How To Pay Bill To UW Health Urgent Care [ 3 Steps To Follow]

UW Health Urgent Care

UW Health urgent care is committed to serving the community via medical advancements and unmatched compassion.

Patients and their families from throughout Wisconsin, Northern Illinois, and beyond may rely on our experience and dedication to providing excellent treatment.

Our goals, values, and purpose

UW-Madison has a long history of achievement and innovation in the health sciences, and UW Health is no exception.

Premedical “Special Science” classes were initially provided at UW in 1887, the Wisconsin General Hospital opened in 1924, and the university’s four-year medical school was established in 1925.

The university’s doctors and researchers have worked tirelessly to fulfill its fourfold objective.

They have made several medical and health care advancements throughout the years. Throughout the United States and the globe, their findings have contributed to a longer lifespan for many individuals.

This is what we’re all about:

We operate only for the benefit of our patients and their loved ones. In our work, they are at the heart of all we do; our purpose, values, and vision of exceptional healthcare are based on this promise.

UW Health urgent care mission

The pursuit of optimal health without sacrificing any of these values: service, scholarship, research, or civic engagement.

UW Health urgent care vision

Remarkable healthcare.

UW Health urgent care values

  • Excellence
  • Creativity
  • Compassion
  • Consistency
  • Consideration for others
  • Disciplinary action.
  • There is a wide range of people to choose

UW Health urgent care health system

Conditions that can be successfully treated in the face of seriousness

With 1,849 hired doctors and 21,000 workers, the University of Wisconsin integrated Madison’s health system; UW Health cares for more than 700,000 patients annually across seven hospitals and more than 80 clinic sites.

The University of Washington Health services are administered by and collaborated with the University of Washington Hospitals and Clinics Authority (UWHCA).

In the UW Health system, the 1,849 academic members of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health research, teach, and treat patients.

With a 100-year history of service in Rockford, Illinois, SwedishAmerican became a member of UW Health in 2015.

SwedishAmerican’s two hospitals and 30 general care and multi-specialty clinic sites in Northern Illinois will begin using the UW Health name in 2021.

UW Health specialists are available to patients with cancer and heart disease in very complicated circumstances because of this relationship between UW Health and the Northern Illinois University Health System.

Many of the women and children treated at the new Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Rockford have convenient access to UW Health Kids Neonatology specialists at American Family Children’s Hospital in Madison, if necessary.

Facts and figures (pdf)

The well-known UW Health system offers the following services:

1. University Hospital

a Level I adult and pediatric trauma center, a burn center accredited by the American College of Surgeons, one of the most extensive organ transplant programs in the country, one of the first certified comprehensive stroke centers in the country, and the UW Carbone Cancer Center, one of the country’s 41 National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive centers, are all located in this 505-bed regional referral center.

2. East Madison Hospital

A community-based health and wellness center with 56 beds.

3. American Family Children’s Hospital

A 111-bed comprehensive pediatric surgical and medical hospital, including a pediatric hybrid catheterization/angiography suite, a Level I pediatric trauma unit, and newborn surgical critical care units.

4. UnityPoint Health-Meriter

This community-based hospital offers various medical and surgical treatments with 448 beds. In 2017, UnityPoint Health-Meriter became a part of UW Health.

5. Rehabilitation Hospital

A 50-bed acute inpatient rehabilitation hospital for patients with diseases requiring inpatient rehabilitative therapy, such as stroke, brain, and spinal cord injuries, amputations, complex orthopedic injuries, and other disorders.

6. SwedishAmerican Hospital

A major 339-bed acute care hospital, a free-standing outpatient cancer center, a medical center in Belvidere, a network of 30 primary care and multi-specialty clinics, and the most significant home healthcare agency in the area are all part of SwedishAmerican’s service area for greater Rockford, northern Illinois, and southern Wisconsin.

7. Belvidere Medical Center

A 34-bed hospital is providing inpatient and outpatient services in Belvidere, Illinois.

