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About TruFIT Gym

TruFIT Gym has the most up-to-date technologies and programming to help you find the ideal diet and training plan for your individual needs.

DNA testing is available at all gyms, allowing you to get the most precise information possible about your health and fitness goals.

Reminds us of the beginnings of our fitness journey. Classic Fitness is our name. With equipment, personnel, and services that are sensitive to every client is unique.

At TruFIT Gym, our staff members have a wealth of expertise working with members to help them develop a regular exercise routine. TruFit Gym is available for you whether you are just beginning your fitness adventure or whether you are maintaining your healthy habits with us!

Getting healthy is important to us, and we’ll do all we can to assist you. To help you reach your full potential, the staff at TruFit Gym is always on the cutting edge of fitness technology, equipment, and training methods. Let us show you what we’re all about!

TruFIT Gym

 How much does TruFit cost?

Anyone may utilize the gym for $12 a day for daily training. Classes at our school are not offered at reduced prices. Your membership includes all the courses, kids’ care, and a fitness assessment.

Can you take a guest to TruFit?

Regulations and Rules

The Membership Agreement contains the following Membership Policies and Club Rules and Regulations (“Rules & Regulations”).

Restrictions and regulations and other rules may vary from place to location, and services are given, but you, the member, agree to abide by them.

All Tru>Fit Athletic Clubs’ rules and regulations are subject to change without notice. Any changes to this policy will be communicated via the clubs’ bulletin boards.

When a member enters, stays in, or passes through the club premises, the rules and regulations, as well as the specific club charges, apply to all family members, visitors, and invitees (collectively “guests”).


Types of membership and the services they provide are subject to change at any time and may not be offered at all clubs.

Due to service being withdrawn and extra costs being levied, the fees will be stopped if members request it. Services now offered free of charge will no longer be affected by fee reductions.

There is no warning or cost adjustment for changes to the club categories. At, you may get more information about us.

Regulations and rules:

  • All members must provide proof of current membership, such as a driver’s license or other government-issued photo ID, to access the club. You may be denied access to the club’s facilities or charged a visitor fee if you do not have your membership card or required identification.
  • Before utilizing the club’s facilities, all visitors must sign a medical release form and abide by the club’s Rules & Regulations. All visitors must provide proof of age or be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (minimum age to use the facility is 13 or 12 with a doctor’s excuse). To use a Guest Pass, visitors must schedule a club tour at least 24 hours in advance and submit documentation that their address is within 25 miles of the club’s location before they arrive. This information may be changed at any time. If a member brings too many visitors to a Tru>Fit Athletic Club, the club has the power to revoke guest access at any time.
  • There shall be no abusive or harassing behavior against other members, club staff members, agents, or contractors while in the club. The use of threats or violence is strictly forbidden.
  • TruFit Athletic Club members and guests must adhere to the dress code for respectable wear on the club grounds. Aside from that, for security purposes, clubs may specify what members must wear.
  • Tru>Fit Athletic Clubs have the right to select which members and visitors may or may not coach or train other members or guests. Members of the Tru>Fit Athletic Clubs are not permitted to participate in any form of business or company.
  • Independent contractors may sometimes offer members of Tru>Fit Athletic Clubs items or services. Athletes should be aware that Tru>Fit Athletic Clubs do not guarantee the quality and dependability of these independent contractors’ goods or services, nor do they make any statements or guarantees to that effect.
  • Club lockers and parking spaces should not be used to store items, including money. Everyone at Tru>Fit Athletic Clubs has agreed that the club will not be held accountable in case of theft or damage to their personal belongings.
  • Visitors are not allowed to bring illicit substances, steroids, or alcohol into Tru>Fit Athletic Clubs.
  • The front desk telephone is available for members and visitors in case of an emergency.
  • Any different Tru> Members and guests shall follow fit Athletic Clubs rules and regulations listed at the clubs. In other words, no dropping weights, no swearing (unless in extreme cases), no chalk, and so on.
  • A minor yearly price increase ($1) is applied to monthly subscriptions if current rates are greater than the monthly membership fee.

To be on the safe side, never use steroids to boost your strength or size without seeing your doctor first. Steroids can impair a child’s growth and development.

Heart disease, stroke, and impaired liver function can also be caused by them. If tru>fit athletic clubs become aware of steroid usage, they will notify the proper authorities.

Does TruFit have a contract?

By submitting a notification to the health spa declaring your wish to terminate this arrangement, you or your estate may get a partial refund on the unused portion of your membership cost after the contract takes effect.

Does TruFit have showers?

Reversible swing doors make installation easier and more convenient for TruFit shower enclosures.

Does TruFit have a women’s section?

Everything you’ll need to get healthy is right here at our full-service facilities. Group lessons and women-only areas and pools are available at a number of our sites to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Does TruFit have an app?

