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As a physician-led cannabis firm, Vireo Health brings the best of technology, science, and engineering to the cannabis market.

Produced in ecologically friendly facilities, Vireo’s cannabis is distributed via its expanding Green GoodsTM retail network and third-party dispensaries, and proprietary branded outlets.

With more than 450 people, Vireo’s team is devoted to delivering the best-in-class cannabis products and client experiences.

We strive for operational excellence while also promoting cannabis industry-wide scientific advancements and the creation of valuable intellectual property rights.

A total of 16 dispensaries are operated by Vireo around the country, with licenses in eight different areas. Vireo also has retail permits in four more cities.

As an ER physician, it was my job to see how often opioids were misused, how often they led to overdose deaths, and how frequently they were abused. Medical marijuana is a better option since it is less addictive and safer.

Health Vireo develops pharmaceutical-grade extracts and other cannabis products in cutting-edge laboratories using the best cannabis plants grown in ecologically friendly greenhouses.

Qualify patients in Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona & New Mexico may purchase this medicine through dispensaries operated by Vireo, Inc.

Vireo Health

Patient care professionals and certified pharmacists are on hand at Vireo dispensaries to assist patients in determining the best course of action for their unique situation. In addition to Vireo-owned dispensaries in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Ohio.

Dr. Vireo’s team comprises doctors, scientists, and gardeners that bring together an extensive range of expertise in evidence-based medicine and the latest best practices.

Founded by Kyle Kingsley, MD, an emergency care physician, serial entrepreneur, and inventor, the Company is known for its innovative products.

In his research, he came across a slew of individuals who had found relief from their symptoms by using cannabis.

In the beginning, Dr. Kingsley was a medical cannabis skeptic, but over time, he began to investigate the science that was missing from his medical school training and became fascinated by the small but growing body of clinical evidence surrounding the medical use of cannabis as well as the increasing number of real-world patient stories he observed firsthand.

A six-foot-tall man in his forties, a father of two, and originally from California, was a Gulf War veteran who had a bullet wound that resulted in severe spinal cord damage.

He was unable to lead a regular life for many years after the war because of his legs’ severe pain and muscular spasms.

It was after a long period of being prescribed large amounts of opioids that he decided to try cannabis, which quickly provided him significant relief from his symptoms with little to no side effects and allowed him to return to his normal daily routines, allowing him the ability to live a normal life again.

Since 9/11, the number of veterans prescribed four strong opiates has more than quadrupled, increasing drug misuse, addiction, and suicide.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is working with varying degrees of success to fight the issue. (CIR is the source for this information.)

Dr. Kingsley’s interest in medicinal marijuana was piqued by the stories of people who had experienced its benefits firsthand.

Based on his extensive knowledge in health, business, and gardening, Dr. Kingsley chose to start his medical cannabis firm, Minnesota Medical Solutions.

Minnesota’s medical marijuana licensing procedure is very competitive and merit-based, and the Company rated first out of a dozen applications.

Vireo Health of New York (previously Empire State Health Solutions) was founded just a few months later by Dr. Kingsley to compete for one of the state’s five medicinal cannabis licenses.

Obtaining a license in New York, the Company’s second major milestone was announced on July 31, 2015. Among the 43 contenders, Vireo Health of New York came in second. As of this writing, Vireo is functioning in four other states throughout the country and aims to grow to five more by the end of 2020.

Since Vireo Health is one of the few physician-led medical cannabis firms globally, we work with research institutions to better understand medical cannabis and its uses.

With these relationships, scientists can strengthen and increase their understanding of cannabis’ medicinal properties and its capacity to cure various medical issues.

Now, the Vireo team is concentrating on raising public awareness about the yearly death toll caused by the use of highly addictive opioid pain medications such as oxycodone, morphine, hydromorphone, and the illicit, related street drug heroin, and researching how medical cannabis could be used as a replacement for opioids.

What is vireo used for?

In the Vireo Spectrum, each hue corresponds to a certain product line. As a result of your medical condition, Vireo Health may offer a product range tailored to your requirements.

Some patients with nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy may benefit from Vireo Health’s THC-dominant (Black, Red, Silver, and Yellow) product lines; on the other hand, individuals with neurological illnesses, such as epilepsy, may benefit from our CBD-dominant product lines (Blue, Indigo, and Violet).

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