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Vesta Foodservice

About Vesta Foodservice

Don’t be alarmed, however! If you’re here, you’re doing everything correctly.

Vesta Foodservice is the new DBA of LA Specialized Produce Co.; therefore, whether you were a client of LA Specialty, SF Specialty, LA & SF Specialty, LASF, LASP, or LAS, you are still going to receive the greatest service, fresh produce, and specialty grocery delivery.

LA Specialty Produce Co. was founded in 1985 and grew its client base through high-touch service, excellent quality, and on-time delivery.

We soon expanded our offerings and global reach due to those clients and their expansion into other locations.

Those cities were all part of our distribution network by the year 1999. As of today, we still serve much of California as well as vast swaths of Nevada and Arizona, including Phoenix, which we added to our service in 2001 Vesta Foodservice’s flame burns bright and fierce, reflecting our devotion to the foodservice industry and our goal of providing our clients with the most consistent and trustworthy distribution solutions possible.

Vesta Foodservice

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Vesta Foodservice rebrands LA & SF Specialty Produce

All of our facilities and staff will be referred to under our new name, which better represents who we are today, what we value, and how we do business.

Today, our activities extend well beyond simply Los Angeles and San Francisco, and we provide a variety of products not available when we first opened our doors in 1985 as LA Specialty Produce Co.

We now have distribution centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, as well as routes that reach across California, most of Nevada, Arizona, and even Hawaii.

Over 3,700 SKUs are included in our inventory, including dairy products, gourmet cheeses, charcuterie meats, oils, tinned goods, flours, pasta and tortillas, and much more.

Vesta Foodservice

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Please visit for our new website.

We’ll be using the domain for all of our email addresses going forward.

Only a DBA will be affected by this modification. Your contact information and the structure of the business will not be altered. Only the evident changes have been made to the company’s ownership and workforce.

If you have any questions or concerns about our new location, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Address: In Santa Fe Springs, California, at 13527 Orden Drive, zip code 90670

Call (562) 741-2200 for more information.

Thank you for ensuring that your records reflect our new business name, which will take effect on November 4, 2019. So that everyone is on the same page, please distribute this paper to your staff.

Contact Jin Ju Wilder, Vesta Foodservice’s Director of Marketing and Business Development, at with any queries.

We look forward to serving you under our new brand for the next 35 years of operation in the foodservice sector.


Micheal Glick’s


LA Specialty Produce Co., DBA Vesta Foodservice

Vesta Foodservice jobs

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Vesta Foodservice

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Vesta Foodservice reviews

A bare-bones crew must handle the same work as a fully staffed one. Management’s lack of communication and adherence to antiquated procedures might leave you undervalued and unloved. There are some nice perks, but the cost keeps increasing every two years. What a waste of money!

If you’re stuck in your ways and don’t want to advance in your career but still want good pay and benefits, this is the job for you.

To progress in life, you must be willing to learn and improve to get higher wages and advance in your career. While this may serve as a jumping-off place, don’t expect to be around for more than two years.

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FAQ of Vesta Foodservice

Where is Vesta Food Service’s headquarters located?

The main office of Vesta Food Service can be found at 13527 Orden Dr in Santa Fe Springs, California, 90670.

What is the phone number for Vesta Food Service?

You may reach Vesta Food Service at (562) 741-2200.

What is Vesta Food Service’s website? is Vesta Food Service’s official website.

What is Vesta Food Service’s gross profit margin?

Amounting to $24 million, Vesta Food Service’s revenue

Vesta Food Service’s SIC code is what?

Its SIC code is 51,514.

What is the NAICS code of Vesta Food Service?

The NAICS code for Vesta Food Service is 44,44523.

Are there any Vesta Food Service employees?

One hundred twenty-three people work at Vesta Food Services.

Vesta Food Service’s business is what?

The business of Vesta Food Service is Grocery Retail.

Who are the key rivals of Vesta Food Service?

Specialty Sleep Association, VCS Environmental Inc., Indy Plush, and in-depth Corporation are Vesta Food Service’s primary rivals.

What’s the IT stack at Vesta Food Service, exactly?

The USER TRUST Network and Barracuda Email Security Gateway are the go-to solutions for Vesta Food Service when it comes to email security.

Who is the CFO of Vesta Food Service?

CFO Scott Matthews of Vesta Food Service

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