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Vasa fitness

About vasa fitness

VASA is a fitness enthusiast dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives. We presently have 31 sites and have lately grown beyond our home state of Utah to include Colorado and the Midwestern United States.

Our VASA family has grown to include over 200K members and approximately 2,000 staff, and it continues to expand! At VASA, we provide facilities that are available to everyone.

Top-notch personal trainers will keep you in shape, while aerobic programs will keep things interesting. KidCare facilities will keep your little ones occupied.

Cardiovascular equipment, free weights, a fitness cinema, an indoor pool, a spa, tanning beds, wet and dry saunas, hydro-massage beds, and much more are available at our facility.

Yes, we do have everything. Come check out these #VAWESOME facilities for yourself and decide if they are worth it.

Vasa fitness

Is it possible to visit Vasa without a membership?

Privileges for Guests

It’s always great to work out with a group of people. For only $15.99 a month, you may add Guest Privileges to your account!

  • A legal guardian must accompany guests between the ages of 12 and 17 to sign a waiver.
  • There is a limit of two visitors per Member who has paid for Guest Privileges.
  • Each time visitors enter the building, they must either use a kiosk or speak to a Member Experience Specialist to register. There will be a check for identification.
  • A member must accompany visitors at all times. Guest rights may be withdrawn if Member checks in guests and then departs.
  • Visitors may enjoy all the standard club facilities included with a Fitness level membership. Studio Red, KidCare, Tanning, and Massage are not included in the Membership.

Depending on your preference, you may add Guest Privileges to your Membership at the gym or straight in the VASA app.

  • My account in the App may be accessed here.
  • Select Guests from the drop-down menu.
  • To purchase Guest Privileges, click the Buy Guest Privileges button.
  • Guest privileges may be activated by clicking on the bubble. You’ll see your new monthly bill total at the top of the screen after making a transaction.
  • Click the save button and proceed.
  • There is an option to include child care. To proceed, choose the option that best fits your needs, then clicks save.
  • You will complete your purchase and agree to the rules of Guest Privileges when you finalize your transaction.
  • Sign your name and click “Submit” to complete the submission process.
  • Click the “I Agree” button and proceed to checkout.

Enjoy your exercise with a pal!

It’s just as simple to cancel Guest Privileges through the App! Remove the Guest Privileges from your Membership by following these steps:

  • Open the App and go to my account.
  • Click Freeze/Cancel Plan
  • Click Cancel Your Plan
  • Enter your Member Information
  • Select “Guest Privileges”
  • Choose Reason for Cancelling (Amenities Cancel)
  • Click Cancel My Membership.
  • There are no more Guest Privileges!

Is there anything else you’d want to know about our Guest Benefits? By clicking on the help button in the right-hand corner, you may get in touch with our customer service staff.

Have question?

Vasa fitness

Pricing & Fees for Member Benefits

We now have a variety of membership options. To view the most up-to-date prices, offers, and membership options, you should visit our website first. To learn more about membership options and price, click here.

Additional costs that may be associated with your membership include the following:

  • Guaranteed Rate: Surely, you don’t want to see a rise in your membership fees. What about us? We don’t know either! If you pay this sum yearly, your dues will not rise. After signing up, you’ll be charged $49.99 per person every year, plus applicable taxes, for the duration of your membership.
  • We will charge you an extra $25 return fee: if we don’t receive your monthly payment. On the VASA App, you may make payments and change your billing information.
  • If you cancel during the first six months after joining: you will be charged a $25 cancellation processing fee in addition to the usual 30 days’ notice.
  • Once your Fitness/Studio Membership expires: you’ll be charged a $25 downgrade fee to effectuate your Membership switch.
  • To transfer a Basic Membership to a new location: you must pay the basic transfer fee. Our support staff can help you alter this location. Transfer fees of $25.00 will be applied to any location changes on a Basic Membership.
  • Check-in Fee: $10.00 per person, per day Please join us if you haven’t already. Try us out for one day before deciding whether you want to join us long-term. We charge $15.00 per person each day for check-in. For one day, you may use all of the gym’s facilities. If accompanied by a legal guardian, children ages 12-18 may utilize a day pass.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns by visiting the website.

Contact our support staff by navigating to the help symbol in your right-hand corner as the last resort.

Members’ fees and benefits are detailed in the table below.

When it comes to VASA Fitness, you’ll pay for what you want. A modest monthly fee of $9.99 gives you access to all of our cardio and weight training sections at a single location. To participate, you must pay a registration fee of $50.

All VASA locations, cardio areas, weight training spaces, swimming pool, aerobics & group cycling, tanning, massage, child care (extra charge), and guest privileges are included in the $19.99 monthly membership fee VASA members (additional fee). It costs $9.99 to get started.

In addition, there are several other ways to stay in shape with VASA.

Corporate Wellness memberships are available via VASA Fitness. Your company’s success is our priority, and we work tirelessly every day to help you achieve it. Wellness coaching, biometric testing, and health risk assessments are all included in these subscriptions.

Visit the VASA Fitness website for additional details.

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