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Infirmary Health

Infirmary Health, the most prominent nonprofit healthcare provider in Alabama, was born out of a desire to guarantee that its neighbors have access to medical care.

Infirmary Health, with its award-winning medical facilities serving southern Alabama, is a premier Gulf Coast healthcare provider.

Regarding providing innovative and compassionate healthcare, Infirmary Health’s hospitals and acute care facilities in Mobile and Baldwin Counties have been acknowledged as national leaders.

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Dedicated to Your Life

Infirmary Health’s services are unique since it is the biggest nonprofit healthcare provider in Alabama.

Our goal is to provide LIFE-centered care to all of our patients. Infirmary Health’s fundamental principles of leadership, integrity, family and excellent service are encapsulated in this acronym.

Infirmary Health’s medical team provides more than therapy when you visit for an appointment.

Professionalism and compassion are hallmarks of the first-rate medical treatment you’ll get at our facility, which helps us realize our goal of becoming the region’s top healthcare provider.

A History of Infirmary Health

Mobile Infirmary was founded in 1896 as a community-based effort to offer healthcare services to the Mobile area.

Augusta Evans Wilson, a nationally recognized author in the late 1800s, was the driving force for the creation of the Mobile Infirmary.

Nevertheless, Wilson’s drive to build the Mobile Infirmary started with a $50,000 bond and a series of sewing circles, artisan bazaars, and pencil sales.

On October 21, 1910, Mobile Infirmary was inaugurated on Ann Street, north of Springhill Avenue, with 32 beds, a laboratory, and a cutting-edge operating room.

Volunteer efforts by a small number of committed ladies allowed this institution to serve Mobile for 42 years. But as WWII raged, the necessity for expanding community medical facilities became obvious.

Over $2 million was raised by religious leaders, community groups, and physicians to build a new institution.

On the former Oak Hill Golf Course’s 80-acre site, the new Mobile Infirmary had 285 beds. A nursing school was built across the street from the new hospital less than a decade later.

As the region’s healthcare leader, Mobile Infirmary now has a 681-bed facility and provides cutting-edge technological and medical services.

On the other hand, Mobile Infirmary is only the company’s mascot.

The Infirmary Health system has evolved from a single facility in Mobile to a network of over 60 physician clinics spread throughout four acute care hospitals, three post-acute institutions, and two freestanding emergency departments with several affiliations and diagnostic imaging labs.

Southern Alabama and Mississippi’s George County are served by Infirmary Health, the state’s most prominent nonprofit healthcare organization.

Infirmary Health sees more than 1.4 million patients annually because of its sizeable medical team of more than 700 physicians and 6,100 other staff members.

After 110 years, Infirmary Health is still devoted to improving community health via relationships with local communities and yearly philanthropic financing for community activities.

Our Commitment to You

Infirmary Health utilizes cutting-edge technology, comprehensive treatment, and high-quality care standards to ensure that our patients get the best possible healthcare.

As Alabama’s biggest nonprofit healthcare provider, it is our purpose to put our patients’ lives first and become the region’s top healthcare provider of choice.

Allow us to assist you and your loved ones in achieving optimal health.

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Infirmary Health

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Infirmary Health careers

You’re Right at Home.

Infirmary Health is the place to be if you want to work with some of the most excellent doctors in the country.

Infirmary Health, which has more than 6,100 workers, provides a friendly and stimulating work environment and outstanding benefits.

Our mission at Infirmary Health is to be the first choice for healthcare on the Gulf Coast by providing the highest level of care and professionalism to every one of our patients.

We can’t do it without everyone on our team, however. Infirmary Health’s success and the well-being of our patients depend on every team member.

Working with Infirmary Health allows you to improve your professional and personal life while securing a secure financial future for you and your loved ones, all while earning a respectable wage.

The Benefits of Working for Infirmary Health

To give our patients the most excellent possible treatment, we must first look out for the well-being of our personnel.

Working with Infirmary Health may help you and your family prosper by offering a competitive income and benefits package.

When it comes to compensation, we aren’t merely concerned with the financial well-being of our workers.

That is why we provide a wide variety of services and programs aimed at helping you develop in your profession and improve your overall well-being.

A full-service pharmacy for employees is another perk of working at Infirmary Health.

Fast medication delivery and mail order service are available to personnel and their families at the pharmacy located in the Mobile Infirmary.

Infirmary Health employee benefits

Salary and Benefits for Residents

Residents at Infirmary Health are compensated by our basic principles of putting patients first and ensuring their success.

For the year 2021, the following figures have been calculated:

  •  $54,080 for the first postgraduate year
  • $55,700 for the second year of postgraduate study
  • 3rd year of postgraduate study 57,400 $
  • 4th Year of Postgraduate Study: $59,100
  • $60,900 for the 5th year of postgraduate study

There will be periodic salary reviews to keep salaries comparable to those in the southern area.

