What is Fray Fitness and discount code

What is Fray Fitness?

As a result of one man’s love for exercise, Fray Fitness has grown into a well-respected, well-informed fitness family. Equipment that is both high-quality and inexpensive is a gap in the market we have filled—everything from a home gym to a large commercial gym.

The creator of our company has always had a customer attitude rather than an owner mentality. You may expect the lowest prices on the market today as a result. Fray Fitness is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

We are proud of the following:

  • The best customer service in the business
  • Disclosure of complete information about a product;  No games or gimmicks.
  • the provision of top-notch training gear to people of all fitness levels

Fray Fitness


Who Is Fray Fitness?

Fray Fitness has only been around for a short time, but it’s already making a name for itself. Jeremy Dugger, the proprietor of Fray Fitness, came down and brought the functional trainer with him (so, thank you for letting us review it). This is a one-of-a-kind business. He plans to import gym equipment and sell it at the best price.

So, if someone is offering a lower price, his ultimate purpose is to undercut the competition. “I’m OK with small margins,” he says. All I care about is price competition. I want to compete with the likes of Titan Fitness, REP Fitness, and Get RX’d, but at a lower price point.” Fitness brand Fray, whose headquarters in nearby Memphis, imports almost all of its equipment.

Is expensive gym equipment worth it?

Cable devices like the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer are excellent investments because of their affordability. We disagree with certain things, but that doesn’t imply it’s a bad machine. With a 200-pound weight stack, one of the most affordable functional trainers available.

Cable machines are great for those who wish to keep their gym at home but don’t have much money to spare. In our Fray Fitness Functional Trainer review, we’ll explain why.

Reasons to Believe in Us

I’m known as Coop the Cable Guy because I’ve tried many functional trainers, including the Tonal innovative home gym, the interactive NordicTrack Fusion CST, and the portable MaxPRO SmartConnect Cable Machine.

Free weights like barbells and dumbbells will always have a place in the home gym, but if you want to focus on accessory motions or if you want a lower-impact workout that still tones muscles and burns calories, cables have their place.

Since everyone’s fitness level and objectives are different, I examine every piece of exercise equipment to propose the best option for each individual.

How the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer Works in a Nutshell

A great functional trainer for people on a tight budget, the Fray Fitness Commercial-Grade Functional Trainer, is a great option. So let me be clear: even though they label it “commercial-grade,” I strongly disagree. However, this does not imply that it is not a quality product.

When you hear the term “commercial grade,” you immediately think of a device built for heavy-duty operation with the highest quality and most costly components. It’s not up to that caliber, but it’s still something I’d suggest. This is an excellent functional trainer for the home gym, and it’s a great deal.

Tips from Coop

  • Make sure that this trainer is serviced regularly (oil it every few months or so)
  • Purchase a variety of grips that feel comfortable in your hands.
  • This is not the best option for lat pulldowns (which many people assume functional training is; they’re not).

All of My Favorite Things

  • A functional trainer at an incredible price and value.
  • It uses the same high-end functional trainer guiding rods.
  • Having a 200-lb. weight stack in a trainer at this pricing point is excellent.

The following are some of my standouts:

  • Inadequately constructed wires provide a long-term maintenance issue.
  • Despite the company’s assertion that this equipment is commercially viable, it isn’t.
  • The pull-up bars are unusable because of their thinness and lack of traction.

Is the Functional Trainer from Fray Fitness worth the money?

The price-to-features ratio of the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer is one of the main reasons I suggest it. You may call this a “wonderful deal,” and it’s what most folks should be stocking their garage gym with.

The weight stacks on the Fray Functional Trainer are 200 pounds, which is a significant amount of weight. Not the heaviest stack you’ll find, by any means (some are upwards of 350 pounds per side.) However, the weight is sufficient for most individuals and the types of isolated exercises that will be performed with this.

The majority of functional trainers are expensive. FreeMotion Genesis Dual Cable Cross, for example, retails for $6,000, not counting delivery, at my training studio. It’s a great piece of equipment, much superior to the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer, but at five times the price, it’s not something most people should have in their home gym.

If you’re on a budget but still want a functional trainer in your home gym, the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer is an excellent choice. Most folks will be OK with some of the corners that were trimmed. This is a worthy read, in our opinion.

Useful in the following situations:

  • People on a budget want a high-quality functional trainer.
  • Whoever has to practice on isolation exercises in their home gym
  • Who wants a functional trainer that’s small and portable?

