Why Is Trusted Health Important In Healthcare Teams?

Trusted Health

Trusted Health, Inc. is the healthcare industry’s premier labor marketplace and workforce management platform. It was established in 2017 with a primary emphasis on nursing, the most significant healthcare profession.

Since then, they have digitized a previously manual process, linking nurses directly to employment openings and managing everything in between, such as benefits, payroll, onboarding, and compliance, formerly including recruiters and phone calls.

Employers in all 50 states and DC may use their platform to get comprehensive employer-of-record services. Works, their in-house HR management system, was released to the public in 2020.

Keeping every shift staffed in a rising demand for healthcare services and increasing labor costs is one of the most significant issues facing hospitals today, and Works helps them fulfill that goal.

By using Works, healthcare organizations have access to a single truth repository for all their clinical workforce requirements, from talent acquisition and onboarding to regulatory compliance monitoring.

Works’ staffing marketplace generates competition to fill open job requisitions with high-quality, active personnel from a pre-onboarded network of talent providers, and its predictive analytics and suggestions let hospitals swiftly respond to swings in demand.

Healthcare industry leaders, including the Texas Medical Center, Mercy Health, Intermountain Ventures, Town Hall Ventures, and Healthbox, have also invested in the firm.

Other prominent institutional investors include Craft Ventures, Felicis Ventures, StepStone Group, and Founder Collective. They were one of the companies in Forbes’ list of the Next Billion-Dollar Startups in 2020.

Trusted Health founders

Lennie Sliwinski – Co-Founder & CEO – Trusted Health

Trusted Health

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Trusted Health salary

Weekly salaries at Trusted Health start at $1,290 for Urgent Care Physicians and go up to $3,623 for Educators. Trusted Health’s average compensation varies from $46,919 for a Client Services Coordinator to $126,671 for the Chief of Staff.

Trusted Health

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Trusted Health FAQs

What is Trusted Health?

Trusted Health assists nurses in achieving their professional and personal goals through our sophisticated job-matching tool, our Trusted community, and other tools like our CEU tracker, pay explorer, and more.

Nurses may take advantage of Trusted’s streamlined job search by creating a profile and selecting their preferred location, salary range, and other criteria.

It streamlines the process, from scheduling interviews to onboarding employees and keeping track of their work hours.

Trusted Nurses get comprehensive benefits upon hire, including health and life insurance, a personal Care Team to assist them with everything from finding a job to helping them settle into their new position, and much more.

To what extent does Trusted provide opportunities for its users?

Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Licensed Practical Nurses are now being placed for contract opportunities, including travel and local assignments, via our agency (LPNs). Keep checking back for updates; more possibilities are on the way!

How many of the 50 states does Trusted serve?

Yes! We offer new opportunities in new areas daily across all 50 states.

Can first-time vacationers use Trusted?

First-time travelers may feel educated, empowered, and supported by Trusted’s professionally driven Care Team and its commitment to complete openness.

How much work history does a nurse need to be considered “Trusted”?

Our healthcare partners often seek candidates with at least one year of recent experience in the specialty they are hiring for.

Due to their insufficient orientation and training, new RN graduates and nurses seeking to transfer specialties are unsuitable for contracts.

Meanwhile, all nurses have free access to the Trusted New Grad Resource Center and its many helpful tools and services, including the wage explorer, Credentials management, and CEU tracker.

Can I go with others? Why not try it with a pet?

More people means more fun. We commonly collaborate with groups of Trusted Nurses who are on the road at the same time.

And if you’re doing it alone, you could meet a fellow traveler or two who you click with and decide to travel with.

Although it may be more challenging to locate opportunities suited for all parties involved when skillsets and experience levels are diverse, this is still entirely possible!

When is Trusted open for business?

Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

If a Trusted Nurse or healthcare facility partner has an immediate concern outside of regular business hours, they may reach a member of our staff by dialing 415-466-1466.

What exactly is a Care Team?

During your time with Trusted, your Care Team will be there to help you out whenever they can.

Behind the scenes, your Care Team is collaborating to ensure that all of your concerns are addressed, that your job search is progressing, and that you have all the information you need to make educated choices.

Your Care Team consists of seasoned professionals from travel nursing and the host hospital.

After establishing your Trusted profile and getting ready to start interviews, you’ll be introduced to your Nurse Advocate, a registered nurse who will be at your side during your whole time spent looking for travel nursing jobs.

A Care Coordinator (for Trusted and travel-related inquiries), a Compliance Coordinator (for onboarding and continuing compliance), and a Clinical Success Partner will be there to assist you along the way (another RN who will help you while on assignment).

Who would I report to if I accepted an assignment? Facility or Trusted?

Every one of our nurses is an employee of Trusted. From the first connection to the position, through the interview process and contract signing, to continuing compliance, benefits, payroll, and support, we are here to assist, coordinate and guarantee that you are taken care of.

But what if I happen to be a native of this region? Can I look for work as a “travel nurse”?

The Matches posted on Trusted represent contract possibilities that may or may not need relocating. You may learn more about the specific location criteria for each facility on the Match details page.

What is the length of the agreements?

There is a broad variety of contract durations available (4 weeks to 20 weeks or more), with the average contract lasting 13 weeks.

Remember that your contract term may often be negotiated with your healthcare provider. Please let us know if your schedule doesn’t match a Match, but you’re still interested in working together.

What kind of introduction will I receive?

The first part of your orientation will focus on learning about the workplace you’ll be working in, while the second will introduce you to your future employer, Trusted.

A general explanation of Trusted’s rules, perks, timekeeping, expectations, and assistance are all part of the orientation process.

Depending on the facility, new hires may participate in a broad orientation followed by a few precepted shifts on their assigned unit. Our number one concern is always the security of our staff and the well-being of our Trusted Nurses.

And what if I have an emergency at work?

In your role as a Trusted Nurse, you’ll have access to a dedicated Care Team overseen by a Clinical Success Partner, a fellow registered nurse who can provide you with the necessary assistance in any practice area.

Am I allowed breaks in between tasks?

Taking time off between contracts is a great bonus of the contracting lifestyle, whether it’s to catch your breath, visit loved ones, or see the world.

Will Trusted assist me in locating an apartment?

While we do not provide lodgings at this time, we have relationships with other firms that cater to the needs of tourists.

How about a referral program?

After signing up for an account, you will receive a welcome email containing your referral link. In addition, your referral link is prominently displayed on the dashboard’s main page at all times.

Do your friends and family a favor and have them share the link on Facebook.

Several Facts:

First, for us to appropriately credit your referral, your buddy must join using your referral link. Ensure they utilize your personalized URL rather than simply calling in to say you recommended them.

Secondly, your buddy must begin a contract with us no later than 180 days after they first click on that link. Third, your pal has to clock in for 400 hours of labor.

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