  • $250 each year for books, supplies, and technology.
  • Replacements for lab coats might cost up to $50 each year.
  • Free Parking: Both facilities are within walking distance.
  • Meals: Our cafeterias provide meals at a reduced cost.
  • Board Certification Review Course: A $1,000 grant is offered for category residents in their third year of study.
  • Another travel reimbursement may be offered for residents who are asked to speak or compete at conferences and for other educational activities mandated by their employer. All travel must be pre-approved by Infirmary Health before it may take place.
  • In the ETO program, employees get compensated for time off. Every pay period, ETO hours are accrued and available for usage. Residents will be paid for a payroll year in terms of 22 calendars (8-hour days).
  • As a resident, you are entitled to professional liability coverage. Infirmary Health provides professional and general liability insurance coverage for $1,000,000 per claim and $3,000,000 aggregate.
  • Alabama Controlled Substances Certificate and DEA registration expenses for required residents will be reimbursed (Internal Medicine and General Surgery).


  • Two PPO medical alternatives are available and managed by the VIVA PPO Network and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama network for Infirmary Health (IH) Health Plan. In both programs, a group of doctors known as the Infirmary Physician Alliance works to lower office copays. It is estimated that IH covers around 75% of the insurance cost for residents. You’re eligible for health insurance if you’ve worked for a company for 30 days.
  • As part of the health insurance plan, prescription medication coverage is included. Participants of IH may save money on their prescription medication costs because of the availability of on-site pharmacies.
  • A Premium Comprehensive Plan and a Basic Preventive Plan are available from IH, which provides two dental plans, and BlueCross and Blue Shield of Alabama administers both programs. You’re eligible for health insurance if you’ve worked for a company for 30 days.
  • It is possible to get coverage for one’s eyesight. You’re eligible for health insurance if you’ve worked for a company for 30 days.
  • Employee assistance program (EAP): All benefit-eligible workers and their families get five free counseling sessions for each problem. EAP may assist with various concerns, such as marital/family/relationship troubles, stress and emotional issues, and financial and legal referrals.
  • Supplemental life insurance for employees: based on a person’s age. Protection of up to three times the annual pay. You may also purchase additional life insurance policies if you have a spouse or children.
  • Life insurance supplied by your employer: You have no additional expense. Protection is equivalent to one-and-a-half times the annual pay. There may be a need for proof of insurance. You’re eligible for health insurance if you’ve worked for a company for 30 days.
  • Flexible spending account for medical expenses: No out-of-pocket expenses, only donations. A maximum of $2,700 each year. You’re eligible for health insurance if you’ve worked for a company for 30 days.
  • Daycare for the dependents A flexible spending account costs nothing but your own money. There is a maximum annual limit of $5,000 ($2,500 if married, filing separately).
  • IH gives a primary benefit of 60% of the base salary for short-term incapacity. After six months of continuous benefit-eligible status, coverage starts on the first of the month, and there is an option for an additional 70 percent of income coverage.
  • Long-term disability coverage given by the employer: IH offers a 60 percent monthly payment after 180 days of absence due to a certified disability. Your coverage starts on the first of the month when you’ve been eligible for benefits for an entire year.
  • In the event of the loss of a close family member, IH offers two weeks of bereavement leave.
  • Hospital indemnity, critical sickness, accident, and whole-life insurance may all be obtained via UNUM on an as-needed basis (costs vary according to the benefit chosen).
  • Your contributions to a 401(k) plan are the only expenses. IH will match your savings dollar-for-dollar, up to a maximum of 6% of your contributions, with a commitment of $.50. After one year of service, a person is eligible to participate in the IH match. Prudential Retirement Services administers the plan.
  • Employee discount program: IH is pleased to provide employee discounts and buying power via Carestream and Emfuze’s iSAVE program in recognition of your hard work and devotion.
  • Participation in iHEALTHY’s wellness program offers members the skills and activities they need to enhance their health. In addition, health insurance costs are waived for participants.
  • Exercise equipment and swimming pools are available at IH’s on-site fitness centers. On the campuses of Mobile Infirmary, Thomas Hospital, and North Baldwin Infirmary, you may find locations. You may take advantage of reduced pricing.
  • With the help of a health care provider, you may get treatment for colds and flu as well as sinus infections and sore throats at no cost to you. Employee Health at Mobile Infirmary and Thomas Hospital is easily accessible.

Employees and their families of Infirmary Health are members of the infirmary federal credit union, which offers various banking and financial services.

These benefits are taxed on a pre-tax and post-tax basis, respectively. Prepaying your insurance premiums reduces your taxable income on all levels: federal, state, and social security.

You may only change your insurance coverage if you pay your premiums pre-tax, and you do it during Open Enrollment or 30 days after experiencing a Qualified Family Status Change.

Not a contract here! For additional information, see the IH website. Provisions in insurance contracts and associated Plan Documents apply to all services. When it comes to Plan coverage, IH has the last say.

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