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San Ysidro Health Center

San Ysidro Health (formerly known as San Ysidro Health Center) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing family-centered, compassionate, easily accessible, and cost-effective health care.

To better the health and well-being of the communities we serve, San Ysidro Health strives to provide equal access to our services.

It was formed in 1969 by a group of seven mothers in need of medical care for their children near the Mexican border.

At present, San Ysidro Health serves more than 108,000 people in San Diego County through a vast and integrated network of 47 program sites, including medical and dental clinics, behavioral health centers (including HIV centers), WIC nutrition facilities (including mobile medical units), schools (including school-based health centers), chiropractic services, pediatric developmental clinics (for children and teens), and senior health centers (including a program that provides all-inclusive care) (PACE).

To honor our modest roots in the town where we were founded 51 years ago, we have redesigned our company to reflect this.

San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of day workers, farmers, and rural villages, inspired the community’s name. San Isidro’s every penny was given to those in need, even his meals, while he worked as a hired laborer.

The purpose of the organization, which is to promote the health and well-being of everyone in the communities we serve, particularly the most vulnerable in San Diego County, is guided by these principles of compassion and concern for others.

A primary objective of this rebranding effort is to make the organization’s cutting-edge healthcare services more easily identified, usable, and available to its many patients’ families.

Embracing these ideals every day is an honor and pleasure for us.

San Ysidro Health’s Specialty services include delivering medical, dental, and mental health care:

  • For medically fragile children who have special needs and are behaviorally challenged, the Children’s Dental Clinic provides dental treatment.
  • King-Chavez Health Center’s dental services for adults with special needs
  • San Ysidro Health Chula Vista’s urgent care services
  • Mi Clinica at Northgate Gonzalez Market – San Ysidro Health’s retail clinic

An accredited health center, San Ysidro Health, is also a designated institution under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

The federal government serves as the primary insurer of last resort. A more generous allocation of funds for health care expansion and quality improvement is made possible through the FTCA deeming process.

Medical malpractice claims and other health-related claims are exempt from the Federal Public Health Service (PHS) considered status because of the health center’s HHS financing and its insured patients.

San Ysidro Health Center

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San Ysidro Health Center appointment

The San Ysidro Health Patient Portal.

Joined the Health Portal already?

Log in to the patient portal.

New to the Patient Portal?

New User Registration

I have a token

Join the San Ysidro Health Patient Portal Now! ‘

You and your dependents/care managers must be present at the health center at the time of enrollment to ensure the privacy of all of our patients’ portal accounts and those of their caregivers.

Patients under the age of 17 and their legal guardians must be enrolled at one of our clinics. To join up, please let us know at your next visit if you are interested.

Users of the San Ysidro Patient Portal may have safe online access to health care records. This is a paperless system, and all patient data can be accessed online via the portal.

Please call 619-662-4100 if you need a printed document or want to cancel your patient portal account.

Consent to Use of Patient Portal

To get started, stop by any of our locations now!


What does the San Ysidro Health Patient Portal do?

Access your personal health information and contact your Care Team electronically via the San Ysidro Health Patient Portal. The following are some of the other advantages of the portal:

  • Personal or generic information may be accessed and requested.
  • Online access to service balances and payments is available.
  • Communicate with your physician and other members of your healthcare team.
  • In addition, there are educational resources for patients.
  • Make a refill request for your prescription.
  • Be notified by your doctor or care team of any communications or papers they have for you. Laboratory and radiological reports, referral letters, and patient plans are examples of these documents.
  • Email is never used to transmit sensitive medical data. Email issued from the doctor’s office link you to the San Ysidro Health Patient Portal to examine any messages they may have given you, which you may access by logging in to the patient portal.
  • The NextGen Patient Portal Healthcare APP for smartphones and tablets is now available for free download.

When in doubt, dial 911 or proceed to the local hospital. Do not use this website to get immediate medical attention.

Patient Portal How to

San Ysidro Health Center

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San Ysidro Health center Jobs

Make a living doing what you like, and you’ll enjoy what you’re doing!

We care deeply about our patients, our practice, and our team members.

What are the benefits of working with San Ysidro Health?

  • You’ll be able to give back to your community and be proud of what you’ve accomplished.
  • Join a company that recognizes, supports, and celebrates the uniqueness of its employees.
  • There are more than 1,200 people at the company, and you’ll be a part of a rapidly expanding operation.
  • Access to cutting-edge medical facilities, technology, and electronic health record systems (EMR/EHR) is guaranteed.

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Core Values of San Ysidro Health

We want to make San Ysidro Health the health care provider and employer of choice by providing excellent customer service. As a company, we live and work by core values that guide all we do.



Every time we deal with a client or employee, we are courteous and treat them with respect.


We are committed to providing the best possible service. We aim for quality and constant progress.

We think things through, take responsibility for our actions, aren’t afraid to confess when we’ve made a mistake, and work hard to fix them.


We conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity. We are committed to upholding the faith and confidence of everyone with whom we come into contact. We do what we say we’ll do.


We establish a safe work environment to instil responsibility and pride in our choices and actions.

Information in general

Deemed medical facility under the Federal Tort Claims Act, San Ysidro Health Services, Inc. No lawsuits may be brought against a certified health facility staff. The federal government mainly insures them.

San Ysidro Health Center phone number

+1 619-662-4100 (Official) 

San Ysidro Health Center

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San Ysidro Health Center address

San Ysidro Health

333 H Street, Suite 2080, Chula Vista, CA 91910

Monday – Sunday. 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

San Ysidro Health Center

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San Ysidro Health Center Locations


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