How Much Is Rockbox Fitness Membership?

Rockbox Fitness

Group training, total-body exercises, and modern boxing combine at RockBox Fitness, a cutting-edge franchise. Our approach completely revolutionizes the fitness industry.

We take our products to the next level by using functional training and the “sweet science” to keep our members motivated.

The routine of attending Bootcamp or a circuit training session might get monotonous after a while. We don’t think that’s the best way to build a sustainable company or membership base.

Our regulars say we provide the ideal blend of challenging workouts, infectious camaraderie, inspirational programming, and tangible progress. Smack It Out!

How much is a RockBox fitness franchise?

The minimum net worth required to purchase a RockBox Fitness franchise is $300,000, and the minimum liquid money to make the purchase is $50,000. Potential franchisees should set aside $243,993 – $463,900.

To open a RockBox Fitness franchise, you’ll need to fork up $49,000. Veterans may get a discount on the first franchise price, and financing is an option.

The RockBox Fitness Advantage

  • Area Developer Program: Take advantage of multi-unit development’s steady income stream, royalty refunds, and generous incentives.
  • Continuous Assistance: Methods and resources for learning all aspects of running a company and making sales will help you succeed in all areas of your life.
  • Center for Managing the Acquisition of Members: We are the first fitness concept with a dedicated member acquisition center.
  • Process Focused on Outcomes: Product and business approaches that have already proven successful.

Rockbox Fitness

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How many locations does RockBox fitness have?

RockBox Fitness is excited to announce its impending debut in Florida. RockBox Fitness is a cutting-edge group fitness concept that blends boxing, kickboxing, and functional training in a high-energy setting.

Six RockBox Fitness studios will soon be open for business in the Greater Jacksonville and Greater Orlando areas, thanks to two multi-unit partnerships completed in recent months.

RockBox Fitness combines the high intensity of a fight club with the excitement of a nightclub and the thrill of concert lighting and sound. Members at RockBox Fitness vary from those utterly new to the sport to seasoned pros.

Yves and Jael Lamothe of Rockledge, Florida, were given territories in the Orlando region. The city will host two of the three spots.

The third will occur in Viera, Florida, a beach town located 50 miles north of Orlando and close to NASA Kennedy Space Center, where Yves is a senior project manager.

The former U.S. Marine and his wife each have strong resumes, but their combined work in sending rocket ships and humans into space stands out.

For Yves, “RockBox Fitness was a wonderful match for us” because of his interest in health and fitness and his 23 years of experience as a professional DJ. “

Jael and I know the importance of having a great playlist and a fun atmosphere. RockBox is a great way to include music into your workouts without feeling like work.

People get addicted because they associate it with both fun and fitness. As someone interested in fitness for as long as they can remember, it’s the perfect business for someone like me.

Ashland Kareddy and his business partners Varun Thummalapally, Gopal Kasarla, and Ajay Mupparaju were given three new territories in the Greater Jacksonville area.

Jacksonville Beach, Loretto, and Sampson will be home to their fitness studios. As a lifelong user of RockBox, Kareddy has decided it’s time to establish his user group.

Ashland exclaims, “We are happy to be among the first franchisees to expose Floridians to the ‘Fight Club Meets Night Club’ way of working out.

Nothing else in the fitness industry compares to RockBox Fitness. The health and lifestyle advantages our members receive after becoming addicted to our high-intensity exercises are a testament to the transformative power of this one-of-a-kind experience, which is unquestionably entertaining.

RockBox Fitness, founded in 2017, was developed to address the most common complaint about exercise programs.

At RockBox, you won’t find boring elliptical or treadmill machines here — just the best cardio equipment. Instead, the studios provide everything you need for a boxing or kickboxing exercise, including heavy bags and specialized equipment.

Certified trainers provide one-on-one assistance in a setting outfitted with high-tech music systems and color-adaptive lighting to cue exercise intensity and keep members engaged.

The CEO of RockBox Fitness, Roger Martin, states, “We look forward to welcoming new RockBox members throughout Florida’s eastern coast and supporting our new and prospective franchisees at every stage.”

Fun, engaging workouts are hard to come by. Still, RockBox is changing that one city at a time as dedicated members of our franchise family bring our signature brand of group exercise to neighborhoods all over the nation. If there isn’t a RockBox in your area yet, there soon will be.

