What is Hydromassage at Planet Fitness? Best Guided

What is Hydromassage at Planet Fitness

What is hydromassage?

In hydromassage, water and pressured jets are used to massage muscles and other soft tissues, which is a treatment. There are several names for this approach, such as:

  • hydrotherapy
  • water therapy
  • aqua therapy

Some people may not be suitable for hydromassage, even though it has been a scientifically proven trusted Source to reduce pain and soreness linked with exercise and certain medical disorders.

When considering hydromassage, it’s necessary to see a doctor first, whether at a spa or at home.

How does hydromassage work?

Hydrotherapy has been used since the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations when bath-style possibilities for relaxation in either hot or cold water were the primary emphasis of the discipline.

In contrast to bathing and exercising in the water, hydromassage has developed into various equipment.
To use a traditional hydromassage machine, you must put on a swimming suit and sit or lay in warm water while receiving the massage.

Hydro-pressurized jets are also used in the machines, which may be modified to suit your needs.
Dry hydromassage, another alternative, uses a table similar to the one used in conventional massage treatment.

Instead of submerging yourself in water, you may feel the heat and pressure from the table’s water-filled mattress and jets.
As a bonus, hydromassage tables contain thermostats that allow you to adjust the temperature.

What is Hydromassage at Planet Fitness

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The advantages of hydromassage

With the extra advantage of water, hydromassage provides many of the same benefits as regular massage treatment.

Although there is still a lack of scientific proof for several medical diseases, there are many confirmed benefits:

Improvement of mood and ease of mind

One of the most well-known advantages of massage treatment is the feeling of total calmness. Sometimes, it might even help ease tension and worry.

Studies People with rheumatoid arthritis discovered that hydrotherapy eased their pain and increased their mood, according to a reliable source.

Pain alleviation

Hydrotherapy’s pain-relieving properties have been shown in several additional research. Massage therapy has also been well-established as a complementary treatment for knee, lower back, neck, and shoulder discomfort.

Other kinds of chronic pain, such as fibromyalgia and headaches, need to be studied to determine the safety and effectiveness of hydromassageTrusted Source.

After-workout euphoria

Pain management may be improved by general hydrotherapy, according to research from a reputable source.

Hydromassage tables may be offered by gyms and fitness clubs as a technique to ease post-workout muscular pains and weariness.

Don’t use hydromassage unless prescribed by a doctor if you have any joint or bone injuries.

Circulation is improved.

Additionally, massage treatment may help to improve blood flow. In hydrotherapy, cold water may enhance blood flow by stimulating the diaphragm.

Ask a massage therapist about hydromassage with colder water if you’re interested in this kind of treatment.

Consequences of a hydromassage

Although hydromassage has many advantages, it is not safe for everyone. Pregnant women, individuals with high blood pressure (hypertension), and those with bleeding issues are not advised to use it.

The following side effects have been linked to hydromassage:

  • Water that’s too hot may cause burns
  • If you suffer from eczema or another inflammatory skin disease, your symptoms may worsen.
  • Bruises
  • Amputations of the nerves
  • Elderly adults and those with osteoporosis are more susceptible to fractures
  • The formation of a clot (rare)

What is Hydromassage at Planet Fitness

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Where can I get a hydromassage treatment?

Spas, gyms, and shopping center kiosks may provide hydromassage services. In certain massage parlors, this may be simply one of many different forms of massages.

Chair and table hydromassage options are available. An upright massage chair may be better than a recliner if you want to work on the upper back, neck, or head. If you like to get massages while lying down, a table may be better.

Hydromassage in a tub is an option if you prefer conventional hydrotherapy while submerged. Tubs are available in spas and physical treatment facilities.

All of these solutions are available for purchase online. Still, you should keep in mind that you may need to see a professional massage therapist or physical therapist if you have any lingering medical issues.

Planet Fitness hydromassage cost

You’ll pay more or less for hydromassage depending on the location of your treatment and the purpose of your use.

It is often not covered by medical insurance when it comes to hydromassage. A physical therapist or rehabilitation facility may be exempt if you’re undergoing conventional hydrotherapy treatments as part of your treatment for a medical condition.

Speak with your insurance provider to find out how much you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Consider seeing an in-network therapist if your insurance plan covers hydromassage.

Hydromassage chairs and tables may be rented at certain health clubs for an extra monthly price. The hydromassage alone costs between $10 and $15 a month.