Not a good idea if you’re:

  • Heavy-duty home gym users in search of the best possible weight stacks
  • Anybody looking for a functional trainer that is genuinely “commercial-grade.”
  • Individuals with heavy-duty grips

Specifications of the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer

Criteria Details
Footprint 66″ W x 36″ D
910 kilograms
Weights pile up Weight 200 lbs.
The ratio of resistance  2:1
Colors Red, blue, and silver are the primary colors.
Warranty  Lifetime

A Guide to Home Fitness Training with the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer

With a little more than a year and a half of experience exercising on the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer, I believe I have a decent grasp of the machine’s capabilities for various exercises such as cable crossovers and cable curls and face pulls.

There are two 200-pound stacks on either side of the Fray Functional Trainer. While tugging on it won’t produce nearly 200 pounds because of the ratio, it’ll function just well as a cable machine.

If you’ve ever gone to a commercial gym, you know how crowded the equipment is, which is why functional trainers are less common in home gyms than dumbbells and kettlebells. You can perform a variety of “functional” cable workouts with them, which is why they’re fantastic.

A functional trainer’s definition of what constitutes “functionality” is likely open to argument. On the other hand, a functional trainer allows actions that a kettlebell can’t duplicate.

The resurgence of bodybuilding as a fitness trend (fitness moves in cycles) and the decreased cost of functional trainers are two reasons why I believe these types of accessory activities are becoming more popular in home gyms.

I notice a lot of folks trying to use a functional trainer instead of a lat pulldown machine. A lat pulldown machine should never be substituted with a functional trainer. The pulleys frequently don’t reach very far from the uprights since they weren’t constructed with pulldown chairs in mind.

Powered by Pulleys

The Fray Fitness Functional Trainer has a lot going for it, but a few areas may be improved. The pulleys are the most significant problem with this functional trainer. Even though they shouldn’t have too many problems in a home gym, the pulleys are the weak link in the system.

It does not seem like Fray’s cables are as sturdy as advertised on their website. Cable systems with larger gauge cables like the Rogue Rhino Belt Squat have proven to be more effective for me.


There are several ways to customize the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer. Pulleys move up and down on two uprights and are locked in place by a pop-pin, instead of the actuating arms seen on higher-end functional trainers (which are more costly but have the superior design). Since all of the pulleys are swivel, various motions are simple.

The Pull-Up Bar

The multi-grip pull-up and chin-up bar on the top of the Fray Functional Trainer increases the machine’s adaptability. But it’s a good thing that pull-up bars are readily accessible. The pull-up bar has the same color powder finish as the rest of the machine.

The rods are called guide rods.

Chrome-plated guiding rods raise and lower the two weight stacks. Just nearly every high-end functional trainer uses the same kind of solid rods. They perform well, are easy to use, and should endure for a long time if lubricated correctly.

Building Design and Environmental Impact

Until I tried the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer, I would not have suggested any functional trainer at this pricing range since you get what you pay for (a low-quality trainer). On the other hand, Fray Fitness has created durable, long-lasting equipment out of 11-gauge steel.

Even though the pulley system works and is smooth, I’d suggest oiling it periodically to maintain smooth pulls for the trainer’s whole lifespan.

Despite its smooth appearance, the powder coat should offer long-term corrosion protection due to its high hardness. Silver is the color of the model I got for evaluation, but it is also available in black (my fave), blue, and red.

The Fray Fitness Functional Trainer’s dimensions are as follows:

  1. 90-inch torso
  2. A 66-inch width
  3. 36 inches

Accessories And Handles

The D-grip grips of the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer aren’t the finest, but they’re also not the worst. When it comes to heavy-duty handles, I suggest saving up for a pair you prefer.

Also available are tricep rope cable attachments, straight bar cable attachments, V-grip press down attachments, and more. I don’t suggest functional trainers for lat pulldowns since they don’t have attachments.

You don’t have to buy one, but adjustable benches are available if you want to work out your muscles in various positions.

Customer Satisfaction.

Fray Fitness may be reached by email, phone, or social media. Some of their most commonly asked questions are answered in video form on their YouTube channel, which includes tutorials on things like putting together certain pieces of equipment.

To return or exchange your goods, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to do so. The product you are returning or exchanging must be brand new or unused. Because of this, it must also arrive in its original packing.

The frame and pulleys of the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer are covered by a lifetime guarantee, while the cables are covered for six months. Incorrect installation, outside usage, and damage caused by carelessness may invalidate the trainer’s warranty.

Fray Fitness

Setting Up The Functional Trainer From Fray Fitness

Putting together a machine like the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer may appear complicated at first, but it’s relatively straightforward. In addition to step-by-step directions, the website also has a walkthrough video that may help you make sure everything is put together correctly.

