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About Scan Health Plan

A Medicare Advantage health maintenance organization (HMO), SCAN Health Plan (SCAN) is situated in Long Beach, California, and is not for profit.

Founded in 1977, they presently serve more than 200,000 Medicare participants in California.

Their Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan is one of the most influential non-profit Medicare Advantage programs in the United States.

Long Beach, California’s senior activists banded together to enhance access to the care and services they required to be as self-sufficient as possible.

Formed a non-profit organization called the Senior Care Action Network (SCAN), which brings together professionals in medical, psychiatry, and social services.

Today, SCAN ensures the health and well-being of more elderly people in more locations than ever before.

Californians with SCAN Health Plan, SCAN Desert Health Plan, or SCAN Health Plan (Nevada) Medicare Advantage coverage are covered by an award-winning Medicare Advantage plan.

Independence at Home, a SCAN community program, offers essential services and assistance to seniors and their carers, regardless of insurance coverage.

This mission-driven company is introducing innovative methods of delivering evidence-based, patient-centered care to older persons. SCAN Group is the parent organization of SCAN.

In the beginning

During the late 1970s, when a group of senior activists joined forces with city officials to make healthcare services for Long Beach’s rapidly increasing elderly population more accessible, more interconnected, and more affordable, SCAN was instrumental in helping to implement a significant shift in healthcare.

The Long Beach Department of Senior Citizen Affairs and a group of 12 senior citizens from the city’s most active and recognized groups for the elderly were involved in this group.

USC assisted them in developing a new and enhanced healthcare system plan together. This system united the city’s many social service organizations and medical providers into a community-based organization, allowing the elderly to receive more affordable care and services.

The USC team’s plan was the inspiration for creating the Senior Care Action Network, or SCAN. In the beginning, the network was known as the Long Beach Geriatric Healthcare Council before being renamed SCAN.)

Each senior’s requirements were assessed individually and coordinated with local agencies, community providers, and hospitals to provide particular social services and medical care via a network of local agencies, community organizations, and hospitals.

SCAN Health Plan Provider Portal

By introducing a new Provider Portal, SCAN has improved its online presence and enhanced its operational efficiency. Providers may now self-register and have access to the site immediately.

After 90 days of inactivity, your Provider Portal account will be deleted. Contact the administrator of your organization’s portal to re-register.

Log into your account.

Contracted Providers of the SCAN Program

Your Portal Administrator can help you get access if you work for a SCAN-contracted medical group. Use the self-registration option instead.
These providers may use this site to get information about their members’ eligibility statuses as well as benefits, as well as to validate claims as well as access other helpful information.

Creating a New Account and User Manual

Non-Contracted Service Providers

To check on a member’s eligibility and benefits, verify claims, and access resources and tools, the SCAN Provider Portal is available to downstream providers that are not contracted with SCAN.

Creating a New Account and User Manual

SCAN Health Plan

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SCAN Health Plan payment

How do I pay?

You may choose from four options:

  • As well as via telephone. Please contact SCAN Member Services if you need to make a payment. To get in touch with Member Services, you may visit this page. Make sure you have your credit or debit card on hand to provide the Member Services agent with the necessary information.
  • Using the postal service. Please include the payment slip and your check, money order, or cashier’s check in the envelope with your bill.

Never, ever, ever mail cash.

Mail your money and the payment stub to the following address if you’ve misplaced the given envelope:

Los Angeles, CA 90051-7894: SCAN Health Plan P.O. Box 511339

Make sure to mention your account number on your payment for us to process it.

  • Online. The SCAN member site offers the option to make payments online (registration required). Click on “Payments,” then “Make a Payment,” and then “Continue” to complete the payment process.
  •  Services that charge you automatically. You may have your payment taken out of your checking/savings account, credit/debit card, or Social Security check.

Member Options at SCAN can help you enroll in SCAN’s auto-pay services. To get in touch with Member Services, you may visit this page. Alternatively, you may set up automatic payments on the (registration required).

Any Questions?

Try a search, Or give us a call at 800-559-3500, and we’ll help you out (TTY User: 711).

SCAN Health Plan

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SCAN Health Plan login

Your Member Account

SCAN Health Plan

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SCAN Health Plan careers

Search for Careers Opportunities

Program for Multipurpose Senior Services

California’s Multipurpose Senior Services Program picked SCAN in 1979 as one of eight locations (MSSP).

Elderly Medi-Cal beneficiaries in Long Beach may benefit from this program to keep them out of nursing homes by providing home-based care.

Independence at Home, a community program of SCAN, has assisted California’s most vulnerable seniors for the last 40 years as one of the state’s 62 MSSP locations.

Social HMO

Until 1983, SCAN was a little-known organization outside of the city of Long Beach, California.

After being selected as one of four locations throughout the country to test the Social Health Maintenance Organization (SHMO) demonstration program, that all changed.

An expansion of what SCAN was already doing (providing home-based services to help older people avoid or postpone nursing home placement) was achieved by introducing SHMO and providing healthcare coverage for Medicare enrollees.

SCAN was approved as a health plan in California in November 1984 under a three-and-a-half-year arrangement with the federal government.

After launching its Social HMO in March 1985, it started enrolling members. The SHMO demonstration project was extended by Congress five times until it was shut down in 2004.

Expansion and growth

SCAN’s membership increased by more than twofold between 1996 and 1998 as the organization expanded into three new counties in Southern California (Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino).

SCAN continued to operate as a Medicare Advantage plan when the government stopped the SHMO program, providing Medicare participants with additional healthcare coverage and services.

By 2007, SCAN has expanded to include the California counties of Ventura, Kern, San Diego, and the Arizona county of Maricopa.

Contra Costa, San Francisco, San Joaquin, and Santa Clara counties were added to SCAN’s Northern California market in 2010.

As of 2016, all activities in Arizona have been discontinued by the corporation. Napa and Sonoma counties were added to the company’s emphasis in California.

Care quality

An overall rating of 4.5 out of 5* was given to SCAN Health Plan in 2018. SCAN’s plans (excluding SCAN Healthy at Home, an HMO Special Needs Plan, and VillageHealth, an HMO-POS Special Needs Plan) are used to calculate the CMS 5-star Quality Rating System.

A 5-star rating system is used by Medicare to assess plans. A new set of star ratings is generated each year, and they might fluctuate from year to year.

Community Advantages

Long-term and personal care coordination for low-income elderly and functionally challenged individuals is provided through SCAN Health Plan’s community program, Independence at Home (IAH).

The Multipurpose Senior Services Program is the biggest of many county and state contract programs that offer this service.

A resource and referral line is also available to help seniors and their carers find the resources and assistance they need in the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

Individuals and organizations may use SCAN’s Volunteer Action for Aging (VAA) program to volunteer for one-time or recurring activities that help to connect isolated elders in their local community.

Grants and gifts are another way that SCAN gives back to the communities it serves. Senior support services, emergency funds, and nutrition are eligible for grants.

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