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Overview of Weider Home Gym:

Start your strength program with the Weider Home Gym. The home gym offers a wide range of muscle-sculpting stations and everything you need for home strength training. Six stations are included in this home gym: chest press, chest flys, and leg developer.

You can also use the vinyl seat to provide comfort for every exercise. The Weider Home Gym includes an exercise chart that will help you maximize your workout and target each muscle group.

The Weider Home Gym’s durable steel tubing construction makes it last a long time. The cable pulley system’s resistance depends on how much weight you choose and what exercise you do.

The vinyl weight stack provides durability and fluid movement. Use the lat bar and high pulley to focus on your back for the best feel.

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You can also hit every major muscle group, including the trapezius (deltoids), trapezius (forearms), rhomboids, trapezius (trapezius), biceps, and trapezius), triceps and trapezius (trapezius), and many others.

The leg developer ensures that you also focus on your lower body. This machine allows you to get the most out of your workout.

Technical Info


  • Length: 65″
  • Width: 37″
  • Height: 76″


  • A cable-pulley system provides resistance up to 213 lbs for an 80 lb vinyl weight stack.
  • Four roll leg developer facilitates lower body muscle development.
  • High pulley and lat bar with high pulley allows for many hand positions and fine-tuning of your lats.
  • Your chest fly system defines your pectoral muscles and your shoulders.
  • The low pulley can be used to do many exercises that target all muscle groups in your arms, including the triceps and biceps. Many exercises can target the deltoids, trapezius, and rhomboids.
  • With the Preacher pad, you can add intense exercises for your forearms and biceps.
  • Ankle strap equipped with a handle
  • Exercise chart.


  • Parts & Labor: 90 Day Warranty

Only the original owner can be covered by this warranty

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Shipping and Assembly:

Weider Home Gym shipping costs can vary depending on where the order is placed and what delivery method you select. Amazon.com and other retailers offer free shipping.

The Weider Home Gym Assembly Manual outlines 33 steps. Although there are many nuts and bolts in this gym, the overall components are not too numerous.

It is easy to put together. Only a few tools are required: a flathead or Philips head screwdriver and a few wrenches. The instructions are well-illustrated so that you can follow them in no more than two hours.

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We love the Weider home gym:


A home gym design with high quality is not easy to find in this price range. You have a few options: bodyweight benches with adjustable incline levels or resistance bands.

The Weider Home Gyms are a great weight stack home gym. The weight stack, which weighs in at 80 lbs, provides resistance of up to 214. This machine includes high and low pulleys, a leg developer, and a chest press/butterfly. With this design, you can work every major muscle in your upper and/or lower body.

Additional Considerations:

The Weider Home Gyms are compact and has a weight limit of 300 pounds. It has a square steel tube base, with little support at the front and slightly larger support at the back. The weight stack is only 80 pounds, so this home gym can rock out while working out.

The Weider Home Gyms are 196 pounds. This means that if you are at the top of your weight, you will need to balance the chest press and butterflies. It is reported that the small size makes it challenging to perform a full range of motion for those who are taller or smaller than you.


Last Word on Weider Home Gym

The Weider home gym is affordable. This gym offers a total body workout and weight stack resistance. It is very affordable. It has a much better resistance system than many home gyms. One problem that may be common in this price range is its small size. It might not be able to fit more prominent people. This home gym is a great starting point for a healthier lifestyle.

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