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VIDA Fitness

At Vida Fitness, we have a staff of trainers that are not only highly qualified but also have an unrivaled love for what they do.

At our gym, we place a premium on empowering our customers to make positive changes in their lives through health and fitness.

We base our conviction that regular physical activity has been shown to improve health in several ways, including physiological, psychological, and social domains, and fosters an atmosphere conducive to growth in all of these domains.

Vida Fitness was founded in 2016 with the dual goals of enhancing community health and fitness and providing athletes with a competitive advantage.

Vida Tennis, Vida Footy, and Vida Mind helped spawn the idea of becoming Vida Fitness when it became clear that players weren’t receiving the biomechanical instruction needed for adequate movement.

Starting in April of this year, Vida Fitness is in charge of all fitness areas at the Veneto Club Bulleen, expanding from our previous focus on boxing and personal training.

This features a fully-equipped fitness center with designated areas for various types of functional training and a wide variety of equipment.

“Creating chances in life via exercise.”

Our programs blend the science and art of boxing to help participants get in shape and hone vital sports skills like speed, power, reaction time, and physicality.

Additionally, we provide a wide variety of class choices, one-on-one training sessions, and a positive environment for those interested in the fitness community.

VIDA Fitness

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VIDA Fitness membership

$ 119 / month


$ 139 / month


Starting with Only $199 Down!
]Join the waitlist
Use of any VIDA Facilities Yes Yes Yes
Classes are held both inside and outdoors. Yes Yes Yes
VIDA’s Odyssey for Online Learning Yes Yes Yes
Fitness Evaluation as Individualized as Possible Yes Yes Yes
Consultation with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Yes Yes Yes
Whole-Body Reflection Yes Yes Yes
Passes for Two Guests Yes Yes Yes
Myzone Heart Rate Monitor, Save $50 Yes Yes Yes
Aura Spa & Bang Salon are offering discounts. Yes Yes Yes
Cancel at any time – No Contract Required NO Yes Yes
All Penthouse Pools Are Open to You NO NO Yes
Entry Cards for the Penthouse Pool NO NO Yes
SweatBox Exercise Classes NO NO Yes

VIDA Fitness discount

VIDA Fitness has teamed up with other companies in the DC and VA areas to provide exclusive deals and opportunities to our members.

The following businesses will accept your Preferred Partner card if you pick one up at the membership office. Check back often for the latest exclusive deals and discounts for VIDA members.

Please fill out the form below if you are a company interested in learning more about the Preferred Partner program or partnering with VIDA Fitness.

Fill Out

VIDA Fitness

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How do I cancel my Vida fitness membership?

Step 1: Access your online account

Step 2: From the menu, choose My Agreement Info.

Step 3: Select a cancellation reason by clicking the Request Cancel button.

After receiving your cancellation request, we will immediately send a confirmation email, and your membership will expire at the end of the current subscription cycle.

Are you leaving the area? Consider moving to a virtual membership so you can keep in touch with the VIDA organization. If you have any questions or want to cancel your subscription, please contact us at

Who owns Vida fitness DC?

David Von Storch , Founder of VIDA Fitness Clubs.

Life Fitness Career

At VIDA Fitness, you may develop professionally while having a great time. We promote from within to help our members succeed and seek enthusiastic fitness professionals.

Read more on our Company Culture before reaching out to VIDA for a job.


VIDA Fitness day pass

Get a free workout with us at VIDA fitnes!

With a one-day, full-access trial membership to VIDA, you may experience everything the club offers.

We have five studios for group exercise, yoga, Pilates, and our boutique HIIT training studio, SweatBox, in addition to state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment, Olympic lifting platforms, and more at VIDA Fitness.

In addition, you may use our qualified nutritionists, VIP locker rooms, and the Aura spa, which has won several awards.

Only with prior arrangement. Fill out the form below to register as a temporary member. A free VIDA membership gives you access to all our studios worldwide.

LIFE fitness classes

Make your online schedule.

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