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About Texas family fitness

Beginners and seasoned athletes alike will find something to love about the Texas Family fitness center. “To deliver an affordable, first-class exercise solution in the communities we serve” is our mission statement. “
Our gyms are equipped with the latest technology and facilities to ensure that our members get the most out of their workouts.

We’re more than a gym; we’re a resource for healthy living. Group, team and one-on-one training are among the options we provide to our clients. To help you attain your fitness objectives, every day, we put in the time and effort. Get active, find your inner strength, and include nutrition in your workout plan with our support.

Our fitness facilities offer a range of courses as part of our commitment to being the ideal fit for your family. In addition, we provide a Kids Club to make time for yourself.

Texas Family Fitness places a high value on offering high-quality facilities at reasonable costs. Our goal is for our members to End overpaying for services.

  • Begin to experience increased energy
  • Crash through stumbling blocks The whole family is welcome to attend.
  • Achievement of targets 
  • Jump-start your season!

We’re all in this together at Texas Family Fitness!

Texas family fitness

Associating Yourself with Us

Do I show up?

There are a variety of ways to join Texas Family Fitness. We may join in person at the local club, or we can do so online at our convenience by clicking on this link.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • At the time of registration, Texas Family Fitness and the member agree on the membership pricing.
  • Throughout the year, many promotions are offered. Take advantage of any discounts that may be offered.
  • Dues for Texas Family Fitness members may be increased at any moment by the company.

Per-Year Fee

My yearly fee is due by what date?

Texas Family Fitness has the option of charging an annual fee during the first 25 to 45 days of membership.

Every membership has the same yearly price.

  • It’s important to remember that the yearly charge, which is now $49.99 plus tax, is subject to change.
  • Membership at Texas Family Fitness is subject to an annual charge, which may be increased at any moment.
  • The price will be collected from the form of payment provided at the time of purchase.

Texas Family Fitness memberships do not include any additional “extra expenses.” Membership.

Option to Freeze

How can I put my membership on hold for a short period?

All of our subscriptions come with a “freeze” option.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • For the freeze duration, members will be charged $5 per month.
  • Members can remain frozen for up to six months out of a calendar year.
  • A freeze request form must be completed for every membership.
  • The 30-day billing policy applies to the Freeze Option.
  • All requests are processed within the parameters of the membership agreement (i.e., all dues are owed in the 30 days after a Freeze Option is processed).

Starting a Membership

How Much Does It Cost?

Starting a business has a hefty price tag.

The first and final month’s membership dues are paid when enrolling.

  • The “dues” are the monthly cost agreed upon between the member and Texas Family Fitness at the time of enrolment in the program.

Policy for Cancellation

How can I get rid of this subscription?

We make it easy for our users to terminate their subscriptions by providing two options. Cancellation must be made in person at the gym or by certified mail to the following address: P.O. Box 3525, Coppell, TX 75019.

Please bear in mind these points:

  • If a subscription is canceled within three days after purchase, the member will get a full refund.
  • Before the next payment date, we need a 30-day cancellation notice. If you don’t want to be charged for a certain month, you must cancel your membership 30 days before the bill date.
  • If you cancel in writing and send it to us by certified mail, we’ll use the date it was received. The date on the cancellation form filled out by the gym staff will be used if you cancel in the gym.
  • The member is responsible for all payments and monthly dues due, even if the notice period is more than 30 days.
  • The number of cancellation forms must match the number of members if the membership is a family account (i.e., five cancellation forms must be filled out if there are five members on an account).
  • Members may cancel their subscriptions even though their accounts are on “Freeze” if they choose to do so. After that period has passed, all charges must be paid within 30 days, or they’ll be forfeited.

Affiliation Contract

Do I have to sign anything when I make an appointment?

Texas Family Fitness offers both short- and long-term membership options.

