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Vivian Health

About Vivian health

There is no better location to find qualified healthcare professionals than Vivian Health. Our goal is to make it simpler and quicker than ever before for every healthcare professional to locate the appropriate career opportunity. We know that healthcare hiring is flawed.

Workers and recruiters aren’t the sources of the issue. It’s the system, duh. Vivian has introduced a new business strategy based on openness, quickness and matching. Recruiters may spend more time interacting with quality prospects using our platform instead of sifting through resumes.

Permanent, per-diem, local contracts, and travel employment and those filled by healthcare professionals on a contract basis are all on our list of priorities, along with the individuals who hire them. One job at a time, we’re re-engineering the American healthcare workforce.

Vivian Health

Who owns Vivian’s health?

NurseFly, a platform for finding travel nurses on the go, has changed its name to Vivian Health and added permanent positions and per diem and local contracts. It’s “an altogether new paradigm for healthcare recruiting meant to put power back in the hands of healthcare job searchers,” creator and CEO Parth Bhakta said.

It also allows recruiters, staffing agencies and health care employers to interact with highly-skilled, relevant personnel. Employer ratings and job matching are just a few of the services provided by Vivian Health.

According to the San Francisco-based startup, more than 1 million job applications and more than 300,000 US healthcare professionals seek employment on its marketplace. From February 2020 to February 2021, the number of experts on the marketplace expanded by 348 percent, according to the business. We work with a variety of healthcare organizations and a few of our own.

IAC owns Vivian Health (NASDAQ: IAC).

Is Vivian health a good company to work for?

This firm is growing rapidly and has an excellent management team that encourages employees to take chances and build their careers. If you’re interested in gaining leadership experience in a fast-growing startup, I strongly suggest applying to work with this organization. I enjoyed my time here!

Vivian Health revenue

Vivian Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center is a privately held company based in Vivian, Louisiana, United States, and is a member of the Individual and Family Services industry. Vivian Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center employs 25 people across all of its sites and makes a total revenue of $165,938 every year (USD).

Vivian Health app using guide

Why download the Vivian app?

Join our network of over 300,000 outstanding health care professionals. Vivian has enabled almost 1 Million Job Applications.

Get access to reputable health institutions and travel nurse agencies such as AMN, Cross Country, SSM Health, Honor Health, Host Healthcare, MedPro & many more.

Rated 4.8 stars by thousands of healthcare professionals:

“I don’t have to search hundreds of employment boards. I added my specialty, and the recruiters came to me! One Vivian profile, and I’m done.” Cynthia P. ED – RN, Tampa, FL

Vivian Health

At Vivian, we guarantee your next move is a step ahead. We believe in giving you information, not hiding it. That’s why we established a jobs marketplace that serves healthcare professionals first.

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Create one profile

Create a tailored universal healthcare profile that can be used much like a healthcare resume/cv to swiftly and simply apply to healthcare companies around the nation for travel nurse employment, local & per diem or any sort of healthcare roles.

Know what we know has access to an unparalleled quantity of impartial, objective information, such as job descriptions with specific duties, pay ranges, and evaluations from actual employers. Furthermore, we’re not apprehensive about divulging all of this information to you.

Consider your alternatives.

All healthcare employees (including nurses, therapists, and allied health workers) are connected to all sorts of healthcare occupations, including per-diem, permanent, local contract, and travel nursing positions. Here at CareerBuilder, we’ll help you find the perfect job.

Don’t bother making cold calls.

And there are the never-ending emails. All of your apps and communications may be found in Vivian. Our real-time chat feature allows you to interact with businesses when a position matches your qualifications immediately becomes available.

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