TruFit Athletic Clubs’ official mobile app. Get the app now for additional information about nearby TruFit locations, class schedules, and scanning your barcode to enter.

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TruFIT Gym

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Who do I contact if I have membership questions/issues?

Please use this link to reach out to us.

Can my membership entitle me to any?

Several clubs are included with most memberships. For information particular to your club, please refer to your membership contract.

What exactly is TruFit+?

A workout streaming service exclusively for members of the TruFit Nation is TruFit+! Cast to other smart devices and stream workouts from your phone.

LES MILLS, the global pioneer in fitness, will provide you with unrestricted access to more than 100 programs, ranging from yoga to HIIT. With sessions ranging in length from 15 minutes to an hour, you’ve got a solution to all of your time management problems right in your hand.

A variety of workouts and durations are conveniently accessible. The greatest thing is that TruFit+ is always being updated with NEW material, so your exercises will never get old, and you’ll always have what you need!

How can I become a member of this group?

As long as you have our app, signing up is a breeze. Navigate to the bottom of the page and type in your membership information to log in and access TruFit+. Having read and accepted the terms and conditions, you’re ready to go! As it is, it’s as easy as that.

What You’ll need:

  • Identification Codes for Individuals or Organizations
  • • The e-mail address associated with your membership
  • • Name of the Home Club

Create a password and log in immediately after that! Need more information? The best way to receive the information you need is to contact your local TruFit location!

What if I don’t have a TruFit account?

We know precisely what you’re looking for! TruFit+ memberships are available for those of us who can’t go to the gym or want to burn calories at home or on the move in advance of our debut. Here’s a look:

Are there any additional fees for TruFit+ if I’m already a member?

As stated in their most recent Member Memorandum, TruFit+ has been incorporated for our month-to-month subscribers. If you’re already a member of TruFit, you may sample TruFit+ for free for 30 days if you choose.

For $1.99 a month, you may keep using it as long as you want. Non-members may purchase TruFit+ for $14.99. You have the option to discontinue TruFit+ at any moment if you choose to use one of our facilities.

Is it possible to get a receipt from Tru Fit for reimbursement?

Yes. During your next club visit, or by contacting us here, we’ll be happy to provide you with any documentation you may require about your account or exercise history.

Is There A Day Pass Policy For Guests?

All sites offer a day visitor pass for purchase (contact club directly for day pass rate).

How Much Does It Cost To Keep The Club Running?

Equipment and services are maintained via the Annual Maintenance Fee. This charge may be collected yearly; see your membership agreement for more information.

If so, how do I go about doing that?

Yes. Tru Fit will freeze your account if you meet the criteria of having an active and current account and cannot utilize the club due to a medical condition, a temporary relocation, military duty, or missionary activity. The freeze must be verified before it can be processed. If you have any questions or concerns about “freeze” processing, please contact your club.

TruFit gym cancellation

A written request for cancellation must be sent to the club either in person or by certified mail. If you need to cancel your service, you must do so at least ten days before the scheduled billing date (or thirty days if you live in Texas).

At the moment of cancellation, all outstanding amounts will be collected. When you stop utilizing the facility or close your billing account, there is no cancellation.

Monthly Subscriptions

You may cancel a month-to-month subscription at any time by sending a written notice at least 10 days before the due date (or 30 days before the due date in Texas).

You may avoid extra monthly charges if you tell us in writing at the club or via certified mail.

Month-to-Month Subscription

It is illegal to terminate a month-to-month subscription within the Term Period of the subscription. The health spa will reimburse a portion of your membership fee if you die or become permanently incapacitated after the date this contract goes into effect and submit a notification to the health spa declaring your wish to terminate this contract.

A U.S. Certified Board Physician may be required to provide documentation of incapacity or death by the health spa. A member can end the relationship at any time after the date of this contract by transferring their domicile more than eight (8) miles away from their existing address (as mentioned in this contract) and more than thirty (30) miles away from any of our facilities (as indicated in this document).

Because of or in connection with any of the above two (2) reasons, if you want to terminate the contract, you must provide Seller with evidence acceptable to them of the grounds under which you are requesting cancellation.

Such an application for cancellation must be sent by certified mail with a return receipt requested to Seller hereunder Application For Cancellation.

Do I have to pay more?

Your membership dues may be increased or decreased at any time throughout the length of your agreement without prior notice.

Pre-paid Subscriptions

Your purchased Term membership will expire if you do not renew it by the renewal deadline. Your pre-paid membership must be canceled 10 days before the bill date if you have a monthly renewal. You may do this in person or through certified mail.

Moving to a New City or Town?

Your term agreement may be terminated early if your permanent home is more than 30 miles away from any Tru Fit Athletic Club. This, however, does not remove any outstanding debts.

The evidence of your new address must be acceptable and authentic, and you must send it to us (Utility bill, official military orders, etc.) Please visit your local club to get your request handled. “

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any more questions.

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