Vent Fitness: How to Upgrade Membership Levels Free

About Vent Fitness

Every level of your reinvention is catered to at VENT Fitness in the Capital District’s locally-owned full-service fitness club.

VENT Fitness has four full-service health clubs that cater to all fitness levels and abilities. A novice or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our friendly, knowledgeable staff will guide you along your path to better health and well-being.

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Our Non-Negotiables

Non-negotiables are a constant reminder of our unshakeable commitment to providing our members and visitors with an exceptional fitness experience.

Experience of Members

We put the needs of our members above anything else. We’re here to help you on your journey, help you achieve your goals, and connect you to our community. Every time you walk through our doors, you’ll be greeted by a warm and friendly environment.

Exceptionally Clean

We take pride in the cleanliness of our workplaces. Our professional housekeeping crew works tirelessly to keep our gyms, studios, and locker rooms spotless so that you can concentrate on your goals.

Insanely Good Results

Our success is directly tied to yours! Every member of our team, from our warm receptionists to our exciting group exercise instructors to our top-notch personal trainers, is devoted to helping you stay on track and reach your fitness objectives.

The Characteristics of Our Society

A new twist on the standard training experience is what VENT Fitness was all about when it started in 2013. Today, we stand by that promise and are eager to share it with you. VENT Fitness is committed to reinVENTing your health, motivation, and results from the moment you walk through our doors until your next hydromassage or sauna session. Count on us to help you reimagine your identity.

Training for E3

Vent Fitness is the official trainer of the five-star rated Studio exercise. Your fitness objectives will be met thanks to meticulous planning and execution. We’ll pay for your first class. Try it out for free by clicking here!

Training in a group

Small group training sessions with one of our certified trainers provide an intense and energizing workout. Thanks to our in-house heart rate monitoring technology and upbeat music, your results are waiting for you after your next workout session!

Exercise in a Group

It’s best to do certain things as a group! Our group exercise courses include strength training and sports conditioning, cardio kickboxing, yoga, etc. Your next favorite exercise is just around the corner when so many possibilities are available each week.

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VENT Fitness log in

Here is explained how to log in to Vent Fitness

Vent Fitness membership

Select memberships at VENT Fitness come with no enrollment requirements or long-term commitments.

E3 Training Members get a $20 discount every month, too!* A total of $99 is saved! Make a plan and follow through on it!

Vent Fitness has all you need in terms of instruction, programs, and facilities! PLUS, On our E3 Training Membership, you’ll save $20 a month! It costs (on average) $79.99 a month.

Our venues and facilities are included, as are unlimited E3 STUDIO sessions with a trainer!

Here are the details.

VENT Fitness membership cancellation

Is it possible to put a hold on your membership? Have you set a halt to your workouts? You’ve decided to discontinue your subscription.

Please complete the following form. To understand our cancellation and freeze procedures, please check the following sections.

*Attention: Requests to cancel or freeze subscriptions may incur fines. Please be patient as we go over each submission in the order received and during regular business hours. A member of management will contact you to confirm your next steps pending account status and review. Have a question regarding the progress of your service request? Visit get in touch with your local club, go to our Clubs page.


Here is a list of commonly asked billing inquiries from our members. Have a question that hasn’t been addressed here? If you’d like to contact your local club, you may do so via our Clubs page or complete the form below.

My monthly dues have gone up by $2. What’s up? There will be a $2 monthly cost for subscriptions purchased by credit card starting January 1, 2020. Using your bank account to pay your dues will save you $2. Switching is a breeze! To learn more, read this.

I’ve been afflicted with COVID-19. What options do I have? The greatest thing you can do is put a lock on your account. Maintains your membership dues amount while you are on hold for up to six months.

VENT Fitness has waived the $5/month freeze charge at this time.

Please note: That frozen memberships are still liable to their regularly scheduled Annual Fees.

My account is frozen. How can I explain this erratic surge? Even if your account is locked, the yearly price for your membership will still be charged, and they are typically scheduled two months after your account was activated.

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Early Cancellation of Term

For any reason, save for the Consumer’s Right to Cancel and Additional Rights to Cancel under New York State Law, termination of a membership contract will be accepted after a cancellation cost of $79 or remaining contract dues whichever is less.

It is necessary to provide VENT Fitness Member Services at least 30 days’ notice to discontinue your membership.


