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What is ultra health?

Ultra Health is dedicated to providing the finest quality, pure genetic strains of medical marijuana (medical cannabis) and cannabis-based drugs.

Every one of our dispensaries is committed to improving the overall well-being of the patients we serve by providing information and access to a wide variety of cannabis varieties, including indicas, sativas and hybrids, in addition to the concentrated and edible varieties.

Since CBD (cannabidiol) is a key ingredient in playing an essential role in the health of many people we treat, Ultra Health carries CBD high-quality varieties, CBD oils, CBD vape pens, and other CBD concentrates.

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Mission of Ultra Health 

ALBUQUERQUE N.M. 06 June 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, has announced that Ultra Health, New Mexico’s top Cannabis Company, has officially begun construction on a variety of major expansions within New Mexico to ready the state for the beginning commercial cannabis activities by the Cannabis Regulation Act, effective 29 June 2021.

The organization has multiple agreements to expand its manufacturing, production, and distribution to various regions of the Land of Enchantment, including operations in Bernalillo County, Socorro County, and Otero County. The retail footprint of Ultra Health will cover the entire state of New Mexico’s 33 counties at the end of 2021.

The expansion plans will be worth more than 20 million dollars and financed solely by Ultra Health’s cash reserves for working capital.

The largest expansion plan is a recently signed contract for a 28-acre parcel with two million square feet of space in Southern New Mexico.

The building, which was recently renovated, offers plenty of space for storage, production maintenance, R&D as well as office space. Other features include

  • temperature-controlled processing rooms,
  • designated warehouses to store raw materials and finished products,
  • ceiling up to 24 feet high, and
  • water filtration systems.

Another project for infrastructure was launched in the last week by purchasing the distribution facility located only one hour to the south of Albuquerque.

The building is designed to assist in the distribution of marijuana to Southern as well as Southeastern New Mexico, where demand is predicted to be higher than in other regions in the state.

In addition to the new infrastructure, Ultra Health is expanding its capacity for outdoor cultivation through the acquisition of 150 acres of farmland and more than 775 acres of water feet located in Tularosa, New Mexico.

The company purchased 200 acres of agricultural land and 1,000 acres of water from the region at the beginning of 2018.

“There is no doubt that the greatest thing that the operators and the nation will be looking to achieve is to add a large number of flowers to the floors to satisfy requirements for every clinical consumer. and adult-use customers,” said Duke Rodriguez, CEO and president of Ultra Health(r).”

But the biggest challenge is the incontrovertible and inevitable delay in post-harvest processing logistics and management.

It requires more than an indoor greenhouse and a retail system for a successful operation. Licensees will have to invest massive resources and capital to ensure proper treatment of cannabis products from the seed until sale.

This will require the physical infrastructure for the state and all industry is yet to fully comprehend or fully comprehend.”

Ultra Health has more than 15.8 million square feet of production, retail, and cultivation space through its various activities. The company is already investing more than 30 million in this New Mexico cannabis market.

Ultra Health’s plans to expand in 2020 will exceed 12 million dollars, including creating a brand new modern greenhouse measuring 35,000 square feet at their Bernalillo campus.

It also acquired the HQ1 campus, which has 35,000 square feet. The square feet commercial structure in Albuquerque will serve as Ultra Health’s New Mexico headquarters.

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The company currently employs more than 300 Mexicans and intends to hire hundreds of additional employees to meet the demands needs of cultivation, retail packaging, distribution, and other services that are required to satisfy the increasing demand from adult and medical patients for commercial cannabis.

Ultra Health plans to open 20 new dispensaries within the coming 12 months, with over 15 retail spaces already in agreement. Ultra Health will have 50 operating dispensaries by fall 2022.

Ultra Health is New Mexico’s top Cannabis Company and the largest cannabis firm owned by a minority in the United States.

The directly integrated provider operates in 25 locations across the country, with another ten stores expected to open in the third quarter of 2021.

Ultra Health provides unparalleled medical cannabis services by manufacturing precisely dosed and smoke-free cannabis products, including capsules, sublingual oils, pastilles, suppositories, and more, collaborating with Israeli pharmaceutical firm Panaxia.

Ultra Health has been at the forefront of patient rights as they fight to ensure an adequate supply and accessibility to rural areas of the New Mexico cannabis market.

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Ultra Health Products


Cannabis flowers are the blossoms of the plant, which can be consumed. Many cannabis varieties produce flowers with various CBD and THC proportions, in addition to Terpenes. Different types of cannabis, including Indica, Sativa, and hybrids, have other effects on users.

  • Indica: The strains classified as indicas are sedatives that typically result in a more muscular body high.
  • Sativa: The Sativa variety is generally stimulating and produces positive cerebral effects.
  • Hybrid: Certain cannabis strains comprise a mixture of an indica and a Sativa. They are referred to in the context of “hybrids.” In addition, certain songs could be mixed with both indica and Sativa, with one species ruling the variety. Examples of this include Sativa-dominant hybrids as well as indica-dominant hybrids.


Concentrates are medical cannabis items that undergo extraction. This extraction process uses solvents that strip the raw cannabis of its cannabinoids, resulting in a highly potent extract.

Concentrates can be found in high THC, CBD-only, or CBD to THC ratio forms. Below are detailed descriptions of the different concentrations offered by Ultra Health.

  • Shatter: Sometimes referred to as the purest form of extract, shatter is transparent, amber-colored glass. This concentrate is generally the most potent and undergoes another filtration process to create its smooth texture.
  • The word wax refers to the process of making it. Cannabis wax refers a broad term that refers to concentrates that are soft and more transparent than shatter. Wax may have different characteristics based on the extraction technique. Examples of wax are “budder,” a gooey extract, and “crumble” or “honeycomb,” which has a smooth and brittle-like texture.
  • Live resin: Live resin can be described as concentrated produced using an approach that involves taking freshly harvested cannabis and freezing it at subcritical temperatures. Then, the thawed cannabis is extracted, resulting in an oil-rich in aromatic and delicious Terpenes.
  • Sauce: Live Resin Sauce, often referred to simply in the form of “sauce,” is an extract of cannabis that contains high levels of Terpenes.
  • Nectar: This type of concentrate is produced exclusively using high-quality cannabis flowers instead of trimming buds. Nectar typically has a robust taste and effect.
  • Cartridges: Cannabis cartridges, also known as vape attachments, are filled with concentrates.

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Ultra Health has an exclusive partnership with Israeli pharmaceutical company Panaxia providing medicinal cannabis products that are pharmaceutical grade to medical cannabis users within New Mexico.

These high-quality pharmaceutical products, a significant portion of them are not smokeless and provide superior delivery systems by using a specific dosage specific to the requirements of patients.

Ultra Health pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis products include oral and sublingual tablets, vaginal and rectal suppositories and cannabis oil, pastilles, transdermal patches for relief, and topical creams. The range of products is expanded often, including THC, CBD, and an appropriate combination of both.


Edibles are cannabis-infused foods that can be consumed or drunk to get effects. Some examples of edibles that contain cannabis include chocolates, hard candy baked goods, elixirs oil, tinctures pastilles, and many more.

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Topicals are cannabis-based lotions, balms, oils, and patches applied on the skin to alleviate pain, soreness, and inflammation.

Topicals aren’t intoxicating and do not cause users to get “high.” These products are perfect for patients who wish to feel relief from cannabis without the psychoactive effects that other types of treatment can produce.

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