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Wesley Health Center

Wesley Health Center Institute, Inc, formerly known as the Attending Staff Association of the John Wesley County Hospital, was founded in 1960 by concerned doctors in Los Angeles County as a private, nonprofit health institution.

These doctors on staff wanted to form a nonprofit that could raise money for the John Wesley Medical Center’s already extensive patient care, teaching, and research programs.

Although the agency’s work with patients in Los Angeles County continued after the hospital’s demolition in 1979, the name had to be changed since it was no longer appropriate: now known as Wesley health center Institute Inc.

Before 1979, the agency’s primary missions were to support medical study and instruction at county hospitals.

After 1979, however, community-based health education and social assistance initiatives were prioritized along with medical services and patient education.

The present goal of the organization is to provide or coordinate access to quality health care, health education, and related research for underserved communities in Los Angeles County.

Medical outreach and referrals for medical care, HIV services and drug treatment, health education, psychological evaluation and intervention, primary medical care, family planning services, and research contribute to the mission’s success.

An elected Board of Directors leads the Wesley Health Science Center. The executive director has been tasked with running the company’s day-to-day operations, with support from the finance director, division directors, development officer, and human resources assistant.

Wesley Health Center History


The John Wesley Methodist Hospital was acquired by Los Angeles County, which then changed its name to John Wesley County Hospital.



Doctors from Los Angeles County working at the hospital had the vision to form a private, non-profit public benefit organization dedicated to providing healthcare, promoting health education, and conducting medical research.

This private entity would supply or supplement the hospital’s services via extra money secured through grants, contracts, or personal funds. The company’s official name was the John Wesley County Hospital Attending Staff Association, Inc.

Among the Association’s many endeavors were the Oncology/Western Cancer Study Group, led by Dr. Joseph R. Bateman, the Liver Unit, under the supervision of Dr. Allan G. Redeker, and the Family Planning Services, under the direction of Dr. Carol E. Henneman.



The 6.6 magnitude Sylmar earthquake severely destroyed the John Wesley County Hospital. It’s impossible to utilize all of the hospital’s facilities at once.


The Attending Staff Association of John Wesley County Hospital, Inc. has recruited Cecilia Cohen to work part-time as a bookkeeper and be responsible for all financial and administrative tasks.

After more than 21 years of service, she departed from her position as Director of Finance, where she had reported directly to the Board of Directors.

The board decided at the time that the incoming Executive Director and the incumbent Director of Finance would say to them now.


A new hospital was constructed when the John Wesley County Hospital was shut down. John Wesley Comprehensive Health Center was the original name for the building when it opened in the 1980s.

Its last name has been changed to honor H. Claude Hudson, now known as the H. Claude Hudson Comprehensive Health Center.

Many county physicians who had previously been active in The Attending Staff Association at John Wesley County Hospital had relocated to other facilities, such as Rancho Los Amigos Hospital and Los Angeles County U.S.C. Medical Center.

Dr. Robert Peters, formerly of the Attending Staff Association of John Wesley County Hospital, established the Liver Research and Education Foundation at Rancho Los Amigos Hospital, Inc. due to the shift.

The location of the responsible physician determined how the funds would be divided between the two companies.

The assets of The Attending Staff Association of John Wesley County Hospital, Inc. were valued at about $50,000; therefore, Drs. Carol E. Henneman, Sidney E. Wechsler, and Edward Lenoski reorganized the company as WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute, Inc. John Wesley Community Health Institute, Inc. is a D.B.A. of WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute, Inc. President and C.E.O. Dr. Carol E. Henneman leads the board.



Phyllis Paxton will oversee the organization’s operations and strategic planning in her new role as Executive Director of the WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute.

The WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute has opened its two-exam room Lynwood Family Planning clinic, its Reproductive Awareness Program for at-risk adolescents, its netVan (non-emergency transportation) system in Skid Row for Homeless and underserved persons, its H.I.V. services programs, and its Skid Row Medical Outreach Team.


Dr. Robbie Morris has been chosen to lead the board.


During the first round of the Los Angeles County 1115 Waiver, the county puts some outpatient health facilities up for competitive bidding.

