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Sameday Health

Sameday Health is dedicated to providing healthcare as a whole experience, not just as a service. Our goal is to provide healthcare focused on the individual patient by combining human interaction with nimble technology.

We provide quality, personalized treatment wherever you are in our clinics or at your home. Inspired by the lotus’s capacity to thrive in the most challenging environments, Same-day Health is determined to inspire optimism and support for our patients.

Sameday Health

Since the opening of our first Clinic in Venice, CA, at the peak of the Covid 19-pandemic, The Same-day team has been focusing on addressing the gaps in the healthcare system, from tests to wellness to healthcare.

In a commitment to respond immediately to the needs of our clients, We are now offering an expanded service of same-day health care in our facilities, which include LA, San Francisco, New York, Miami, DC, Boston, and many more.

Same-day Health serves its clients any time and anywhere it is suitable for them. Most of the time that means at home or on the same day.

The mission of Sameday health

Same day Testing’s aim is to offer rapid and reliable COVID-19 testing to all. We believe that speed of turnaround is crucial and will always concentrate on getting findings to customers in the shortest time possible.

We provide Rapid Antigen Tests (15-minute turnaround) and PCR tests through our lab that is CLIA certified (48 hours turn-around ).


Hours of operation

Monday through Sunday 8:00 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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Sameday health covid testing methodology

Same day Testing with Praesidium Diagnostics COVID testing on the same day. Same day Testing strives to turn this need into a fantastic experience. Fast, Easy, Convenient, Reliable, and Affordable. We provide testing solutions with the quickest turnaround time on the market at an affordable price and cost:

  • PCR Testing
  • CLIA-Certified Lab (99.9% accurate)
  • Results from 24 hours for $195. The billable amount is payable to an insurance
  • Results from 48 hours for $0 Covered by insurance
  • Travel certificates
  • Mid-nasal swab (not infected)
  • Convenient and digital procedure

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The second level is on the Southside at the South end of The Village parking garage by REI. Take the exit off of Erwin Street and proceed up the ramp.


Wednesday From 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sameday health covid vaccine strategy

Same day Testing, one of the leading COVID-19 testing services across the nation, has announced the official launch of its parent firm Sameday Health as the company advances its mission to expand faster than a virus and offer immediate and affordable care to everyone.

Sameday Health

Alongside developing its network with new testing facilities and locations, the company will start administering the COVID-19 vaccine and launch its home-based Concierge Service. Since its beginning in the fall of 2020, the Same day Testing has helped hundreds of COVID-19 tests across the country. The company’s test offerings are provided through Sameday Testing, a division of Same day Health.

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