailers where Nest Aware is available.

Nest Aware: How to Get Started

Android users may download the Google Home app or visit the Google Play Store to sign up for Nest Aware or Aware Plus. For the latter, go to the menu by tapping the gear symbol, selecting Features, and finally, Nest Aware.

It’s been determined that Aware is now available in the following areas:

  • Australia 
  • Austria 
  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • Finland 
  • France 
  • Germany 
  • Ireland 
  • Italy 
  • Japan 
  • The Netherlands 
  • New Zealand 
  • Norway 
  • Spain
  •  Sweden 
  • Switzerland 
  • The United Kingdom 
  • United States (except Puerto Rico)

As of this writing, Google Nest speakers and displays in the United States only support emergency dialing and sound detection. Nest security cameras and doorbells in Illinois do not support the familiar face recognition feature.

A Guide to Managing Your Nest Aware subscription

Store.google.com/subscriptions is where most people do this after logging onto their Google account.

You may update your payment information, cancel your membership, or upgrade from Aware to Aware Plus from that page (and vice versa). You may need to click the three dots (menu) for other choices.

If you signed up for Aware using the Google Home app, you’d need to access your account settings via the Google Play Store.

After signing in, go to My subscriptions and then choose Aware. Choose from the menu by clicking the Manage button.

In most cases, your Aware membership will automatically renew (and cost you) unless you cancel. The only exception is the 30-day free trial, after which you must choose to continue paying to continue using the service.

If you cancel your Aware subscription mid-month or mid-year, your subscription will stay valid until the conclusion of your current monthly term.

If you want Nest Aware, should you pay?

Perhaps, but mostly you need to satisfy two conditions. For starters, there should be a high level of safety in the house.

Free event recording from certain camera manufacturers, even Google’s three hours, might be enough if you work from home all day and live in a safe area.

If all you’re doing is looking for parcels or keeping an eye on the kids, using the word “aware” is a bit of a stretch.

Aware’s event recording and facial recognition become helpful if you are absent from home or have a high crime rate in your area.

Even if you don’t manage to capture the intruders red-handed, having video proof might increase your chances of filing charges and retrieving stolen property.

Second, the system must be fully integrated into the Google ecosystem as a camera platform and an intelligent home system.

Alexa-enabled cameras are optimized for use with the Amazon Echo Show’s bright display. Just as it would be silly to add Google models to an existing system that includes cameras from businesses like Arlo or Wyze, much alone shell out extra cash for Aware, which is only available on Nest devices.

Aware is a good choice if you want constant monitoring and are willing to switch to using just Google for all of your search needs.

Finest Nest Aware-enabled home gadgets

Battery for Nest Doorbell

Nowadays, consumers order everything from meals to exercise equipment online, making video doorbells necessary.

The Nest Doorbell Battery has Aware features in addition to the ability to be hardwired if you don’t want to recharge it every few months and to save video from events for up to an hour if the power or Wi-Fi goes out.

Be aware that, even when hardwired, Aware Plus does not permit continuous recording.

Battery for Nest Cam

You can use the Nest Cam Battery inside with a stand, but the external application is where it truly shines. It can be easily installed and removed from the outdoors because of its waterproof design and magnetic mount.

The Nest Cam Battery, similar to the Nest Cam Doorbell, may continue recording for up to an hour if Wi-Fi is lost. However, it cannot record continuously while using Aware Plus.

Hub Max Nest

If you want a full Google intelligent home setup, including Nest Aware, you’ll need the Nest Hub Max.

The Max can also function as a camera with built-in object and sound recognition, making it a versatile tool for monitoring video feeds.

You may relax, enjoy media like music, podcasts, and live videos and operate your smart home while keeping an eye out.

Nest Cam Wired

The Nest Cam, which can only be used with an Ethernet cable, is overpriced compared to its wireless competitors.

Since it costs less than the Nest Cam Battery and includes advanced capabilities like face recognition and video recording at no additional cost, it becomes more appealing when used in conjunction with other Aware products.

It’s not waterproof, so it can only be used inside, but it’s versatile in that you can mount it on a wall or set it up on a flat surface.

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