Simple health Reviews: Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple health

Simple health is a monthly telemedicine birth control subscription service. After finishing a virtual consultation, you’ll be able to tell the Simple Health medical staff about your medical history and birth control choices.

A kind of birth control is then selected based on your requirements. The first appointment costs $20, and most insurance policies cover most birth control options. ‘ The average monthly cost for those without health insurance is $15.

Birth control is provided monthly, eliminating the pharmaceutical middleman.

More than 120 generic and brand-name birth control alternatives are available via Simple Health. You may go for a pill, patch, or ring, depending on your needs.

It may take a few attempts to find the right birth control pill for you, so keep in touch with the staff at Simple Health, who are always ready to help.

Supplements for women’s reproductive health may also be purchased from Simple Health, in addition to birth control. This month-to-month delivery service contains a multivitamin, a urinary tract support supplement, and a probiotic supplement.

Simple health advantages and disadvantages


  • Affordable: In most cases, birth control is covered by insurance. The cheapest kind of birth control is $7 a month if you don’t have health insurance.
  • Convenient: You don’t have to travel to the pharmacy and risk missing your medication if you forget to reorder with Simple Health’s home delivery option.
  • Professional: Before prescribing a birth control method, doctors at Simple Health take your medical history and current requirements into account.
  • Refundable: The first consultation cost is returned if you have a problem with the medication or decide not to continue.
  • The best of the best: More than 4,000 consumers have given Simple Health a rating of 4.59 out of 5, with the vast majority considering the product excellent.


  • A yearly subscription fee. Simple health has a $20 annual subscription, but it’s not too expensive.
  • A lack of consistency in the level of customer service provided. Some customers who experienced concerns with birth control said that customer care was difficult to reach.
  • Changes to the product Several reviews have claimed that their birth control unexpectedly altered after a few months of use.

Does Simple Health fit your needs?

This is an excellent alternative for folks who want to simplify their birth control delivery.

Refilling birth control prescriptions on time may be a problem for many women who use methods like the pill. You may have to start from scratch if you don’t get a new supply.

Your contraceptive technique will always be at your fingertips with the monthly delivery of Simple Health.

Even while Simple Health offers a variety of birth control choices, anyone seeking an intrauterine device (IUD) or an injectable hormone contraceptive will be disappointed.

In addition to providing inexpensive birth control and a doctor’s advice, Simple Health is an excellent choice for those who do not have insurance.

How Simple health works

After signing up for Simple Health, the onboarding process will assist you in discovering the correct medication. You may anticipate the following:

  1. Your medical history and preferred birth control methods must be completed before the session. After that, you’ll have a virtual consultation with a doctor to discuss your preferences for birth control methods that are both safe and effective.
  2. You will need to provide your payment information for the consultation and birth control.
  3. You’ll get a letter in the mail, including your prescription information.
  4. Refills for your birth control method will be sent directly to your door if you have a current prescription. You may also contact the staff if you have any questions or want to change your birth control method.

Pricing and Insurance

Patients new to the practice pay a $20 consultation fee to meet with a physician and provide a detailed medical history.

Most insurance plans usually cover birth control. On average, those who do not have insurance spend $15 a month.

An annual consultation, unrestricted access to physicians, free delivery, no contracts, 45-day check-in, customer assistance, and more are all included in Simple Health’s $20 subscription cost.

Simple health

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Is Simple Health for you?

Regular birth control is a must for many individuals, which is why Simple Health was created.

Because their membership automatically renews, it is an easy method for people to get birth control. This may be a problem for people who have trouble getting their medications filled on time.

Simple health does not need a person to have previously used birth control to purchase. The company’s physicians may advise on the best approach for them if they aren’t familiar with birth control.

Who is unable to use Simple Health?

A questionnaire regarding a person’s medical history and preferences is required before placing an order with Simple Health. It is up to a doctor to determine whether a patient’s medical history prevents them from using specific birth control tablets.

Aside from the existing 32 states, Simple Health wants to expand to new conditions.

A person under 13 is generally not allowed to order via Simple Health. However, the minimum age varies from state to state, and simple Health services are available to anyone who meet the eligibility requirements.

