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SF Fitness

SF FITNESS is a chain of San Francisco-area fitness clubs run by a local family. You may find us in Marin and Oakland and San Francisco’s Castro district, Embarcadero neighborhood, and Fillmore neighborhood.

Cost of getting started: No money upfront means a higher monthly rate; alternatively, you may spend less money upfront and have a reduced monthly rate.

Cost per month: You’ll pay $79.95 per month if you don’t pay an initiation charge, $69.95 per month if you pay a $99 starting cost, and $59.95 per month if you pay a $199 initiation price.

Extras/Add-Ons: Families may pay $59.95 to add a second member. Additionally, you may get a three-month subscription for $219, a 6-month membership for $379, or a one-year pre-paid membership for $699 (which saves you $100).

Classes: All-day long, each gym has a full schedule of courses, from spinning to yoga to Zumba to Bodypump.

This is what you’ll get: You’ll find the essentials like cardio and weight equipment, free towels, and group fitness sessions at all of our locations.

In addition, the Castro and SoMa clubs include juice bars. The 25-yard pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room, and spa at the Fillmore are just a few amenities available.

Locations: SF Fitness has four city locations: the Castro, the Fillmore, the Mid Market, and the SoMa.

Suitable for: All those looking for a high-quality gym with inspiring classes, high-end equipment (such ellipticals with personal TVs), and top-quality free weights and machines.

SF Fitness

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Is Personal Training only for beginners?

People of all skill levels may benefit from personal training. Getting used to working out at a gym, acquiring correct techniques, and creating good habits are all facilitated by this program.

Personal training may help you break through a plateau or lose that final percentage of body fat if you are an intermediate or expert fitness fanatic. The world’s finest athletes rely on coaches to keep them focused on their goals.

A FIT session is what? Also, how can I arrange for my free FIT session?

Personal training suited to your specific needs is provided free of charge in the FIT session. Training in such diverse areas as one-on-one yoga and pilates, bodybuilding and powerlifting, and Olympic lifting is all part of what our trainers do.

Use the Contact Us page and choose the gym you want to train at OR simply swing by and ask to speak with the Fitness Director to arrange your free FIT Session. They’ll do their best to find you the right trainer for you.

How can I get in touch with a trainer?

There are two ways to get in touch with us: You may use the Contact Us page and pick the gym you’d like to train at or simply walk in and chat with the Fitness Director.

Cancellation and refund policies for Personal Training?

SF FITNESS is the exclusive provider of all personal training services; no one client works with more than one individual trainer. Unless otherwise specified, all prepayments are final and non-transferable.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice may result in fees. All transactions are final, and prices are subject to change without notice.

SF Fitness

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How do I cancel or freeze my membership?

Cancellation: The Subscription Department will send you a confirmation when you send an email to cancel@fitnesssf.com to end your membership.

Please give us at least a 15-day notice if you need to cancel your reservation.

Freeze: Up to three consecutive months of freezes are free of charge, but they may only be frozen in increments of 30 days within a calendar year. To prolong the 90-day freeze, members may pay $20.00 each month for their membership.

If you reactivate your account before your planned “return date.” Retroactive Freezes are strictly prohibited in this game.

A “FREEZE” request must be sent to freeze@fitnesssf.com before commencing the “FREEZE” period. FITNESS SF’s gyms and digital services are off-limits to members during the “FREEZE” period. Once the account has been frozen, the member will be notified.

The freeze request has not been fulfilled if the member does not get a confirmation email. Before the “FREEZE” time, a “FREEZE” must be performed.

How can I upgrade to All Gym Access?

Send an email to membership@fitnesssf.com to request an upgrade to your membership level. If you have them, please provide your Full Name and Member Number.

Can I update my billing information?

You may do this through the SF FITNESS Mobile App or in-person with our Front Desk personnel.

In what ways may I track my data?

The  SF FITNESS Mobile App allows you to see your check-in history.

Exactly how can I sign up for the Group X Class sessions?