Los Angeles County Clinic, run by the Weingart Center Association on Skid Row, is included in this auction.

After winning its inaugural Public Private Partnership competition, the WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute took over the medical activities of the Los Angeles County Clinic housed under the Weingart Center Association. Weingart Clinic in Skid Row is now known as WESLEY HEALTH CENTER.



After eight years leading the organization as its head executive and eighteen years total, Phyllis Paxton has decided to retire.

Ms. Paxton’s background includes time as the Prenatal Enhancement Program’s Director of Programs. The organization has joined the Public Private Partnership program in Los Angeles County as a strategic partner.

The chair of the Board of Directors is Roger Johnson, M.Ed., Secretary is Charles Baker, M.D., and Treasurer is Irving Cohen.


Alvaro (Al) P. Ballesteros has been appointed C.E.O. by the Board of Directors of WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute, Inc. Roger Johnson leads the board of directors of WESLEY HEALTH CENTER.

The board also determines the long-term choice to apply for F.Q.H.C. status from the federal government.

Dr. Paul Gregerson, MD, M.B.A. is named Chief Medical Officer, Andy Irie is named Director of Administration, and eile Chief Administrative Officer, Jeny Argame, RN, M.B.A. is named Chief Nursing Officer.

Jeanne Lam is named Chief Financial Officer from inside the WESLEY HEALTH CENTER. The group initiates efforts to get recognized by the federal government as a community health center and to improve the organization’s service infrastructure.



The PATH Mall (People Helping the Homeless V.E.E.N.) clinic is now run by WESLEY HEALTH CENTER. The PATH Mall is a one-stop shop where the homeless may get shelter, healthcare, and other essential services.


Following the publication of “Neglect on the Streets: The Health and Mental Health Status and Access to Care for the Homeless Adults and Children in Central Los Angeles” by Michael Cousineau, Ph.D. in June 2003, the Weingart Foundation in Los Angeles launched the Skid Row Homeless Health Initiative.

Thanks to the Weingart Foundation’s efforts, several significant foundations have joined the program, resulting in a historic philanthropic investment in skid row’s healthcare facilities.

WESLEY HEALTH CENTER’s leadership plays a pivotal role in the endeavor, helping to map out a strategy and set of initiatives to boost the homeless population’s access to healthcare and enhance their health outcomes.


First direct federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funding was awarded to WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute, Inc. for H.I.V. prevention and testing on Skid Row.

Also, in 2004, WESLEY HEALTH CENTER was awarded a grant from the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services for Mobile H.I.V. Testing, which allowed them to purchase a Mobile Van with two exam rooms.

After a competitive bidding process that ended in June 2010, WESLEY HEALTH CENTER was awarded a five-year extension to this direct contract.



The Los Angeles County Bell Gardens Health Center, which had been shuttered in 2002, has reopened as the WESLEY HEALTH CENTER thanks to the support of Los Angeles County Supervisor Gloria Molina, local community leaders, L.A. CARE Health Plan, and the California Endowment.

In the 2009-2010 fiscal year, the Bell Gardens Health Center served 12,600 patients.


Steve Lopez, a Los Angeles Times columnist, has started a series on the hardships faced by the homeless in skid row.

These articles highlight the efforts of local service providers like WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute in meeting the medical, mental health, and housing needs of the region’s homeless population.


Cesar Partillo has been chosen as the new chairman to lead the board of directors.



The Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has recognized WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute, Inc. as a Federally Qualified Health Center (F.Q.H.C.). With this classification, the WESLEY HEALTH CENTER can expand its service offerings and provide more to its patients thanks to increased government financing.


WESLEY HEALTH CENTER reopens the Los Angeles County Norwalk Health Center, which had been shuttered in 2002, thanks to funding from the S. Mark Taper Foundation, L.A. CARE Health Plan, and the Los Angeles County Supervisor Don Knabe.

There were 12,363 patient visits at the Norwalk Health Center during the 2009-2010 fiscal year, serving the area’s low-income population.

The medical clinic at the Covenant House for homeless adolescents on the streets of Hollywood and Los Angeles has been taken over by WESLEY HEALTH CENTER.



