How To Cancel Snap Fitness Membership? And Get Money Back – 3 Steps To Follow

snap fitness

Snap Fitness, established in 2003 by Peter Taunton, is a health and fitness club that is privately owned and run. It is based out of the city of Chanhassen in Minnesota, USA.

Snap Fitness is owned by Lift Brands, which also owns and operates several other fitness and franchise businesses. Some examples of these companies include 9Round and YogaFit Studios, Insurgence and Steele Fitness, Kosama, and TRUMAV.

Snap Fitness has locations in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, The Philippines, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom, in addition to all 50 states in the United States.


It was in 2003 when Peter Taunton established Snap Fitness. Snap Fitness began offering franchise opportunities in 2004. New Zealand and Australian stores were added in 2009.

As of 2008, Snap Fitness has 910 locations in 46 states, serving 400,000 customers. And then, in 2012, Master Franchise Agreements were struck with India, Egypt, and Mexico.

The October 2014 signing of an Area Developer Agreement with TwentyTwo Yards Ltd. marked Snap Fitness’ entry into the British market.

Snap Fitness signed local Master Franchise Agreements in 2015 to open locations in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Georgia, and the Philippines.

The same year, Snap Fitness and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia entered a Master Franchise Agreement. In April 2016, Snap Fitness announced they had signed a massive development partnership with MSG Life Limited in the UK. The initial plan for MSG’s development in the UK included opening 30 Snap Fitness facilities; the new objective is to build 100 or more.

An Area Developer Agreement was inked for Ireland in August 2016. In October of 2016, Praveen Bhatnagar became the master franchisee for the United Arab Emirates.

As of the end of 2017, Snap Fitness has established partnerships in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Singapore territories.

In January 2019, Tim McGraw’s TRUMAV Signature Snap Fitness facility debuted in Nashville, Tennessee.

Snap Fitness Login


Snap Fitness Registration


How much is Snap Fitness per month UK?

Snap Fitness has 66 facilities in the United Kingdom and over 2,000 sites internationally, and they are all open around the clock, every day of the week. Concession memberships are available at several clubs for as little as £24.99 per month.

How much is Snap Fitness per week in NZ?

You can join Snap Fitness Wellington for 12 months for only $16.95 per week. However, a $1.49 direct debit charge is added to this pricing.

There is a $29 enrollment fee in addition to the $49 cost of a gym membership. The annual fee comes to $1036.88 ($19.94 each week).

snap fitness

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How do I quit Snap Fitness?

To terminate your membership, contact the club directly. You may cancel your membership by calling, emailing, or walking in when the club is open. The link will take you to a page with your local Snap Fitness club’s contact details and hours of operation.

Snap Fitness app

What does the Snap Fitness app do?

The Snap App provides a comprehensive wellness experience tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Access on-demand workouts, nutritional advice, mindfulness programs, healthy living recommendations, and more while keeping tabs on your in-and-out-of-the-gym efforts.

How do you book classes on Snap Fitness App?

Get the Snap Fitness app to schedule courses and track your workouts on the go.

Check your profile and membership status, see the newest goods and services, make a reservation, join a waitlist, buy a bundle of classes, and more, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

snap fitness

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Snap Fitness FAQs

Question: The Snap App

The Snap App is intended to improve your health and wellness experience as a whole by catering to your specific needs and preferences. We take a no-nonsense approach to help you form healthy routines that will last a lifetime and leave you feeling terrific.

Advantages of using the Snap App include:

  • A library of more than 1200 exercises available whenever you want*
  • Tailor-made meal plans and recipes to fit your lifestyle and nutritional needs
  • Material pertaining to meditating and being aware
  • Monitor development both in and out of the fitness center
  • Achievement pins and certificates to recognize hard work
  • Compatibility with Myzone and Google/Apple Health

*Only at certain establishments.


Exactly where do I go to start the membership process?

It’s important to note that each Snap Fitness location is separately owned and operated and, as such, offers a variety of membership plans at varying costs.

The best way to learn about a club’s membership choices and expenses is to visit one in person.

Do you mind me asking how much your subscriptions cost?

Each club is independently owned and maintained. Therefore membership fees may vary. Click here to locate a club in your area. Check out the price of the membership plan you’re interested in there.

How can I suspend my membership?

Life becomes hectic. That’s why we provide our users the option to put a hold on their membership.

Get in touch with the club you’re most conveniently located in, and a staff member will walk you through the steps and answer any questions you may have.

How can I resign from one club and join another?

Snap Fitness’s member login page is where new users may register, and existing users can request a transfer.

When my club membership was moved, why wasn’t I notified?

When you become a member of Snap Fitness, you have access to all of our facilities. Even if you originally joined a different club, your membership will be moved to the one you frequent the most and billed by that location.

How can I terminate my membership?

To put it simply, we’re sad to see you depart. Cancellation policies vary by state; see your Membership Agreement for details. No copy on hand?

To terminate your membership, contact the club directly. You may cancel your membership by calling, emailing, or walking in when the club is open.

The link will take you to a page with your local Snap Fitness club’s contact details and hours of operation.


How can I replace my lost key card?

We cover your bases! Getting a replacement card from your club is possible, generally for a small price. Call the club during regular business hours if you need a replacement membership card.