How to sign up for Simple Health

To enroll in Simple Health, a person has to complete these steps:

  • Individuals begin by filling out a questionnaire about their medical history and preferences for birth control.
  • A professional doctor will assess the questionnaire within 72 hours of the individual submitting their comments. If necessary, this doctor may give the patient the preferred form of birth control or provide suggestions for one.
  • Once a doctor has approved a prescription, a patient may enter their chosen form of payment. The payment includes a $15 consultation charge and the first payment for birth control.
  • If you need a prescription sent to your house, Simple Health can do it at no cost. Drugs are shipped in discrete packaging by the firm.
  • Replenishment will occur automatically if needed. Messages may be sent to the doctor who prescribed the medication at any time.

Products and services from Simple Health

In addition to birth control, Simple Health also provides a variety of other items.

Birth control

According to their website, they do not carry any particular brands or types of medication. Contraceptive pills, rings, and patches are supposedly available.

Branded and generic medications are available via Simple Health, and the reason for this is that health insurance providers cover only generic versions of specific drugs. Be aware that the generic form of medicine may not always be available at Simple Health’s pharmacy.


Simple health also offers five additional supplements in addition to birth control. According to the manufacturer, these medicines were developed in collaboration with physicians.

These add-ons feature:

  • Vitamin D, B2, B6, B12, folate, magnesium, and zinc are included in the Daily 5 multivitamin. The monthly cost of this supplement is $20.
  • Sexually active men and women who suffer from recurrent urinary tract infections might benefit from a cranberry extract explicitly marketed for this purpose. It has a $15 monthly fee.
  • In addition to supporting female reproductive Health, Digestive Health, and the immune system, this supplement is designed to alleviate bloating and constipation. The monthly fee is $25.
  • Taking a $30 monthly multivitamin to assist your health before and throughout pregnancy is the goal of the Prenatal Multivitamin.
  • Sleep Restore: This supplement costs $25 a month and is designed to help individuals fall and remain asleep.


A patient must pay the doctor a $15 consultation fee, a yearly expense, in exchange for joining up.

Health insurance plans may cover contraception. Almost every major insurance company, including Medicaid, is accepted by Simple Health, and individuals may enter their insurance information after registering.

How much does birth control cost without insurance?

If you don’t have health insurance, birth control may cost as little as $7 a month, according to Simple Health. According to the firm, customers who don’t have health insurance will be helped to discover a payment option that fits their budget.

Simple Privacy and health safety

Doctors working at Simple Health are licensed to practice medicine in the states where they are based. Birth control cannot be purchased without a doctor’s prescription from the firm.

Data will not be shared with other parties, according to Simple Health, which promises to adhere to rigorous privacy rules.

According to the company, a person’s insurance provider and partnered pharmacies are the only ones who have access to their personal information.

Frequently asked questions

What if my birth control isn’t working correctly?

Simple health understands that it sometimes takes a few attempts when find the best birth control.

If you’re looking for a practical kind of birth control, the firm has more than 120 options.

A virtual healthcare practitioner and customer service are available to answer any questions or make any required modifications to your prescription as part of the company’s commitment to ongoing care.

You can contact the Simple Health team anytime if you have any questions or concerns.

When it comes to birth control, how can I know which technique is best for me?

Oral contraceptives, patches, and rings are all options. Based on your lifestyle and requirements, the medical staff will help you choose the best option for you.

If you don’t want to take a pill every day, the patch and ring techniques are fantastic possibilities. They’re used for three weeks straightTrusted Source, while the drug has to be used daily to work.

Why wouldn’t I go to my regular doctor if I had insurance?

Convenience is a significant selling point for Simple Health. In most cases, a prescription for birth control must be picked up at the pharmacy monthly or bi-weekly.

Then there’s the hassle of going back and forth to the doctor to switch birth control methods until you finally discover one that works.

Simple health’s virtual platform makes it easy to contact your medical team and have your prescription mailed to you if anything isn’t functioning correctly.

Is the packaging of Simple Health discreet?

Simple Health ships its birth control in discrete packaging, as stated on the website’s frequently asked questions page. “Packages are sent in a standard envelope or box,” the company claims.

The packaging has no graphics or trademarks on it. Our partner pharmacy, shown on the return address, provides prescriptions for various drugs.


Simple health was founded on the belief that everyone, regardless of insurance or financial situation, has the right to have access to birth control.

Check out Simple Health’s entire selection of alternatives before deciding how to manage your monthly contraception access without having to visit a drugstore.

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