To terminate your membership due to physical impairment (other than pregnancy), you’ll need to provide the following evidence and file a cancellation request through within 30 days of receiving your membership cancellation request: Doctor’s letter (must contain the Doctor’s address and phone number) describing the date and type of the injury/disability, lab findings, Etc.

The day the paperwork is received by the VENT Fitness Member Services Department through will constitute the date of incapacity to discharge obligation for payment.

VENT Fitness reserves the right to have you examined by another physician of VENT Fitness’ choice and cost.

Relocation of Members/Facilities

VENT Fitness has the option of moving its facilities. If a facility or a member’s permanent domicile changes, this policy will be null and void. If a member’s residence is more than 25 miles from any VENT Fitness center, the member can terminate the membership of their own choice.

The member’s payment will be stopped if it can be verified that their residence is more than 25 miles away from any VENT Fitness center. To cancel your membership, you must complete a Cancellation Request Form on with these documents attached. Relocation documentation includes

  • A driver’s license showing the new address,
  • A utility bill from the new address,
  • A mortgage closing agreement,
  • A copy of your military orders,
  • A copy of your lease, and
  • An official letter from your Employer that includes a copy of your most recent pay stub as evidence.

You will be held accountable for the entire amount due on your agreement if you fail to produce the documentation above.

A written request to cancel 30 days before the next paying date is required to terminate a month-to-month membership for any reason, except the Consumer’s Right to Cancel and Additional Rights to Cancel under New York State Law. must be used to make this request.

In-Home Training for Individuals

To terminate your VENT Fitness membership, you must provide 30 days’ notice in writing to the Member Services department.

Member Services may be reached at, where you can fill up and submit the “Cancellation Request” form.


A Committed Membership

Any current member seeking a membership freeze due to a medical injury/disability, pregnancy, or temporary relocation (minimum of 60 days to a maximum of one year) must submit proof at and a written request.

ABC Financial Services will draw a $10 service charge, a $5 monthly freeze fee, and the regularly scheduled Annual Fee*.

COVID-19 pandemic and medical, military, or temporary relocation would be exempt from the $5 Monthly Freeze Fee. The expenses will be waived if the club receives documentation in person or through

Only Temporary relocation

A member’s membership payment might be FREEZED if they move more than 25 miles away from a VENT Fitness location owing to a temporary change of residence.

If a member’s home is verified to be more than 25 miles distant from a VENT Fitness location, payment on this agreement will be stopped.

This paperwork must be given to the club or attached to the Cancellation/Freeze Request Form completed at

Valid proof of relocation would include a Driver’s License showing new address, valid/current Student ID, Utility Bill in member’s name with the new address, Mortgage Closing agreement, Copy of Military Orders, Copy of Lease Agreement, a letter from Employer with a copy of Pay Stub reflecting new address and member’s name from the Employer.

If the documentation mentioned above is not provided, the member shall be held accountable for the entire amount owing under the Membership Agreement.

Medical Unfitness.

A written request via submitted within 30 days of the request; a Doctor’s Note (which must show the Doctor’s address and phone number) stating the date and nature of injury/disability, lab reports, etc. is required for a membership Freeze due to physical disability (including pregnancy).

If the VENT Fitness Member Services Department receives the required documents through before incapacity, that date will be used to release the member’s financial responsibility.

During a membership freeze, members are not permitted to utilize the club amenities. Freeze membership and dues payments will be reinstated for anybody who uses club facilities.

There are no retroactive refunds of fees or retroactive time credits available. Membership fees and annual dues will continue to accrue while the account is on freeze, and the original expiry date of the invoice is prorated to account for this additional period.

Regular membership fees will apply after the freeze expires or if a member chooses to use any VENT Fitness facility during the membership freeze.

VENT Fitness has the final say on whether or not a membership or personal training freeze is approved.


With 30 days’ notice, any Member who wishes to have their account frozen must submit a written request at, which may be extended for an additional six months at VENT Fitness’ discretion, for a maximum of six months of membership (except when a documented medical condition exists or upon management discretion).

All overdue dues and fees must be paid and active status restored before a freeze may be imposed on membership in good standing.

Members’ annual dues and the $5 monthly freeze fee will be charged while their membership is on hold. During a membership freeze, members are not permitted to utilize the club amenities.

Freeze membership and dues payments will be reinstated for anybody who uses club facilities.

VENT Fitness has the final say on whether or not a membership or personal training freeze is approved.

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