How Much Is True Fitness Membership?

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Since our founding in 1981, we have prioritized upholding ethics. This heritage is not merely a feature of our goods; it is fundamental to who we are.

Any purchase of a TRUE® product is more than simply a purchase; it’s an invitation to join the TRUE® family. We take pride in the reliability of our products and stand by them with quick and helpful service staff.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your gym or buy a home gym, TRUE is here to be your reliable companion in reaching your fitness objectives.

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True Fitness

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Is True Fitness a good brand?

Summary. Over the last 40 years, the fitness equipment manufacturers TRUE Fitness, Precor, and Life Fitness have established themselves as industry leaders.

Best treadmills for both residential and business users are available from both companies. We found, however, that the guarantee offered by True Fitness was the most robust of any treadmill we researched.

What is truth fitness?

Strength training is at the heart of the Truth Training workout, programming, and lifestyle series. The cornerstone of every fitness regimen must be strength training.

Our mission is straightforward: to strengthen our customers using kettlebells, barbells, body weight, and other modalities. This is not a sporting event.


Frank Trulaske, the company’s founder and current president, has devoted the last four decades to developing innovative, high-quality exercise tools.

Discover how TRUE, a company founded on revolutionary treadmills, grew into the biggest privately owned exercise equipment manufacturer in the United States.

Since its inception in 1981, TRUE has adhered to two fundamental tenets: provide only the finest goods and back them up with unparalleled service.

There have been many changes in the fitness sector, with new markets emerging and consumers’ demands shifting, but our core values have remained the same, and we strive tirelessly to uphold them.

Since day one, TRUE has prioritized including cutting-edge technology and safety features in all our products. This allows us to provide our clients with the finest workouts possible and gives them peace of mind.

Here are a few of the many ground-breaking contributions we’ve made to the field over the last three decades.


One of the core values we uphold at TRUE Cares is the importance of cultivating and sustaining meaningful connections with others.

With the help of the TRUE Cares initiative, the company and its workers give back to the communities in which they live by contributing to a wide range of charitable causes.

Employees at TRUE are committed to making a difference in the world by giving their time, money, and even TRUE fitness equipment to various nonprofit organizations via volunteer work and group fundraisers.

For TRUE, the most critical factors in achieving health are those that benefit the mind and body.

When asked which charities were most dear to TRUE President and Founder Frank Trulaske, he named Selah Freedom and The Little Bit Foundation. We encourage you to investigate their effects on the health of young men and women.

How Much Is True Fitness Membership

Participation Fee: It costs $900 for two years of access or is accessible month-to-month.

Dues are $118 per month for access to just one gym or $133 per month for all eight locations if you sign up for a full two years.

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True Fitness

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TRUE fitness treadmill

The bedrock of the TRUE system. Since 1981, we’ve been dedicated to creating innovative, cutting-edge designs for home treadmills that provide the most excellent possible user experience. 

True treadmills are durable, long-lasting, and provide user-friendly designs that make even the most strenuous exercises seem like a breeze.

One of our home treadmills’ best features is their versatility. Customers have reported using and putting their treadmills in the following locations:

  • There is a treadmill in their home gym.
  • An Exercise Machine for the Basement.
  • A treadmill for their basement gym
  • And much more.

If you have a treadmill at home, where do you store it?

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