To better serve the homeless population of skid row, WESLEY HEALTH CENTER has been awarded its first federal S.A.M.S.H.A. (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) grant.

L.A. County Supervisor Zev Yaroslovsky initiated Project 50 in November to help the 50 most vulnerable people living on skid row.

The Project 50 participants’ physical and mental health requirements will be met by WESLEY HEALTH CENTER, thanks to a partnership orchestrated by the Los Angeles County Chief Executive Officer.



Bell’s Salvation Army Bell Shelter now has access to WESLEY HEALTH CENTER’s rehabilitation facilities. Thirty more beds are available for homeless people who are released from area hospitals without a place to stay while they get well.

Kaiser Permanente is a significant contributor to the construction and daily operations, and private healthcare facilities might use this initiative to meet the requirements of their discharged homeless patients.



WESLEY HEALTH CENTER has relocated to the Center for Community Health on Skid Row.

This expanded location of the Weingart Health Center, which provides integrated and comprehensive health care to the homeless and uninsured of Skid Row, is three times the size of the original WESLEY HEALTH CENTER.

The U.S.C. Dental and Pharmacy Schools and the Los Angeles County Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Public Health, and Health Services share the building with WESLEY HEALTH CENTER.


The Los Angeles County Department of Health Services is helping to develop the B.E.S.T. Program (Benefits, Entitlements, Services Team).

The Social Security Administration has provided this group with unprecedented resources to begin their joint effort to help the homeless who qualify for the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs. There has been widespread media coverage of the show.



The first ever direct Special Projects of National Significance, S.P.N.S., the award goes to WESLEY HEALTH CENTER.

Thanks to these grants, women with HIV/AIDS will benefit from increased outreach and case management. In April of 2010, in Highland Park, a thrift store called Heart of Gold opened to benefit WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute.


WESLEY HEALTH CENTER held a golden jubilee Gala Event at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in downtown Los Angeles to commemorate 50 years of service to Los Angeles County.

WESLEY HEALTH CENTER would like to thank the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for their support and dedication to the county’s safety net.


Wesley Health Center Bellflower has just opened to meet the growing healthcare needs of people living in South East Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, a substance abuse treatment facility with a 41-year history, the Mini Twelve Step House, has merged with the WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute. Dr. Robert E. Morris is the leader of the board of directors.



WESLEY HEALTH CENTER is celebrating 52 years of service by recognizing leaders in the homeless services community.

These leaders include the Hon. Zev Yaroslavsky, Libby Boyce, Dennis W. Bleakley, MD, and the Social Security Administration/BEST Program.

The WESLEY HEALTH CENTER has started getting ready for the 2014 implementation of the federal health care reform law.



The headquarters of WESLEY HEALTH CENTER has relocated to Commerce, California.


When the Antelope Valley Community Clinics in Palmdale and Lancaster merged with WESLEY HEALTH CENTER Institute, they became known as the Antelope Valley Clinics.

More than 25,000 new patients and 120 new workers joined the Wesley Family due to this purchase. We also increased our service area to include this vital, underserved part of Los Angeles County.


In the face of the Covid-19 epidemic, WESLEY HEALTH CENTER is taking action. We jumped into helping out with community testing, immunizations, and manning Isolation and Quarantine Sites.

There have been over 1,200 people in Isolation and Quarantine sites, where they are monitored around the clock by Wesley staff members while they recover from Covid-19 infection and illness.

Wesley has provided 25,417 Covid-19 tests, 71,000 vaccines, and 24/7 care for these individuals as of July 2021.

With the opening of our brand-new health facility in Lynwood, we were able to increase our visibility in the area and provide our patients and the surrounding community with access to a full range of.

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As a significant element of your overall remuneration, we offer attractive perks. We recognize that the availability of various plans may affect your choice of employment.

Get in touch with one of our Wesley Health Centers now to find out where you may get a bed.

Among the many services available at Wesley Health Centers are:

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At Wesley Health Centers, we want each team member to realize their full potential. Work with us, and you can be part of making sure everyone has access to good medical care.

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