What is Central Rock Gym and why would you like it?

Central rock gym

What is Central rock gym?

Central Rock Gym exists to give our guests, and members access to top-of-the-line indoor gyms and climbing facilities. Apart from the climbing aspect, we aid in creating strong communities through their youth programs and member events, meetups competitions, fundraising events. We aim to create an atmosphere and experience in our gyms that are open and welcoming for all climbers regardless of age or experience.

Central rock gym

Who owns Central Rock Gym?

Edward Hardy – Owner and Founder – Central Rock Climbing Gym. Additionally, he is the proprietor and operator of Central Rock Gym, 15 fully-equipped, state-of-the-art rock climbing equipment. I specialize in operating, opening and running businesses.

Central Rock gym membership type

No Start-up Fees

Standard Membership

Discounted Membership

Membership is now more straightforward than ever. There are no start-up costs. No contracts. Commit to one calendar month. No cancellation fee.


All-access to CRG locations. Shoes, rental harness chalk, belay devices are included in the period of 60 days.

All-access to CRG locations. Shoes, rental harnesses, and chalk and belay devices are available for 60 days.

Price: $0/mo

Price: $109/mo Price: $85/mo

Family Membership

The ability to access all CRG locations. Family membership is for two people. The requirements include (1) couples living at the same address and (2) parents and dependent children, and up to two individuals. Additional people are available at the cost of $40 per month. Shoes, rental harness and chalk, and the belay devices are not included.

Price: $175/mo

Central rock gym

Sliding Scale Memberships of Central Rock Gym

We are determined to provide top-quality climbing opportunities to our communities. We recognize that our fees for memberships could hinder our sport for specific members. Each gym can offer up to 12 members per month at our sliding scale prices of $45 to $55 per month.

Click the button below to fill in the membership application on a sliding scale if you’re looking to join. If you are approved for the reduced rate, you’ll be able to access your gym at this reduced price for nine months. You will be redirected to our regular rate when you have completed the nine months unless you apply for additional assistance.

Once your application has been submitted, you will be sent the confirmation email ( please allow a few weeks) with instructions for signing up and the starting day for the sliding scale subscription. Specific gyms might have an open waiting list for sliding scale member memberships.

If you’re on the waiting list, there’s no reason to apply again; your place in the queue will be held for the duration of the application.

A sliding-scale membership doesn’t include any programming for adults or teens. However, it provides regular access to membership.

To apply, click here.

General terms and conditions 

We also work to make our memberships as flexible and straightforward as possible. Here are some essentials:

  • No fees for starting up. No cancellation fees. You must keep your membership for one total monthly payment before the cancellation.
  • The status of memberships can be altered at any time after the first calendar month.
  • Memberships cannot be refrozen and then refrozen during the same month. Accounts with frozen accounts have to pay a whole month’s fees before applying a status change.
  • The dues are following the gym that is the most frequently used, not the one that members sign up at. If the primary use is at the gym with an additional rate than the one that the membership was initially created at, the monthly fee will be increased to reflect the gym’s rate. However, if the primary use is at an establishment with less rate, the monthly payment will be reduced. This is done on a three-month time frame to give an accurate view of the long-term use.
  • The membership is billed in an auto-renewing manner. If membership has not been being utilized and requires to be canceled or frozen, members are required to submit the request at least 15 days before the next billing cycle by filling out an online form on”My Accounts” under the ” My Accounts” tab. The refund will not be given after the monthly billing has taken place. Changes to membership status cannot be done verbally by phone or in person at the desk. The online form ensures that gym personnel and members know that the application was made.
  • Payments must be made with a debit or credit card. Checking accounts are not able to be utilized. Customers are not able to establish monthly cash payment memberships.
  • Members will be given a week to pay any delinquent accounts because of CC charges. After the period has expired, members are charged the late fee of $15.
  • The sale is final. They can be used at any time at any Central Rock Gym location.

What is coming next?

If you feel that the membership option is the best way to go, go to the front desk, and we’ll be glad to assist you!

Here are some things to have ready on your way to the airport:

    • If you’ve never been to our facility before, you should fill out the waiver ahead of your first visit to facilitate the signing up process easier.
    • You’ll need an image of your membership, and then use your card to establish the monthly bill.
    • We’ll ask you to complete the EFT form to charge your credit card each month.

We’ll also give you an overview of the gym if do not know how to get around to ensure you are aware of all that our facilities provide. Thank you for selecting Central Rock Gym and look at seeing you shortly!

Central rock gym schedule, and location

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