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Viking Food Delivery

What Exactly Is Viking Food?

Catering to clients and restaurants, Viking Food serves as an intermediary. Your meal delivery will be handled by a self-employed delivery specialist when you work with our firm.

Any of our partner restaurants’ food may be ordered for $4.99 to be delivered to your home. In addition to ordering online, you may also phone 360-922-0819 to speak with a customer care professional who can help with the process.

After 4 miles from the restaurant, a pro-rated, taxable distance charge of $1.25/mi will be applied. It’s necessary to have a functional phone number to place an order.

Viking Food Delivery

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Delivery for Local Restaurants via Viking Food

Order from a nearby eatery and have it delivered right to your door. Over 50 Bellingham eateries and coffee shops may be delivered to your door by Viking Food.

Delivered lattes for meetings, a Reuben for lunch when you can’t get away from the workplace, or a complete pizza for the family?

These are all possibilities. After launching Viking Food in Bellingham in May 2013, Deron Newman and Kyle Mattox plan to extend their service into Ferndale and Birch Bay establishments shortly.

Working together at another East Coast meal delivery service gave Mattox and Newman the idea to launch their own firm.

Viking Food Delivery

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Cable installer was Newman’s previous job title. He took and immediately abandoned a job because of a harsh work environment leaving a gap on his CV that he couldn’t fill.

He started working as a delivery driver for Bulldawg Foods to earn additional cash. It got him thinking about how he might improve his own meal delivery service.

Newman decided to travel to Bellingham to see whether it was a good place after hearing about it. Newman stated, “I fell in love with the place.” A few weeks later, he moved out to commence the company’s start-up.

Mattox and Newman set out to create a corporation that reflected their own principles and vision. They both favored the beneficial impact that small companies had on a community.

Therefore they decided to solely deliver to local businesses. Because of this, all of the money earned for these eateries remains right here in Whatcom County, according to Newman.

Newman, who had been homeless as a single father a few times, also wanted everyone working for them to be paid a decent salary so that no one had to work three jobs to make ends meet.

In addition, they both put in place a pay ceiling to avoid unequal distribution of income between themselves and their workers.

Mattox’s role at Viking Food is to take care of the business’s technological components. In Newman’s words, “I’m the face of the company,” he communicates with the restaurant owners.

Restaurants determine what they want to offer for delivery, and Viking Food finds out how to plan it so that the food arrives hot. He strives to build a symbiotic partnership.

Before you place an order, you can see exactly how long it will take for the dumplings to arrive at your door and how excellent they will taste.

However, depending on how fast the order is processed, your meal may come sooner. An “ideal” outcome is what Newman and his team strive for. “We aim to provide hot, fresh cuisine to our consumers.”

The choice of a company name posed an unforeseen problem when it came time to launch the business. Unlike other college towns Newman and Mattox had visited, Bellingham lacks the same sense of community and affinity for the Western Washington University mascot they had previously experienced.

This led to a misconception among the general public that Viking Food was delivered only to the university. It was always Mattox and Newman’s intention for it to serve the whole neighborhood as a delivery service.

Home-delivered meals are an option for everyone, whether for the whole family or office employees. Food is typically delivered within a four-mile radius of the restaurant from whence it was ordered, although restaurants might charge extra for delivery.

Viking Food Delivery

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As a fifth-generation Marine who has always worked hard, Newman really appreciates his job at Viking Food. Newman described the industry as “fun.” “I’m in love with it.”

Sincerely, I consider myself really fortunate. The happiest time of my life thus far! “My kid is in good health and is happy,” says the mother.

Newman’s life started to turn for the better when he held his son for the first time after growing up on the East Coast in the 1980s with punk music.

He strives hard to be a good role model for his kid and give him a happy home environment. When Newman isn’t at work, he spends time with his kid at the trampoline park, the arcade, or Pokemon Go.

Scooby-Mystery Doo’s Machine van is a favorite mode of transportation for them. Having settled in Bellingham, Newman intends to stay and build on the life he’s built thus far.

“The education system is one of the things I am most delighted with about Bellingham,” Newman said. He is happy with how well things are going at Cordata Elementary for his kid.

Newman has high expectations that other family members and circle of acquaintances will make a move to the area as well. For Viking Foods, Newman stated he hoped to “pass it on to my kid one day.” is where to go to see what restaurants are available for delivery and order.

