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Vitamin Shoppe Near Me

Vitamin Shoppe Near Me

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You define your best self. We work with you to accomplish that goal. That is the philosophy behind The Vitamin Shoppe®. From inspirational experiences to cutting-edge breakthroughs in healthy living, The Vitamin Shoppe® has been leading the charge since 1977, ensuring that you can be better than yesterday.

Our educated Health Enthusiasts® are here to encourage, as well as unmatched knowledge and skill, to provide you with a highly customized experience.

Did you know you can earn points for every dollar you spend with our Healthy Awards® program? And that those points accumulate to become significant Awards? And did we forget to mention the exclusive bonuses and rewards? Sweeeeet.

Regardless of your objectives, we have the gasoline necessary to accomplish them. And now, with AUTO DELIVERY, it’s simpler than ever to keep organized and never miss a thing. Additionally, each membership includes a 10% discount and free shipping*.

We’re here to nourish the hearts, minds, and bodies of everyone on a path toward self-sufficiency. However, we are so much more.

At The Vitamin Shoppe®, you’ll discover vitamins, proteins, weight-management products, aromatherapy, organic, non-GMO deliciousness, natural beauty and skincare products, and anything else you need to be your best self!

Nevertheless, we continue to expand. You can rely on us to keep you informed about the latest trends and trendiest goods to assist you in your pursuit of excellence.

Because your only rival is yesterday’s self.

Nothing feels better than assisting others on their journey to their best selves, as we can attest from experience. Would you want to work at The Vitamin Shoppe®? Consult our Careers page to see whether you’re a good match.

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Vitamin Shoppe Near Me

About Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe, which used to be called Vitamin Shoppe Industries, Inc. and is now known as the vitamin shoppe, is an American store that sells nutritional supplements.

It also ran three stores in Canada under VitaPath from January 2013 until March 2016, when it closed them down. The company has about 7,000 different SKUs of supplements for sale in its stores and more than 17,000 different supplements for sale online.

This happened in 2002 when Vitamin Shoppe Industries was sold to a private equity group from Bear Stearns called Bear Stearns Merchant Banking. It was worth about $310 million at that time.

The Vitamin Shoppe went public on October 26, 2009. During fiscal 2010, the company made $751.5 million in net sales. The company had a value of more than $1 billion on the stock market. Since February 2013, the stock has lost more than 90% of its value.


Jeffrey Horowitz started the Vitamin Shoppe in 1977. Franchise Group, Inc. announced its intention to acquire The Vitamin Shoppe in August of this year.

When The Vitamin Shoppe announced Laura Coffey’s appointment as Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer in August 2020, the world noticed. Mrs. Coffey’s responsibilities as C.F.O. include overseeing the company’s financial planning and reporting and risk management and accounting.

Services and products

FitFactor, NatureFuel, ProBio Care, plnt, and the Bodytech brand of sports supplements are just some of the nutritional supplements available at The Vitamin Shoppe’s retail and online locations. Third-party lines, including professional and specialist lines, are also available via the firm.

This year, research conducted by Dr. Pieter A. Cohen of Harvard University showed that three supplements marketed at Vitamin Shoppe contained BMPEA, including JetFuel Superburn and T-300. Because the supplements’ safety was being questioned and they may not have met F.D.A. requirements, Vitamin Shoppe had to remove them from its shelves.

Welcoming reported on January 19, 2007, that Vitamin Shoppe’s “Especially for Women” multivitamin had 32.8 mcg of lead per daily serving. 15.3 micrograms is more than 10 times the level of lead authorized without a warning label in California, the only state to regulate lead in supplements.

The lead level discovered was determined to cause cancer and death to 29 persons nationwide. Vitamin Shoppe removed the product in the face of widespread negative media attention. Still, C.E.O. Tom Tolworthy said in a statement that the company had no evidence that the vitamins were poisoned and that, despite the elevated lead levels detected in Consumer Labs testing, its pills were created in compliance with “proper manufacturing procedures.”

On June 15, 2011, Vitamin Shoppe’s Ultimate Woman Gold multivitamin was examined by in their Multivitamin and Multimineral Supplements Review of 38 of the major multivitamin/multimineral products offered in the U.S. and Canada.

