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Vera Whole Health

An advanced primary care leader, Vera Whole Health, is on the cutting edge of a health revolution.

With our concept, we want to assist individuals in attaining optimal well-being in all aspects of their lives, which is impossible or unaffordable in today’s health care system.

Only Vera has been validated for population health cost management and health outcomes, making her a unique primary care practitioner.

A health care system that combines better health outcomes with a more humanized experience may save much money in the long run.

We were the first to develop an enhanced primary care model that integrates with your current health insurance to offer crucial one-to-one patient-provider contact on a large scale.

Informatics, referral management, and care coordination help us assist a wide variety of people. Clinically-integrated health coaching is also part of our methodology.

If you’re in the business of paying for healthcare or hiring doctors, you’re warmly welcome to join us in this healthcare revolution.

The mission

Globally, health is defined by the World Health Organization as more than only the absence of sickness or disability.

That’s precisely what we’re saying. Whole health can’t be achieved with current healthcare systems. We’re on a mission to revolutionize healthcare and usher in a new era of wellness.

Become a part of our group. Everyone can find a place here. What we do is rooted in the practice of empathic listening.

The concept that individuals are in command of their health may be unlocked by guiding them through the phases of behavioral change.

We aim for full participation from all parties. Only through using the resources at their disposal can people gain anything.

Those who work with us and compete with us are both appreciated. This is a team effort.

Our long-term healthcare strategy

Regarding healthcare, Vera CEO Ryan Schmid says simple formulas will lead to better personal connection, which he feels is the key to success in the next several years.

In the exam room, we may spend all the time we want treating physical issues that have already happened, but that is not the cause of ill health in the first place.”

It has a lot to do with one’s online presence and connections. This enables us to teach our employees differently, think differently, operate differently, and have a greater influence on the community and social networks, rather than merely applying a band-aid to the issue.” In the words of Ryan Schmid

Who owns Vera Whole Health?

A co-founder of Vera Whole Health, President & CEO Ryan Schmid is on a mission to change the reactive healthcare sector into the life-giving, life-empowering industry it was designed to be.

Vera Whole Health stock

On August 4, 2021, Vera Whole Health received $50 million in investment from a Corporate Minority.
In July 2021, Vera Whole Health had a value of $400M.

Vera Whole Health revenue

Vera Whole Health has received $95.5 million in financing.

Vera Whole Health

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Vera Whole Health Careers

You will lead the health revolution.

Work with a group of medical professionals that share your enthusiasm for bettering the health of their patients and are equally informed, experienced, and committed.

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