8. Regional cancer centers

  • Beloit Medical Center (Beloit, Wis.)
  • Leonard C. Ferguson Cancer Institute of FHN (Ferguson, Ill.)
  • SwedishAmerican Medical Center (Rockford, Ill.)
  • ProHealth Care at the UW Cancer Center (Pewaukee, Wis.)
  • Johnson Creek Cancer Center at UW (Johnson Creek, Wis.)
  • Hospital Aspirus Riverview UW Cancer Center (Wisconsin Rapids, Wis.)

9. UW Medical Foundation

The 1,785 clinical faculty doctors of the UW School of Medicine and Public Health are represented by the second-largest medical practice group in the state.

10. Quartz Health Solutions, Inc.

In a 35-county area in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa, a subsidiary health insurance carrier has more than 350,000 clients.

11. University Health Care

A non-profit membership organization supports clinical and business connections between insurers and local providers.

UW Health joint ventures

  • Services for Generations Fertility
  • Surgery Center in Madison
  • Surgery Transformations Center
  • Johnson Creek’s YOUR Cancer Center
  • Health Care Direct at UW
  • Sleep in Wisconsin.

UW Health Urgent Care

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UW Health Urgent care cost

Price estimates

Based on total prices for the same services and your insurance coverage, UW Health may give you an estimate of what a procedure or treatment will cost.

Please remember that final prices may vary depending on the services and products provided and utilized.

Predicted costs for medical treatments are known as estimates. You’ll be able to see historical rates for the same treatment and what your out-of-pocket expenses would be if you have insurance coverage.

Create your estimate

You can estimate the cost of typical procedures and services on your own. Both MyChart and non-MyChart users may make use of this function without having to upgrade to a premium account.

Create an estimate through MyChart

For many typical services, MyChart customers may estimate their costs. The patient’s medical record will be connected to this. To come up with an estimate:

  • Log in to your MyChart account to get started
  • Select the Billing tab.
  • Decide on Budget Estimates

Create a guest estimate

Getting an estimate for standard procedures and services is possible even if you do not have a MyChart account. Please note that this estimate will not be connected to your medical records.

Consider the following options: Wisconsin | Illinois

Before providing services, UW Health gives some estimations. This estimate may be sent electronically through MyChart or regular mail.

Other pricing options

Priceline at the University of Wisconsin-Madison may be contacted by phone at (608) 263-1507 or by filling out this form.

An estimate or range will be supplied rather than a particular quotation since the ultimate costs depend on several variables, including the clinical service delivered and the diagnosis connected with the services and materials utilized.

While they may be estimated, they cannot be fully defined until after the service has been performed.

Understanding your monthly bill

As a customer, how do you pay your bill?

Payment options are available in various ways to make the bill-paying procedure as easy as possible.


You may create payment schedules and save credit card information for future purchases with MyChart. Your billing information may be found by logging into your MyChart account and selecting “Billing Acct Summary.”

You may pay as a guest if you don’t already have a MyChart account or establish one.

Log in or sign up


You may make a phone payment for your bill.

(877) 565-0505


If you want to pay your payment through check or money order, submit your invoice to the following address:

Milwaukee, WI 53278-8423, PO Box 78433, UW Health


Any clinic registration or admissions desk will let you make a cash payment for your visit.

Expectations for payment

  • Before receiving outpatient treatments, patients must pay any required copayments, coinsurance, or deductibles.
  • You must make complete payment within 21 days of receiving your first statement. Patient Business Services may set up payment plans if you cannot pay the whole amount upfront.

Facility and telehealth site fees

For outpatient clinics owned and managed by one of our hospitals, UW Health has to levy a facility fee and any other costs that apply to the patient’s visit.

These clinics are known as “provider-based” since they charge a facility fee.

The Joint Commission and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) require these hospitals to satisfy high patient safety standards even if they are not admitted.

Hospital-owned clinic patients might anticipate two bills: one for the facility charge and one for the treatment provided by a healthcare practitioner.

Non-hospital clinics don’t impose a facility fee since all costs may be consolidated into one statement.

All clinics that charge a facility fee or a telemedicine cost have signs informing patients of the charges.

New patients may also refer to the billing policies pamphlet or contact our billing office with inquiries.

FAQs about facility and Telehealth site fees

How do UW Medical Foundation clinics vary from UW Hospital clinics?

Although we are all affiliated with UW Health, we must adhere to different billing regulations depending on where you receive your care.

