The Cursed Food That Will Bring You Good Luck!

What is cursed food?

Let us first tell you about the foodstuffs which are considered to be cursed food, a cursed food is one that has a lot of negative karma associated with it. These are basically the foodstuffs that have to be replaced because the owners are too poor or whatever.

Here are the most cursed foodstuffs

Chocolate –

The food is considered a curse food because chocolate is a sticky food and is sticky in nature. The users of the chocolate are likely to be adversely affected because the chocolate is also bad for their health.

According to mythology, in the curse of the gods, for the chocolate, it was written that the sinful use of this dessert will bring them bad luck.

Aspen Leaf –

It is a severe curse on the Aspen tree because of its growing nature.

The Cursed Food that will bring your good luck!

As most of you know, I am a vegetarian. This means the only kind of foods I can eat are those that come from the animal kingdom. And you know what happens when you eat something that comes from the animal kingdom? It comes from the animal kingdom. This means you can expect a crazy amount of meat in every meal. And if you think about it, the humans and the animals are living in the same jungle, so how come I’m a vegetarian and you are eating some meaty thing here and some kind of edible insect there?

Now, just because I am a vegetarian, does not mean I will eat things that I can still enjoy, don’t get me wrong.

cursed food

Conclusion of cursed food

I’d like to end with a beautiful quote from Madame Blavatsky. “Doubt is an illusion, confidence is a lie.” After spending 6 days in Venice I found this quote from Madame Blavatsky very fitting.

The trip was wonderful and yet, I had so many moments that I questioned the sanity of my decision to go there and at times, did not believe it was all real. Why does any person, but myself, have the need to question whether or not they can actually go somewhere or do something.

Why can’t we just believe that if we want something bad enough, then we can make it happen?

Last word: If two individuals were shanghaied to the lunar surface and one committed homicide upon the other through forceful application of a piece of stone would that not be morally reprehensible?

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