Can I, as a member, sometimes invite a guest or pay a little charge to do so?

We encourage you to bring along your BFFs (or Best Fitness Friends!) but require that they talk with a staff member to receive a guest permit and sign a release for their safety and the clubs.

Members will be charged for any guests who use their membership card without permission.

Where did the discrepancy in pricing come from between the website and the club?

Clubs may run promotions that are “in-club only” or “online only.” Please get in touch with a club near you to find out which deal is right for you.

Where can I go to change my credit card information?

Your local Snap Fitness location is the only place you can make or amend your membership’s billing information. You only need to locate the nearest club to contact its helpful members.

How can I make changes to my card on file?

Your club is glad to assist! Please get in touch with your local club during staffed hours to alter your account information.

Do you give discounts to the elderly, military, or businesses discounts?

Yes! Contact the club you are interested in joining for additional information. If you’re looking for the closest Snap Fitness, click here.

Personal Training

A personal trainer once asked me, “How do I get started?”

Snap Fitness gives its staff discounts on NASM certification exams for personal trainers. To enroll or for additional information, please email Joseph Miller at

In what time frame can one get a personal trainer’s certification?

While the specifics of each NASM course may differ, they are all designed to be studied independently. Those interested should reach out to Joseph Miller at

How much does personal trainer certification cost?

The price of personal trainer certification courses varies widely from one to the next, but Snap Fitness staff are eligible for a substantial discount. To inquire, please write to Joseph Miller at

When does my trainer certification expire, and what does it mean for me?

Personal trainers need to recertify every two years. Follow these NASM-provided instructions to recertify.

What is the salary range for a personal trainer at Snap Fitness?

This depends mainly on your client load, how much time you’re willing to put into personal training, and other variables. The decision is yours because you are your employer in the private training industry.

The Use of a Wearable Heart Rate Monitor

How much does the Myzone HRM cost?

Please speak with a team member for information on how much the Myzone Wearable Heart Rate Technology will cost at your local Snap Fitness.

What are the advantages of training with a heart rate monitor?

Using a heart rate monitor is a fantastic approach to keep tabs on your progress and lift your spirits.

With Myzone’s heart rate technology, you may work towards your objectives while using the technology and then evaluate your success in the Myzone app.

In addition, you and your club may compete in Myzone challenges for exclusive rewards!

What if I don’t want to wear my Myzone while working out?

Your Myzone gadgets are entirely optional. Putting your electronics on while you’re active will allow you to record and revel in every step you take.

Our Guarantee

The Money-Back Guarantee means precisely what it sounds like.

At Snap Exercise, we recognize that the essential part of joining a club is how fitness makes you feel.

We’re so convinced you’ll enjoy our fitness facilities that if you join for full membership and don’t notice an improvement in your physical and emotional wellness within 30 days, the club will reimburse your membership dues and access card costs.

You must have a fitness exam with Club personnel and work out at the club at least twice weekly for four weeks to qualify for a refund. Tans, personal trainer sessions, concessions, and retail purchases are not refundable.

Do I need a full membership to qualify for the Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! Those who have subscribed to the entire membership may take advantage of the money-back guarantee.

You must have a fitness exam with Club personnel and work out at the club at least twice weekly for four weeks to qualify for a refund. Tans, personal trainer sessions, concessions, and retail purchases are not refundable.

Corporate Wellness

Just what is a company’s wellness program?

Snap Fitness’s Corporate Wellness Program helps companies foster a culture where workers value and make time for physical activity.

Through our corporate wellness program, businesses may provide their staff unlimited use of all Snap Fitness facilities, anytime, day or night. Explore our Corporate Wellness website for further information.

Just what can you expect from a company’s wellness program?

We provide all the marketing and communication materials you’ll need, subsidized employee registration costs, employee reimbursement based on attendance, and more for our corporate wellness program.

What are the advantages of participating in the Snap Fitness Corporate Wellness Program?

It shows when you invest in your workers’ health and future through a corporate wellness program. Healthier and happier workers may result from a program that motivates workers to put health and fitness first.


Can I get a job at Snap Fitness?

Snap Exercise is constantly looking for enthusiastic, self-motivated, and friendly people who are serious about making a difference through fitness.

Do you want to find out more? Consider reviewing our available positions.

So how can I apply for a job at Snap Fitness?

View available positions here. Open positions range from customer service representatives to certified personal trainers, and we have vacancies in clubs worldwide.

When working at Snap Fitness, what pay can I expect to make?

There is a range of competitive wage options available for each role. If you need more information, you may contact Snap Fitness’s main office or speak with a member of the Snap Fitness staff in your area.

Contact Us

Who should I speak with if I want to learn more about opening my own Snap Fitness center?

Are you prepared to take charge of your workout group? Complete this form, and a franchise consultant will contact you soon with further details.

So how can I get in touch with my club?

There is nothing that can’t be solved by consulting your club’s staff. If you visit their club page on our website, you’ll find contact information there. Click here to locate your local club.

Can you tell me how to get in touch with the worldwide headquarters?

Visit our contact page to contact our media team, vendors, and more. Additionally, a contact form is provided for your convenience.

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