The typical cost of a home hydromassage table is $3,000. Accessories and upkeep are not included.

Does Hydromassage Help With Weight Loss?

The question is well-phrased, and thousands of people ask it regularly. Is this true? Yes, but in a slightly different way.

It is claimed that every application of hydromassage burns 300 calories, but I’m going to blast Infrafit today for making that claim online.

They have no scientific evidence, no sources, and references to back up their claim that hydromassage burns 300 calories every session.

For most individuals, jogging at 6-10 mph for 30 minutes burns 300 calories.

Sitting on a bed for 10 minutes does not burn 300 calories. In addition to lacking evidence, this is also illogical.

However, weight loss is possible with hydromassage. A hydromassage may help you relax and decrease stress to begin with.

It’s not uncommon for persons with weight issues to be under stress. People under a lot of stress tend to overeat because their bodies create chemicals that help them relax.

This is due to your body’s intuitive belief that you are secure from harm if you eat, which has evolved.

The less stressed you are, the less likely you are to overeat, allowing you to consume fewer calories each day.

In addition, massaging yourself while you rest may keep you from overindulging due to your exercise. Even after a vigorous exercise, I find myself exhausted.

My intense food cravings subside as a result of the massage.

Finally, here is a wonderful opportunity for you to spend some quality time alone. Many of us might benefit from committing 2-3 hours a day to exercise because of how hectic our lives may be.

How Often Should You Hydromassage?

Now that you’re as enthusiastic about it as I am let’s address the most often asked question about the planet’s fitness hydromassage.

How often should you get a hydromassage?

Is there any drawback to using a hydromassage machine frequently?

According to the Mayo Clinic, excessive use of the planet fitness hydromassage may have negative consequences. However, for 99 percent of the population, you don’t need to be concerned.

Unless you already have a health problem, there are usually no hazards to your health.

Big names to watch out for include:

  • Herniated discs are an example of degenerative disc disease.
  • Injuries that have recently occurred, such as a fractured bone.
  • For example, HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening illnesses.
  • If there are open wounds on the body, much blood would be spilled.
  • Disorders of blood coagulation. To make matters worse, water may cause blood clots to become stronger or rupture unexpectedly.
  • Conditions affecting the heart and nerve system.

The bottom line is that things are going swimmingly for you. However, the planet fitness hydromassage machine’s maker suggests just 15 minutes of usage each day.

Furthermore, 15 minutes of usage already does a great deal.


Warm water and pressured jets are often used in modern hydromassage equipment to relieve discomfort.

Even though massage has several advantages, not everyone is a good candidate for it. Before getting a hydromassage, make an appointment with your doctor, particularly if you have any underlying health issues.

What is Hydromassage at Planet Fitness

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I use HydroMassage?

Before or after a workout, HydroMassage water massage is used to loosen up tight muscles and relax muscles. Between exercises, many members make use of the HydroMassage beds and lounges.

What are the benefits of using HydroMassage water massage beds and lounges at the fitness club?

Massage is widely accepted as a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle, and many people believe that it has a positive effect on general health.

Perks for fitness center members include hydromassage, water massage

  • Temporary alleviation from aches and pains is provided.
  • Reducing stress and anxiety is a major benefit.
  •  A deep sense of well-being may be achieved via deep relaxation.
  • Improves blood flow to the region being massaged.
  • Soothes and relaxes tense or painful muscles

Learn more about the advantages of post-workout recuperation now.

How long is a HydroMassage session?

Any day or night is a good time for a HydroMassage water massage. The HydroMassage Bed is a popular post-workout treatment for many gym-goers.

How much does a HydroMassage package cost each month?

Fitness club members often get five hours of water massage per month with a HydroMassage subscription that costs $10-$15 a month.

How do HydroMassage beds and sofas get cleaned?

It’s simple to keep a HydroMassage machine running smoothly. After each HydroMassage water massage session, wash off the waterproof cover with gym wipes or a spray bottle and towel.

After 15 seconds of the massage, a nice message reminds you to take a break.

Which gyms have HydroMassage beds and couches available?

Clubs like Crunch Fitness, World Gym, Planet Fitness, and Workout Anytime all offer HydroMassage beds or lounges.

Several other leading fitness clubs also have HydroMassage beds and lounges. Submit our contact form to discover a place with HydroMassage Beds or Lounges.

Let us know what you think of your HydroMassage experience by following HydroMassage on Twitter or Facebook.

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