Additionally, it passed ConsumerLab’s testing of chosen index components, their capacity to dissolve in solution under U.S. Pharmacopeia recommendations, lead contamination level specified in California Proposition 65, an F.D.A. labeling regulations.

Are GNC and Vitamin Shoppe the same?

  • Chains of health food stores GNC and Vitamin Shoppe have a wide range of comparable items. However, they each have a unique perspective when it comes to their shopping experiences.
  • In July, GNC CEO Ken Martindale informed investors that the company plans to close up to 900 locations by the end of 2020 due to decreased mall visitation.
  • Meanwhile, Liberty Tax, a tax preparation firm, said on Thursday that it would purchase the Vitamin Shoppe chain for $208 million.
  • We went to both chains to see which was better and were shocked to discover that GNC had a superior overall experience.

Health and nutrition are the focus of GNC and Vitamin Shoppe. Both have a similar product line, yet each has a distinct following.

By the end of 2020, GNC intends to shut up to 900 locations, an increase from the originally predicted 700 closures, as previously stated in July. In July, CEO Ken Martindale explained to investors that the decision was made due to decreased mall visitors. GNC intends to halve the number of stores it has in malls.

According to Vitamin Shop’s first-quarter financial report released in May, there will be 60 to 80 shop closures over the next three years. After announcing a $208 million acquisition by tax preparation business Liberty Tax, the chain’s stock rose more than 40% in pre-market trade on Thursday.

For health and nutrition supplement buying, we went to both establishments. GNC’s clean and well-organized shop, stocked with interactive add-ons, won us over the competition.

Vitamin Shoppe Near Me

What happened to Vitamin Shoppe?

Liberty Tax Inc. of Virginia Beach, VA, has agreed to buy The Vitamin Shoppe in a transaction valued at around $208 million.

The Vitamin Shoppe has been purchased by Liberty Tax, which will be renamed the Franchise Group, in an all-cash deal.

Over 750 company-owned retail locations under the labels of The Vitamin Shoppe and Super Supplements are operated by The Vitamin Shoppe. Liberty Tax Inc. is Liberty Tax Service’s parent firm.

Compared to the stock’s closing price on August 7, 2019, Vitamin Shoppe stockholders will get $6.50 per share, a premium of 43 percent, while the 30-day volume-weighted average price for the period ending on August 7 indicates a premium of over 59 percent.

If everything goes according to plan, the deal should close in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Liberty Tax will use up to $170 million in debt financing and a mix of cash on hand and Liberty Tax common stock for the acquisition.

After the merger deal, Liberty Tax signed loan commitment agreements with institutional lenders and an equity commitment letter with a Vintage Capital Management, LLC subsidiary.

We have tremendous faith in The Vitamin Shoppe’s value, its continuing strategic reinvention strategy, and the extraordinary efforts made by the leadership team and colleagues of The Vitamin Shoppe,” said Pat Cozza, an independent board member of Liberty Tax.

Liberty Tax, its board, and management team are committed to implementing the previously stated strategic change of Liberty Tax, and we feel that The Vitamin Shoppe is a great match for Liberty Tax’s previously disclosed goal to acquire franchise-centric companies.”

Buddy’s Home Furnishings and Liberty Tax Service are both subsidiaries of Liberty Tax, Inc. More than 3,100 Liberty Tax locations in the United States and Canada processed more than two million individual income tax returns last year.

Liberty Tax also owns Buddy’s Home Furnishings, a specialized shop specializing in leasing and selling consumer electronics, residential furnishings, appliances, and other home accessories. Liberty Tax’s primary emphasis is the purchase and assessment of franchise-oriented or complementary companies.

Following a thorough and meticulous evaluation, the board of directors of The Vitamin Shoppe has concluded that the acquisition proposal from Liberty Tax optimizes value for our shareholders,” says CEO Sharon Leite.

Long-term advantages for employees, consumers, and business partners are also a result of the transaction. Shareholders of The Vitamin Shoppe are immediately rewarded for their investment and aligned with a strategic partner that shares our goal of becoming a global health and wellness leader.

Being a flexible, customer-focused company means delivering goods and services of the highest quality, most innovative, and most expert in the industry.

Kirkland & Ellis LLP and BofA Merrill Lynch provided financial advice to The Vitamin Shoppe as legal counsel. Troutman Sanders LLP represented Liberty Tax.

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