  • Monthly membership costs are drawn from a credit card or bank account on file on a recurrent basis.
  • Texas Family Fitness retains the right to choose the amount and terms of payment of membership dues.
  • The initiation fee and monthly dues are non-refundable.
  • Texas Family Fitness has the right to determine the amount and terms of payment.
  • Term memberships are advantageous to those who are looking to save money. For a particular period, the term membership will have monthly dues that are predetermined. Month-to-month memberships are available beyond the first period.
  • There will be a list of all term memberships on the website. There is a “Recurring Payment” area marked with a specified number of months (i.e., 12 @) followed by the monthly membership fee, which means there are 12 monthly payments at the full price of the membership.

Texas family fitness

Club for children

What if I wish to bring my kid with me?

Texas Family Fitness has a Kids Club for children under 12 who live in your household. There is a charge for this service. Members are required to pay additional costs for child care, which may be paid either on a per-visit basis or by monthly EFT.

If you have any questions about the Kids Club, feel free to ask any team member. You can find out more about the club here.

In addition to the Family

What can I do if I add a family member to my membership?

Any core membership may be supplemented with a Family Add-on.

Remember this:

  • Fees are set at the time of registration by Texas Family Fitness and the member.
  • Dues for Family Add-on membership will be $19.99 per month (plus tax) if a primary member cancels and the Family Add-on membership remains valid.


Do you like assisting others in achieving their fitness objectives? Do you take pleasure in assisting families in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Do you want to get a head start on a long-term fitness goal? Take the next step and join our fitness family if you’re ready to be part of a winning team. Working in the fitness industry is more than a job; it’s a whole way of life for many people.

Texas Family Fitness is devoted to its members and employees since it is the fitness club of choice for many Texas families. When a new member joins one of our facilities, they’re entrusting their health and fitness to us.

This connection would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our team members, whose love of fitness drives our capacity to impact the lives of others positively. We’re expanding and searching for folks who like working hard and having fun!

All workers and job seekers at Texas Family Fitness are treated equally, regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, handicap, or genetics.


At Texas Family Fitness, we care about the well-being of the families that use our fitness clubs and our staff members. The fitness journey a new member embarks on with us begins when they sign up for one of our gyms. We can’t do what we do without our team members, whose dedication to health and fitness drives our capacity to impact others’ lives positively.

We are looking for folks that want to work hard and have fun while they’re doing it! Do you like assisting others in achieving their fitness objectives? Do you like assisting families in maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a unit? To join a winning team, you must first accept our invitation to become a member of our fitness family. It’s not just a career at Texas Family Fitness; it’s a way of life!

All workers and job seekers at Texas Family Fitness are treated equally, regardless of their race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, handicap, or genetics.

Services of Texas family fitness

Club for children

Are you a working parent who is unable to find time for yourself? We understand that you put your children first, but don’t forget about yourself! Our gym and daycare facility, Texas Family Fitness, is a one-stop shop for the whole family. Keeping your kids entertained while you work out is easy when using our Kids Club facilities.

Our indoor jungle gyms and kids’ movie theaters (available in certain locations) are sure to keep your youngsters entertained.

Don’t you have a nanny? That’s fine! So, you can prioritize “me” time, we provide a gym with daycare. All members of your family may enjoy Texas Family Fitness at a reasonable price.

A Huge Free Weights Facility.

We’ve got the best free weight area in the business! Find a program that will help you achieve your goals with the help of our experts.

A massive cardiology facility

Are you a treadmill sprinter or an elliptical machine fanatic? The greatest cardio equipment is right here, no matter your preference.

Exercising with a Group

Texas Family Fitness provides a wide range of courses due to our dedication to being the best FIT for your family. Our group fitness courses are a great way to meet new people and stay in shape while having a good time.

Training in a one-on-one setting

Our trainers have extensive experience working with people from various areas of life, and they are enthusiastic about their profession. Get a personal trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals and meet your schedule, habits, and physical condition. Take your fitness to a whole new level with this life-changing training program.

Regardless of your goals, exclusive personal training will motivate you to reach them!

There are several advantages to having your trainer:

  • Muscle building
  • Body sculpting
  • Stress reduction and anxiety management
  • Pain relief and post-injury training
  • Increasing self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Weight loss and fitness
  • Mind/body connection


Nutritional and dietary guidance is another service that we provide via our trainers. Begin your journey to a healthier self. Sign up for individual personal training now and make a significant difference in your health.

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