What do Burpees Workout? Step by Step Guide and Tips

What do Burpees Workout

Burpees are a tough workout that targets several of the main muscular groups in your body, despite its amusing name.

A burpee is a two-step exercise: a push-up followed by a jump. While burpees may be exhausting, they may be worth it if you want to gain strength and endurance, burn calories, and improve your cardiovascular fitness at the same time.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to do burpees properly and securely and other burpee variants that you may experiment with.

What do Burpees Workout

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What are the advantages of a burpee?

Consider the following advantages if you’re on the fence about doing burpees.

Calories are burned

Burpees can be completed in less than a minute for most individuals. Burpees may burn up to a minute’s calories if you perform them constantly.

According to this data, burpees burn around 250 calories for a 155-pound individual in 20 minutes.

Increasing the difficulty of your burpees can help you burn more calories.

Weight Calories are burned
125-pound person 10
155-pound person 12.5
185-pound person 15

Full-body exercise

The calisthenics exercise known as the burpee is a variation of this move. This implies that they employ your weight as a kind of resistance.

Burpees are a full-body calisthenics exercise that targets your lower and upper body muscles for increased strength and endurance.

The muscles in your legs, hips, buttocks, tummy, arms, chest, and shoulders are all worked during a basic burpee workout.

Enhances cardiovascular fitness and weight loss.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) may include burpees. Hitting the gym for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) demands you to work out for brief periods and then relax.

Studies have suggested that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) may be an efficient approach to losing weight, particularly around the midsection.

It was also revealed that more strenuous kinds of exercise were linked to a higher life expectancy in a big 2015 study by Trusted Source.

Burpees may help you achieve a variety of cardiac advantages in addition to fat loss, including the following:

  • Heart and lungs that are more robust
  • Better circulation
  • Cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes
  • Reduce hypertension a Reliable Resource
  • Lowered levels of cholesterol
  • Enhanced performance of the brain

Flexible and easy to use

Burpees do not need the use of any special equipment. Only your body weight and sufficient space are required to do the technique.

Whether in a studio apartment, a hotel room, or a small workplace, burpees are a great way to get your heart rate up.

Adding weights or an additional push-up or leap to the traditional burpee is a simple way to add diversity to your workout routine.

Burpees are an effective calorie burner

McKinney describes burpees as “excellent calorie burners.” It takes much energy for your muscles to stretch and extend due to doing burpee repetitions.

According to a 2015 research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, burpees expend greater oxygen than other exercises. The body increases its calorie expenditure to keep up with this increased demand.

An intensive whole-body workout is an example of a strenuous calisthenics activity, such as burpees. In 30 minutes of these workouts, Harvard Health predicts that a 155-pound individual would burn the following number of calories:

  • 298 calories are burned during vigorous exercises.
  • Weightlifting: 223 calories each session.
  • Walking (15 minutes per mile): 167 calories.
  • In comparison, 149 calories are burned in Hatha yoga.

Burpees increase cardiovascular fitness

McKinney believes burpees are one of the finest workouts for boosting cardiovascular fitness since they need more oxygen than other activities. “To deliver energy to those muscles, your heart and lungs must perform more effectively.”

For this reason, scientists all around the world utilize burpees as a benchmark for assessing endurance and overall cardiovascular fitness. For the exam duration, participants do as many burpees as possible.

Lower risk of heart disease is connected with more burpees performed in the three minutes. The cardiorespiratory fitness of more than 29,000 males was assessed in a 2016 research published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, for example.

According to the findings, those with better cardiorespiratory fitness had a decreased chance of developing coronary heart disease.

According to research published in the Journal of Human Kinetics in 2019, the typical male can do 47 to 66 burpees in three minutes, whereas the average woman can complete 37 to 60.

How to Perform a Burpee

A burpee is a push-up followed by a jump squat, the simplest way to explain it.

What do Burpees Workout

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The right way to do a burpee

  1. Knees bent, back straight, feet shoulder-width apart: this is the starting posture for the squat.
  2. Your hands should be about halfway up the floor in front of you as you make this move.
  3. Kick your feet back so that you’re on your hands and toes in a push-up posture with your weight on your hands.
  4. Do a single push-up while maintaining a straight spine from head to toes. Keep your back straight to avoid slouching or sticking your butt out in the air.
  5. Jump your feet back to their starting position and do a frog kick.
  6. Stand with your arms outstretched over your head.
  7. To go back to where you began, jump rapidly.
  8. Perform another rep by squatting down immediately after landing with your knees bent.

It’s important to start your heart and lungs functioning rapidly by doing a few repetitions in rapid succession.

How to Simplify It

If a conventional burpee is too difficult for you at first, you may reduce the difficulty by making a few modifications. If you’re new to burpees, start with these variations:

  • Suppose you don’t want to do a push-up, leap. A squat thrust is the first step. Instead of beginning in a push-up posture and then springing up like a burpee, you squat down, kick your legs back, and then return to your starting stance.
  • Don’t leap. Rather than leaping into the air after a push-up, return to the starting position by lowering yourself.
  • Don’t do a push-up. Instead of executing a push-up, try holding a plank posture for a few seconds until your chest and shoulders are ready. Meanwhile, you may execute a half push-up to build up your strength.

How can I make it more challenging?

Burpees may be made more difficult in a variety of ways. As a starting point, here are three.

1. Burpee box jump

You’ll need a plyo box, bench, or another substantial object to support your weight for this variant.

  1. Place your hands on the box or bench, and instead of lowering yourself to the floor, do a modified pushup in front of the box.
  2. First, instead of leaping into the air, hop up on the box.
  3. After a gentle landing on the floor with bent knees, proceed to the next repeat as quickly as possible.

2. Burpee with a Bosu ball

The flat side of a Bosu ball is used in this version.

  1. Begin by bending your knees and clutching the Bosu ball’s outside edges in a squat stance.
  2. Keeping the Bosu ball in your hands, lower your arms to the floor.
  3. Place your hands on the flat surface of the Bosu ball while you do a pushup.
  4. Lift the Bosu ball over your head while standing upright with your hands on the opposing edges of the ball.
  5. Lower it to the floor and do it once again.

3. Burpee with dumbbells

  1. Sit in a squat posture with one 5-pound dumbbell in each hand and begin to lift the weight.
  2. With the dumbbells under your shoulders, lower yourself to the ground. While doing a pushup, keep the dumbbells in your hands.
  3. Stand and lift both dumbbells over your head instead of leaping.
  4. Return to the starting position by lowering the weights to your sides.
  5. You can leap while carrying dumbbells for an even bigger challenge, but this is only an option if you have good control over the weights.

What do Burpees Workout

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Tips for being safe

To get the most out of burpees, you must do them correctly and prevent damage.

Begin with a few repetitions and work your way up to more. Once you’re comfortable with the motion and can do it painlessly, consider increasing the number of repetitions.

Try to get to 8 or 10 repetitions in a row before taking a break and starting the next set.

Burpees may strain your wrists and shoulders since you have to lower to a pushup. Take care not to land with a twist in your wrist if you go too rapidly.

You should first master the workout fundamentals before adding weights, pushups, or leaps.


Exhausting burpees are possible. What makes these exercises so taxing and difficult is precisely what makes them so beneficial in enhancing one’s physical condition on several levels.

Ask a skilled personal trainer for advice if you’re unsure how to execute a burpee. To ensure that burpees are safe for you, see your doctor before beginning if you are new to exercise or high-intensity interval training or have a preexisting medical problem.

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