Yves, Jael, Ashland, Varun, Gopal, and Ajay are just a few franchisees who have benefited from the company’s unrivaled support, cutting-edge digital marketing strategies for expanding their client base, and scientifically-proven exercise programs that have inspired their clients to become devoted advocates.

Owners of RockBoxes not only get financial benefits but also become part of a network of other business people who share their interests in health and fitness.

Rockbox Fitness

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Rockbox Fitness Membership

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Rockbox Fitness Career

INTERESTED IN JOINING THE ROCKBOX TEAM AT ITS HUNTERSVILLE, NC, HOME OFFICE? You may see a list of our current job openings and apply online right here.



I am a novice in the sport of boxing. Can I keep up with you guys?

Our seasoned instructors will guide you every step of the way. Everyone, regardless of prior fitness level or physical prowess, is coached through the exercises as they work at their own pace. Remember that we are only allowed to strike bags and not each other.

What if I can’t keep up with the pace of the class?

No experience with exercise is necessary; all we ask is that you come prepared. Our trainers will teach you how to adjust your routine to get the most out of your workouts without risking your health.

Is there a class for newbies?

False, since both amateurs and seasoned athletes may benefit from RockBox Fitness. Please arrive 30 minutes early to your first session so that one of our trainers can demonstrate the proper form for the punches and kicks you’ll be learning. It’s also possible to get some practice in before really starting.

Do you provide personal training and individual lessons?

Personal trainers and other services are available at several of our studios. Our boxing, kickboxing, and functional strength trainers are all nationally qualified.

Depending on your specific goals and preferences, you may choose from many different types of personalized exercise programs.

Some club members use individual classes to enhance their technical proficiency, while others use them to increase their fitness levels. We’ve got your back and will aid you in finding your inner champion.

Precisely what should I put on?

Wearing appropriate workout garb, such as shorts or leggings, a t-shirt, and sneakers is essential. We’d love it if you wore a t-shirt with the RockBox Fitness logo to let the world know how awesome you are.

When I arrive there, what should I do?

When you check-in, inform the front desk staff that this is your first visit.

I need to know what to pack. Should I bring my water, or do you provide it?

Towel along, so while you burn calories, sweat will carry them away. We offer water dispensers for anyone who would instead fill their container with water than purchase it in a bottle. Keep yourself hydrated at all times!

Can I still attend classes when I’m expecting?

Some of our members even continue working out far into their pregnancies. However, it would help if you discussed this with your doctor.

Will I become bigger if I start boxing?

Boxers have one of the highest power-to-weight ratios compared to other athletes. Celebrities and models rely on boxing to get in shape for magazine spreads because it helps them build muscle and shed fat.

Should I bring gloves with me?

You may bring your gloves, rent or purchase them for a low charge, or use the ones provided by the facility.

When do I need wraps, and what are they?

Wraps protect your wrists and hands from harm as you hit the bags. Slip-on gel and conventional hand wraps are also available at the front desk, and both of these items are reusable and washable in a washing machine.

What age do you have to be to enroll in a class?

When a parent is present, the minimum age for participation in a class is 14. However, the age increases to 16 when no parent is present.

A parent or legal guardian must sign on behalf of a minor. * Get in touch with your local theater to find out whether there is a minimum age requirement.

Specifically, when should I get there?

Regular attendees should plan to come 5-10 minutes before class begins to check-in, while first-timers should plan to arrive 30 minutes early for orientation.

Why is boxing beneficial?

Oh, let us enumerate the benefits of boxing for you! Boxing is the most OK stress relief exercise since it burns fat, builds muscle, enhances cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, and increases power. Seriously.

Do boxing workouts cause weight loss?

Yes! Boxing is often ranked as one of the best ways to burn calories and get in shape. One thousand calories or more may be burned in a single session. It’s the real stuff, Holyfield.

Why should I choose boxing?

ESPN surveyed forty experts to find out which sport has the finest athletes. Based on fitness, strength, conditioning, speed, and power metrics, boxers were shown to have the highest overall score among the main sports. If you want to know why visit RockBox.

What makes RockBox unique, then?

You are considering that there is never a repetition in class. In this way, you never grow bored and are far less likely to reach a weight reduction plateau since your body is constantly being challenged. You will enjoy yourself while exercising more intensely than ever before.

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