Viking Food Delivery app

Download the Viking food delivery app by clicking here

mobile app

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Viking Food Delivery FAQ

How long does delivery take?

The typical delivery time varies depending on the volume and time of day. For deliveries, we normally estimate a time of 30-60 minutes.

If possible, large orders should be ordered at least a day in advance. You may plan a delivery for days, weeks, or even months ahead of time.

How can I make a payment?

  • Cash, credit card, and Viking Food gift cards are accepted for in-room dining.
  • Viking Food Gift Cards and cash are acceptable forms of payment for corporate customers.

Please let us know if you’re paying with cash and your bill is more than $20.00 by leaving a remark on your online purchase or calling us. Large bills can’t be broken without prior warning by your delivery person, who is on their own.

The following credit cards are accepted by us: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. A valid credit card and picture ID are needed for delivery and the recipient’s signature.

Can I order from more than one?

Yes. You may order from any restaurant that accepts credit cards. For each order, there will be a delivery cost to pay. Separate delivery drivers may be assigned to each of your orders.

Either divide the tip or approach each order as though it would be handled by many drivers is what we suggest.

Can I order from a restaurant that isn’t in my region?

The delivery area is confined to a small region to guarantee that your food arrives hot, fresh, and tasty. Restaurants outside the service region may pay extra for catering or big orders requested in advance.

If you need assistance, please contact 360-922-0819, and a customer care agent would be happy to help you.

Can I get my money back?

As soon as the preparations for your order begin, you will be unable to cancel it. A customer care specialist can help you by contacting 360-922-0819 to cancel or modify an advanced purchase.

My order has an issue. What should I do now?

If you have any issues with your purchase after it has been delivered, please contact us immediately. We’ll check with the eatery to make sure they know the error.

The missing or incorrect item will be re-delivered by your self-employed delivery professional once we confirm with the restaurant that the mistake occurred on their end.

Otherwise, we will reimburse you for the full price. When a delivery driver needs to make a second delivery, please ensure they receive the correct item.

You will be charged for both goods if an examination finds the wrong item to be correct.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information. You may rely on us for aid!
Email to get in touch with the company’s proprietors.


Members of the public, thank you for your interest in our organization.

In anticipation of the new coronavirus, we have recommended drivers adopt the following advice and best practices:

1. Wash your hands and equipment

At least 20 seconds of soap and warm water should be used to wash your hands. While exerting pressure, wiggle your fingernails back and forth in your hand.

Fingernails harbor the majority of pathogens. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol in between washes. Keep your phone and stylus clean by wiping them down often.

2. Do not make any facial contact

Do not use your unwashed hands to contact your eyes, nose, or mouth.

3. Mask your cough

When you cough or sneeze, use a tissue or top sleeve to cover your mouth and nose instead of your hands. After coughing or sneezing, wash or sanitize yourself.

4. Maintain common places

Disinfect frequently touched items and surfaces, such as counters and doorknobs.

5. If you are unwell, stay at home.

Your well-being is essential. Please remain at home if you’re sick until you’re feeling better.

Drivers will be equipped with alcohol wipes and hand sanitizer so that they may clean their phones before consumers sign the contract.

mobile app

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Job Offers: Joba2Z

We’re aware of the safeguards being taken by certain community members. There is a special section on our restaurant menus where you can indicate your preferences, or you can call our office at 360.922.0819, and we will gladly accommodate if you are paying with a credit card and prefer not to sign or want your driver to leave your order at your door to minimize contact with you.

All contractual drivers have been advised to stay at home if they feel under the weather. In addition, we are encouraging our dispatchers to work from home and restricting our in-office workforce to those who are absolutely necessary.

Our clients’ convenience has been prioritized; thus, as of March 13th, we’re suspending the demand for a signature.

This is an update as of March 23rd: we have decided to take further precautions to avoid interaction and exercise social distance due to Governor Inslee’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy directive.

By default, we will no longer be contacting our customers to deliver their orders. Once your purchase is delivered, the contracted driver will leave a phone number or text message to confirm that you have received it.

We will still take cash since we understand that it is their only means of payment for some, but we strongly recommend that customers use their debit or credit cards wherever feasible.

Drivers have been instructed to keep a six-foot gap between themselves and the cashier throughout the transaction.

In addition, we have halted the distribution of drinks from the Viking company. Restaurant beverages are still available for purchase.

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