Two sets of UW Health physician groups own and run the UW Medical Foundation and the UW Department of Family Medicine and Community Health clinics.

All the expenses of operating their practice are included in a single price they may charge patients.

Patients at clinics that are part of UW Hospitals and Clinics must be given two separate bills if the clinic is hospital-owned.

The doctor’s professional costs are included in one statement from the medical group, and the second bill is from the hospital and includes all additional expenses. Second, the “facility charge” or “Telehealth site fee” is billed.

For what reason do clinics affiliated with UW Health charge a facility fee?

More regulations and stricter patient safety standards apply to provider-based clinics than physician-owned ones.

Medical groups and hospitals must issue two separate invoices, one from each other, for the doctor’s professional fee. The “facility fee” is the name given to the second bill.

What do a Telehealth site fee and a facility fee cover?

Only physicians’ professional expenses are included in facility fees, which include everything else that goes into running a health care facility.

The insurance company covers equipment, utilities, maintenance, supplies, and drugs during a patient’s clinic visit, and non-physician employees also pay for the services of a wide range of other health care professionals.

Facility fees can assist in covering the costs of satisfying mandatory requirements in hospital-owned clinics. Medical professionals’ education costs also affect the rates charged by health care providers.

The “Telehealth site fee” is charged by UW Health for virtual visits that would otherwise take place in person at any of the provider-based locations mentioned above.

CMS guidelines dictate that a telehealth facility cost be billed similarly to an in-person facility fee, and that’s what this price is based on. This fee covers expenses associated with the visit.

Does my insurance cover the facility or telehealth site charge?

However, not all insurance companies pay facility and telehealth site expenses.

Contact the customer care number on your insurance card to find out whether your insurance plan covers payments invoiced by hospital-owned clinics.

Is a separate price for virtual (phone or video) visits besides the Physician’s professional service fee?

A “telehealth site fee” is charged by UW Health for virtual visits that would otherwise have taken place in person at any of the provider-based locations mentioned above.

The CMS recommends setting a telehealth facility cost similarly to an in-person facility fee. This is how this price is calculated. The fee covers expenses associated with the visit.

Which clinics don’t charge a facility fee or a telehealth site cost?

The University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine, operated by UW Health physician groups, do not charge a facility or a telehealth site fee.

How much are the fees for the UW Health facility and the telehealth site?

The office visit charge at UW Health is $200. The telehealth site charge for UW Health is $94.50. ” Every year, the rates for these services are revised.

Frequently asked questions about billing.

What is the format of a UW Health statement?

UW Health billing statements are seen in this picture.

What options do I have if I’m having trouble paying my bill?

Yes. Call (877) 565-0505 for Patient Business Services.

Changes to my health insurance: where do I begin?

There are several options for achieving this goal, including the following:

  • Go to the Billing > Insurance Summary menu item in your MyChart account.
  • The phone number is (608) 261-1600 or (800) 303-6114.
  • Fax your insurance card to (608) 890-8531 (front and back).
  • Send us a copy of your id
  • Patient Business Services, 7974 UW Health Court, Middleton, WI 53562, Insurance card (front and back)

Do you submit claims to my health insurance plan?

As a courtesy, UW Health will submit your insurance claim. You are responsible for the balance if your insurance provider does not pay the whole amount due.

Please contact your insurance provider if you believe they should foot the bill.

Do I have recourse if my insurance claim is rejected?

First and foremost, get in touch with your provider. Obtain a reference number and call Customer Service at (877) 565-0505 if they suggest they’ll be reprocessing your claim.

I would like that some of the services I got remain private. Can you charge me directly instead of billing my insurance company?

Yes. We’ll set you up with a private account. All services are self-pay and must be paid for at the time of service for personal accounts.

I’m collaborating with a legal representative. Why don’t I pay for it?

Working with an attorney for TPL, Workers’ Compensation, or any other claim still necessitates payment. A payment plan may be arranged by contacting Customer Service at (877) 565-0505.

Bankruptcy is the only option for me. Exactly how should I handle my bill?

Even if you intend to file for bankruptcy, you must make some payments. (877) 565-0505 is Customer Service’s phone number.

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