Livestream Classes: There is no need to register in advance. In our app/portal, you may see our Livestream class schedule.

In-Person Classes: All indoor group classes have been canceled because of the current state and local regulations. All of our Group Classes will be first-come, first-served whenever we restart. There is no need to register in advance.

Is it possible for me to visit the gym before I decide to join?

Yes, you may try us out for free for one day. Send us a message by completing the form on our Contact Us page.

Is there a minimum age to join or test out the gym??

Yes. At least 18 or 14 years old with parental approval is required to join.

Is there a parking lot?

YES. Many Fitness San Francisco locations provide free parking. Bring a picture ID and your license plate number to our front desk once you’ve signed up as a member to get a parking sticker.

Who should I contact if my firm is interested in a Corporate Wellness Program??

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we have several corporate clients. Contact us at corporatewellness@fitnesssf.com if your business would like to help fund the memberships of your workers in part or in whole.

How can I access my SF FITNESS membership?

Let us know how you like it. We also have an Online Member Portal where you may log in from any computer browser.

Is the App going to cost me anything?

All of the SF FITNESS  app features may be accessed by members. For items and services supplied via the App, you will be charged if you opt to engage with one of our Fitness Professionals directly.

How can I get my login and password?

When you join SF FITNESS, you’ll be sent a password-setting email. We have your email address on file as your username. As a last resort, you may click “forgot password” and enter the email address on file with us to reset your password.

SF Fitness

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When it comes to iOS and Android, what are the system requirements?

Android 6.0 or newer required

To find out what version of Android is on your smartphone, go to:

  • Go to the Settings App on your smartphone.
  • Then choose either “About Phone” or “About Device” to learn more about the device.
  • To see your Android version, tap Android Version.

iOS 11 and above

To see what operating system version is currently installed on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps:
– Select Settings > General > About from the menu.

What should I do if I can’t remember my login information?

To reset your password, if you’ve forgotten it, click here.

How can I make a payment or make changes to my billing information?

Log into your account and click on Profile > Billing Information > Update Payment Method to make changes to your billing information. Go to Profile > Billing Information > Make a Payment to make a payment. Please keep in mind that your payment may take up to 24 hours to complete and post to your account.

In what ways may I change or update my personal data?

Please contact us if you’d like to change your personal information.

Please tell me how I may get my financial data.

Profile > Statements & Transactions > Download Statement is where you’ll see your statements. To see a certain month, you’ll have to make a selection.

How do I keep track of all of my future training events as a trainer?

When you log in to your account, the “Home” area or the “Training” section will display any scheduled training sessions.

When attending group x lessons in person or online, do I need to make a reservation?

No, all courses are now first-come, first-served in nature.

A virtual training session with my coach is in the works. What do I need to do to connect?
The “Home” area of the App/Portal will display all forthcoming training sessions. Enter a private conversation with your tutor by clicking on a camera icon at your scheduled time.

Do I have any more training sessions to complete?

Profile > Training Packages will display any unused training sessions.

In what ways can I customize my alerts?

Profile > Notification Settings is where you can see or change your alerts. You have the option of turning on or off certain alerts.

“Workouts” is referred to as what?

An interactive, real-time audio and video exercise and plan produced and selected by FITNESS San Francisco will soon be available via PEAR Sports.

What is the “Nutrition” component of the App?

SF FITNESS  and EatLove have teamed together to provide you with individualized meal planning and coaching so that you may establish healthy eating habits that last a lifetime.

Easy-to-follow recipes and restaurant picks are available based on your preferences, shopping lists, and even grocery delivery.

What is the “On Demand” area of the menu?

It is now possible to work out anywhere you want, with a range of on-demand programs from  SF FITNESS and Les Mills. Involving everything from weightlifting to HIIT to dance to flexibility exercises.

How can I report a fault?

Go to “Profile” > “Contact Us” to get in touch. If you have any further questions, please contact us on our website. Message us at any time.

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