It’s as simple as clicking a button to order it, and it’s easily accessible in all four hues. You have to be home to sign for it when it comes via freight service.

Feedback from Clients

Only three customers have given their opinions on the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer on its website, all of which are positive. The quality of the machine and its ease of assembly have been praised by all three of the reviewers.

Fray Fitness Functional Trainer Review: The Verdict is in!

It wasn’t that long ago that I wouldn’t suggest a $2,000 functional trainer to most home gym owners. In any case, it’s me. It is easy to ignore the few minor flaws in the Fray Fitness Functional Trainer since it is a high-quality machine.

My takeaways from this course:

  1. Exceptional worth
  2. Thin pull-up bar.
  3. For the price, you get a lot of weight.
  4. Even though it claims to be commercial-grade, it isn’t

Returns & Shipping policy 

All of the lower 48 states are covered by Fray Fitness’s shipping options, including numerous carriers. UPS, FedEx, USPS, and LTL freight providers are included, but not limited to. Fray Fitness has complete control over the delivery carriers and techniques it utilizes.

When it comes to shipping inside the lower 48 states, APO SHIPPING is here to help. If you’re on active duty, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a shipping price.

There is no assurance that Fray Fitness will meet delivery deadlines. After the merchandise has been turned over to the carrier, the typical travel time is 1 to 5 days for ground shipment and 2 to 7 days for freight delivery. However, it might sometimes take longer. We usually ship the following business day or the day after.

It’s common for us to send shipments under 500 pounds through ground delivery. Freight services will be used to transport large orders.

We always choose “Contact before delivery” when sending freight. The trucking business has set an appointment time for you, and you must show up at that time. Missed appointments, whether by the client or the transportation company, are not the responsibility of Fray Fitness.

“Curbside service” is the most common LTL transportation technique. Unless you purchased for “indoor delivery,” you are responsible for transporting the freight from the curb to your desired location. A “white glove” freight service is needed for door-to-door deliveries (i.e., delivery down driveways, private roads, etc.).

If you’d like to use this service, please let us know. The freight firm will charge an extra fee for this. The driver is not obligated to help you relocate the freight or assist you in doing so. They are just needed to assist in removing the product from the truck and onto the pavement. You will be charged for any further assistance you require from the driver.

At the total replacement cost of your equipment, we ensure it. Keep in mind that you have the right to reject any damaged equipment when it arrives and record any damage completely. Otherwise, it will be assumed that there has been no damage, and the freight papers will be marked assigned.

Please notify us within one day of delivery if any of your things were damaged in transit. Fray Fitness will file a claim on behalf of the client if the consumer provides us with the necessary paperwork. Pictures of the goods, packaging, and affidavits signed by the seller are all examples of acceptable proof. Fray Fitness cannot be held responsible if you do not comply with this requirement.

Taking photographs of the unopened item while the driver is around is a good idea if you fear the damage has occurred during shipping. Keep the package intact at all times, even after the product has been opened. It is critical to document any damage. Please give us photos that focus when you email them to us. We may not accept blurred images. Fray Fitness may require the return of a defective product. Within five business days, if it is possible.

Orders returned to us because of an incorrect or incomplete mailing address, an abandoned parcel, a freight company not reaching the recipient, or a product being denied are subject to the original shipping costs and the subsequent return shipment costs. When you place an order, the amount will be subtracted from what you originally paid.

The customer’s responsibility is to notify the manufacturer within 30 days if any components are missing.

These complaints will be resolved as swiftly and equitably as feasible following Fray Fitness’s commitment to customer service.


Fray Fitness backs every sale. We only offer items that we would buy for our use. We provide a 30-day return/exchange policy for any new and unused item purchased from us. The original packing must be included in the return shipment. Items must be brand new.

Please be aware that if your item has been used, it will not be eligible for a refund. Before issuing a refund, we’ll inspect the merchandise to ensure it’s in like-new condition. The buyer is responsible for all shipping fees returned to us, save in the case of shipping mistakes, damages, or faulty items. Your refund will be reduced by any shipping costs spent on the purchase, which are nonrefundable.

Fray Fitness will reimburse the original purchase price and cover return postage if you get a damaged product during the first 30 days of purchase. Product defects must be notified within 30 days of their occurrence. When a quality issue arises, customers will be required to supply photos that demonstrate the problem. Instead of offering a refund, we have the right to fix or replace any faulty or damaged goods. Refunds are the second option if we cannot fix or replace them.


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