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Riverview Health

Riverview Health comprises a 156-bed full-service hospital in Noblesville, a 16-bed hospital in Westfield, and freestanding combined ER and urgent care clinics.

Hamilton County has more than 25 institutions for general, binding, and specialized care.

It has been awarded one of Healthgrades’ Top 100 Orthopedic Surgery Hospitals nationwide and received the Healthgrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award for its extensive inpatient and outpatient services in more than 35 medical specialties.

Visit Riverview Health’s website at riverview.org for additional information. It’s no secret that we’ve been consistently acknowledged for our clinical and service excellence in more than 35 healthcare specialties.

Our main facility, situated at 395 Westfield Rd. in Noblesville, offers various treatments, including comprehensive heart and vascular, orthopedic, advanced emergency, and women’s health care.

Since Riverview Health is one of Hamilton County’s top employers, it considerably influences the local economy. The county owns Riverview Health, so no public funds are used to run it.


Health and well-being are the primary goals of our organization.


Ultimately, we want to be the most OK location to work, practice medicine, and be cared for in the healthcare industry.


Accreditation: Riverview Health is a member of a variety of reputable regulating bodies, such as the Joint Commission

  • American Society of Clinical Sleep Medicine (AASM)
  • Association of Blood Banks of the United States (AABB)
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Association of the USA (AACVPR)
  • American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ACR)
  • Diabetes Research and Education Foundation (ADA)
  • American Pathological Society (CAP)
  • Rehabilitation Facilities Accreditation Commission (CARF)
  • The Accreditation Program for Healthcare Facilities (HFAP)
  • Chest Pain Centers Society (SCPC)


The first hospital in Hamilton County, Ohio, opened its doors on May 10, 1909.

An Indiana city was chosen by Dr. Sam Harrell and his brother Dr. Madison Harrell to create a hospital where they could practice medicine the son of a Shelby County farmer.

One-half block north of downtown Noblesville, the Harrell Hospital and Sanatorium was situated on Ninth Street in a three-story building.

Hamilton County Hospital was renamed Harrell Hospital and Sanatorium in 1914 when Hamilton County purchased it.

Hospital trustees bought Charles Swain’s property west of Noblesville in 1944 to better serve the city’s expanding population. Federal Hill was the rumored residence of the early leaders.

New hospital construction started in 1949, and the new hospital was inaugurated on May 12, 1951.

Immediately after this rebranding in 1952, the facility was called Riverview Hospital in honor of its position along the White River shores.

Riverview Hospital’s main campus has been enhanced and expanded throughout the years to accommodate an ever-increasing number of specialized departments, technology, and services.

Riverview Hospital rebranded Riverview Health in April 2014 and continues to provide full-service, 156-bed care to the local community.

There are 25 primary, urgent, and specialized care institutions in Hamilton County, including Riverview Health Physicians.

Riverview Health

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Riverview Health medical records

Forms of Health

Health information and paperwork are available from Riverview Health at no charge. Below, you’ll find a range of forms and materials you may use to get started.

These can be printed out and filled out quickly and easily because they are in PDF format.

Are you looking for information about financial aid?

Riverview Health

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Riverview Health billing

Billing Questions

Our team is here to assist you if you need assistance with finalizing your payment arrangements or understanding how your account will be billed.

Contact one of our finance specialists at 317.776.7141 or 800.523.6001 if you need help paying your account or have any concerns about your bill.

Please call Riverview Health Physicians Patient Accounts at 317.770.6900 if you need assistance with your Riverview Health Physicians account.

In addition, our billing terminology dictionary may help you brush up on your knowledge.

Understanding Your Bill

In addition to the cost of the room and board, you’ll also be responsible for the cost of nursing home care, meals, cleaning, maintenance, and laundry, all of which are included in the daily room price.

Additional charges will show on your account for any services requested by your doctors, such as an operating room, pharmacy, X-rays, laboratory testing, anesthesia, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and other diagnostic treatment procedures.

It’s common for Riverview Health to send different invoices for your treatment and for particular doctors, such as your surgeon and radiologist.

The fees of your attending physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologist, or consultant physician are not included in your hospital bill.

Your bill will come from their office, not from yours. We will charge your insurance carrier if you supply us with the relevant information.

Billing FAQs

My bill is due in a few days. When do I pay for it?

There are 30 days after you get your first bill to pay. Within 30 days after the date of the first statement, you must make a payment.

Why was I billed by both the hospital and the doctor?

There are separate bills for the services provided by the hospital and the physicians.

What is the purpose of this charge?

Let us assist you in deciphering your invoice. Please provide your nine-digit account number with the charge you have a question about, and we’ll do our best to explain it. If you need help, you may reach us at (317) 776.7141.

Can my claim be billed to Worker’s Compensation?

Yes. A Worker’s Compensation claim must be made, and we need all of your insurance information. Please do so as soon as possible. If you need help submitting the claim, we are here to help.

Will my primary, secondary, or vehicle insurance be billed?

The answer is yes, but you’ll need to supply all of your insurance details.

When did my insurance company charge me?

Please get in touch with 317.776.7141 or toll-free at 800.523.6001 and follow the directions to verify the status of insurance billing.

Is there a reason behind the denial?

Reasons for claim denials include the following:

  • You were treated by a physician not part of your insurance plan’s network.
  • Your insurance policy did not cover the service you had.
  • Your insurance policy did not cover the services you received.
  • You did not give the correct insurance information at the time of service.

Note: You may have received papers from your insurance provider, and denials may be explained by looking at that papers. Please get in touch with your insurance provider if you are concerned about a claim being denied.

Why am I getting a cheque for a refund?

Your bank account was overdrawn. On the other hand, your insurance may have reimbursed you for part of what you had previously spent.

What’s the point of receiving a second bill after I’ve already paid?

Before the money was credited, you may have received a statement in the mail. Please get in touch with us at 317.776.7141 if you have any questions.

Providing your name, birth date, account number, and date of hospitalization will allow us to confirm that the bill has been paid in full.

Can you send my invoice to my office?

No, itemized invoices cannot be sent to your office for security reasons. Your itemized bill is available for pick-up at the hospital cashier’s office, or you may request a copy be sent by mail.

Why is this billed as an outpatient service, yet I spent the night in the hospital?

There must be a physician’s order before an account may be billed as an inpatient service. Because your doctor didn’t feel you needed to be hospitalized, they didn’t order your services.

We may bill it as an inpatient or outpatient appointment based on the doctor’s written order.

Can I come in to discuss my bill with you?

You are welcome to visit the hospital’s Patient Account Representative office. To schedule an appointment, please phone (317) 776.7141. Thank you.

Can you explain the doctor’s bill I received?

Our billing department can help you if you call them at 317.776.7141.

Will you email me a breakdown of my bill?

Yes. We’ll be happy to give you an itemized bill if you provide us with your full name, birth date, account number, and the day you were admitted to the hospital.

Can you give me an idea of the cost of a particular procedure?

The Customer Service Department will provide you with an estimate if you supply the following information. You may also fill out this form, and we’ll get back to you with an estimate.

  • Please ask your doctor for a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code.
  • The procedure’s name.
  • Please include your full name and postal address.

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