What Time Does UCF Gym Open?


Intramural Sports, Sports Clubs, Outdoor Adventure, Fitness, and Aquatics are just a few of the numerous offerings at the UCF gym, also known as the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) opened in 2002 and was enlarged in 2010.

In addition to the climbing wall, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, lake, challenge course, and disc golf course, the RWC has a variety of other recreational amenities.

Both of the RWC’s fitness facilities are satellite locations. Downtown RWC and RWC at Knight’s Plaza (on West Plaza Drive, near the Addition Financial Arena) (Second Floor of the Union West Building at the downtown campus).

Every registered student is welcome at the RWC, and community members may join for a fee.

Wellness and Health Promotions (WHPS) is based out of the RWC and provides a broad range of services and activities for all UCF students to make them healthier, happier knights.

To help students succeed in school, we offer events and seminars on safe sex, nutrition, stress management, sleep, healthy relationships, and body image.

To improve student safety, we conduct HIV Testing and Risk Reduction Counseling. We provide Biofeedback aided relaxation training to help students handle stress.

Diversity Statement

The University of Central Florida (UCF) Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) seeks to establish an atmosphere where we recognize the distinctions we share throughout the spectrum of the human variety.

Diversity is crucial to an individual’s entire development and the social fabric of the institution. We are dedicated to establishing an inclusive workplace via employing and training culturally competent staff members, outreaching to under-served groups, and providing facilities and activities that assist all members of the UCF community.

Our objective of the RWC community is to have an open-minded and tolerant approach toward individual diversity.


The mission of the University of Central Florida Recreation and Wellness Center is to provide students with opportunities for personal and professional growth while also meeting the diverse and changing needs of the UCF community.


The UCF Recreation and Wellness Center aims to encourage healthy lifestyles using effective services, extensive programs, and state-of-the-art facilities.

The Recreation and Wellness Center was built to improve student life at the institution and support its academic goals.


Secure – Clean – Trustworthy – Quality – Delight


  • Facilitate programs and spaces that are risk-free.
  • Promote openness and acceptance of all people.
  • Promote a balanced and healthy way of life.
  • Develop a collaborative and productive team

UCF gym

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UCF gym membership


Membership options are available at the Recreation and Wellness Center. There is a wide variety of memberships available at various pricing points.

Not only can you sign up for a membership, but you can also buy day passes. On the second level of the RWC, behind the registration desk, is the Administrative Office, where memberships and visitor passes may be purchased.

You may join RWC @ Downtown at the Member Services desk.


With the payment of the Activity and Service Fee, students gain access to all RWC facilities and programs at no additional cost.

The membership includes five visitor permits in the Main Building, Leisure Pool, RWC @ Knights Plaza, Lake Claire, and RWC @ Downtown. UCF students may provide one guest membership every semester.

Sponsored/Courtesy memberships are available to the sponsored individual.

Semester Duration Cost
Fall  Semester $0
Semester $0
Summer  Semester $0
Membership is not required to access the Recreation and Wellness Center; nevertheless, some expenses are connected with some activities, such as courses and events.

Students who are not enrolled over the summer and will continue to be enrolled in the autumn may buy a summer membership for $50.

Staff & Faculty

Employees at the University of Central Florida have an option to obtain a membership in the Recreation and Wellness Center. Several memberships are available to pick from, with most of them offering special discounts for new members.

Duration     Promotional Rate* Pre-Tax Tax Cost
Monthly Yes  $23.47 $1.53 $25
Monthly    No $37.56 $2.44 $40
Semester No $93.90 $6.10 $100
Members having 24-hour access to the RWC are welcome to use the facility whenever it is available to the public. All of the prices above include tax.

You may get a discounted cost for the first four (4) months of your membership if you sign up during your job’s first (4) months.

UCF Affiliated

Alumni, UCF retirees, and workers in the Central Florida Research Park are considered “affiliates” of UCF.

Duration Promotional Rate* Pre-Tax Tax Cost
Monthly Yes $23.47 $1.53 $25
Monthly No $42.25  $2.75  $45
Semester No $112.68 $7.32 $120
Members affiliated with the RWC and have an unlimited membership may use the facility whenever it is open. All the prices above include tax, and promotional discount applies exclusively to alumni memberships.


Sponsored/Courtesy members are supported by a current UCF student 18 years or older. If you want to join as a Sponsored member, you’ll need to provide proof of age, and the student will support you in the form of a valid picture ID.

Duration Pre-Tax Tax Cost
Monthly $42.25 $2.75 $45
Semester $112.68 $7.32 $120
There is no requirement for sponsored members to bring their student sponsor with them while renewing their membership unless it was not renewed in the previous semester.
Patrons who pay for unlimited membership access the RWC whenever it is open.

Admission Per Day

Duration Guest of Registered Member Pre-Tax Tax Cost
Daily Yes $4.69 $0.31 $5
If you are a student who has used all of your visitors passes for the semester, you may buy more at the above price.


Lockers may be rented by the day or by the semester. Our members and visitors may use the lockers daily, but only members can access the semester-long lockers.

The Recreation and Wellness Center office is open during regular business hours for any member who would wish to buy a safe for the semester.

Daily Safes

Daily lockers are provided to all our members and visitors. Use of the lockers in the changing rooms is permitted with the provision of one’s lock.

Safes with individual combinations may be found throughout the Recreation and Wellness Center. Members and visitors should remember to remove items from daily lockers before leaving the facility each night.

Color Location Cost
Black Weight Floor Free
Basketball Courts Free
Main Locker Room Free
Tan Lap Pool Locker Room Free

Lockers for the Semester

Members have access to lockers during the semester. All four of the Recreation and Wellness Center’s locker rooms have semester lockers available for purchase at the front desk during regular business hours.

Color Location Pre-Tax Tax Cost
Black Lap Pool Locker Room $11.27 $0.73 $12
Tan Both Locker Rooms $11.27 $0.73 $12
Sources: https://rwc.sdes.ucf.edu/memberships/
UCF gym

UCF gym dress code

Athletes must dress appropriately (no jeans) and wear only tennis shoes with a firm, closed sole. Members of the group cannot use their climbing equipment and must utilize the gear supplied by the UCF Challenge Course.

UCF gym classes


UCF Gym hours

Hours of Operations

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