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In 2008, we unified under RiverStone Health to better represent our comprehensive scope of care.

Our roots may be traced back to 1974 when the Yellowstone City-County Health Department (YCCHD) first opened its doors to provide public health services to the area.

Health, Education, Leadership, and Protection (HELP) have been the cornerstones of our work for the last 40 years.

We at the Yellowstone City-County Health Department (YCCHD) have been at the forefront of public health initiatives to ensure the health and safety of the residents of Yellowstone City and County.

However, RiverStone Health is far more than just a standard municipal health agency.

  • More than half of the 20,000 people we treat yearly in our medical and dental clinics do not have health insurance. Our medical facilities are funded partly by federal funding and are affiliated with a more extensive network of Community Health Centers. Because of this support, we can treat everyone, regardless of their means to pay. Our sliding pricing plan is used by those with low incomes and those without health insurance. We also have a school-based health facility at Orchard Elementary School in Billings, which opened in the spring of 2015, and outlying clinics in Bridger and Joliet.
  • To address the state’s critical need for family doctors, Montana has established a residency program called the Montana Family Medicine Residency, from which over 70% of graduates remain in the state. Our Family Medicine Residency was Montana’s first graduate medical education program, and we are one of the nation’s first eleven Teaching Health Centers.
  • Services like Maternal Child Health and the Nurse-Family Partnership, as well as less well-known ones like WIC, the Women, Infants, and Children supplemental nutrition program, are all part of our Family Health Services, which aims to improve the quality of life for mothers, fathers, and young children.
  • Community Health Accreditation Program acknowledges the high quality and compassion of our Hospice Services, which we provide to patients at the end of life (CHAP). In addition to offering in-home care for those with terminal diseases, RiverStone Health is so dedicated to meeting every need that in 2011, they opened a 12-bed hospice residence on the West End of Billings. In a radius of about 200 miles, it is the only facility of its kind.
  • Prevention of communicable illnesses, enhancement of health, readiness for public health crises, and protection of the food we eat and the air we breathe all contribute to making our community a better and safer place to live. In light of our efforts, we were included among the first 50 health departments in the country to get accreditation from the Public Health Accreditation Board.

Historic Moments

  • Deering Clinic, now known as RiverStone Health Clinic, opened its doors to the public in 1984.
  • For example: In 1998, Yellowstone City County Health Department was established as Montana’s first health services district.
  • A new service delivery team member, Big Sky Hospice (RiverStone Health Hospice Services), has been on board since 1998.
  • RiverStone Health acquired the Montana Family Medicine Residency Program in 2005.

Health, Education, Leadership, and Protection are the four pillars around which we build the communities we serve.

By taking an active role in community health projects, challenges, and concerns, we can leverage the government’s might with the private sector’s vision to create a new paradigm for public health.

Nothing has changed about our dedication to delivering first-rate service by reliable personnel.

RiverStone Health… putting you in touch with a brighter tomorrow.

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RiverStone Health History

Since its founding in 1974, RiverStone Health has been an integral element of the Yellowstone City-County Health Department and the local community by offering a comprehensive range of medical and dental services.

Through the Montana Family Medicine Residency, we provide primary care physician training and chances for other health professionals to further their education and a wide range of community health services.

Our medical and dental clinics serve all patients, regardless of their capacity to pay.

Historic Moments

  • 1984: The Deering Clinic officially opens (Now RiverStone Health Clinic).
  • 1998: Big Sky Hospice joins us (Now RiverStone Health Hospice Services) (Now RiverStone Health Hospice Services)
  • 2001: It’s opening time at the pharmacy.
  • 2002: Purchasing a Dental Practice.
  • 2005: Montana Family Medicine Residency broadens our coverage.
  • 2007: Health centres with satellite locations open in Bridger, Joliet, and Worden.
  • 2008: Designed to include all of our offerings, RiverStone Health was established.
  • 2011: Starting a Dental Residency Program.
  • 2011: The RiverStone Health Hospice Home is a 12-bed inpatient facility that just opened.
  • 2013: The National Committee for Quality Assurance has designated RiverStone Health Clinics as Patient-Centered Medical Homes.
  • 2014: The Public Health Accreditation Board approved public health services.
  • 2015: School-based health centre launches at Orchard Elementary School.

We actively participate in community health projects, problems, and concerns and continually expand our offerings to suit those needs.

Riverstone Health

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RiverStone Health Patient Portal

Most of Yellowstone County’s uninsured residents go to RiverStone Health Clinic as their first point of medical treatment.

Montana’s family medicine residents acquire valuable training in dealing with low-income patients’ physical and psychological needs at a community health centre because of the residency program’s affiliation with the centre.

More than half of the 15,200 patients seen at RiverStone Health Clinic in 2019 have incomes below the federal poverty line. With their help, we were able to reach 2,300 kids.

In all, we saw 73,225 patients in our medical and dental practices.

Our patient group is so demanding; dealing with them is a pleasure. While some patients have been through unimaginable horrors, they refuse to give up hope. It is a privilege to serve as a guide on their paths to health and fulfilment.

We are more than simply a location to drop in for a quick checkup. Patients, I believe, are given a sense of belonging and acceptance here. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work with them and the rest of our fantastic team.

-Kellee Glaus, MD

Resident Physician

Individuals from the Crow and Northern Cheyenne tribes, retirees, single parents, the homeless, those residing in nursing homes, and others make up a portion of our patient population.

We also serve patients at three satellite clinics in small rural villages within a 45-minute drive of Billings, in addition to the urban facility.

All of our clinics, including Bridger, Joliet, and Worden, were the first in eastern Montana to be designated as Patient-Centered Medical Homes by the National Committee for Quality Assurance. Orchard Elementary and Medicine Crow Middle School campuses host our on-campus clinics.

We have three locations for Healthcare for the Homeless, where we treat patients. There are four Billings nursing facilities where we place patients for lengthy or short-term stays.

Riverstone Health

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RiverStone Health jobs

In appreciation of your time and consideration, RiverStone Health thanks you for your inquiry. Please follow the link below to see our current available job openings. Logging back in at any time will allow applicants to see the current status of their application.

You may also email notifications whenever new job openings are posted. We will email all applicants who have been selected for an interview. Don’t forget your login credentials!

If you have recently applied for a job, you will need to reapply since this is a new application system. If a job posting disappears from a website, it has been filled.

People Currently Employed Here: Login to the UKG employee site to apply.

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RiverStone Health providers

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