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Retreat Behavioral Health

Retreat Behavioral Health is a well-known supplier of behavioral and mental health treatments.

Retreat’s mission is to make it easy for patients to get the most acceptable possible treatment in a holistic and serene atmosphere by providing a wide range of inpatient and outpatient rehab options.

Our admissions department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On-site doctors and nurses are experts in their disciplines and work relentlessly to benefit the people they care for.

Mental Health Treatment

Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers and Synergy Health Programs, part of Retreat Behavioral Health, are two separate healthcare divisions we run.

In addition to its two residential drug and alcohol recovery centers, Retreat Premier Addiction Treatment Centers offers extra outpatient and aftercare programs to help patients overcome their addiction.

In addition to providing excellent outpatient mental health services, Synergy Health Programs also treats individuals with co-occurring mental health and drug use problems, including those who have never been addicted.

Retreat’s Inclusion Commitment

Our goal at Retreat is to provide everyone with a welcoming, inclusive work environment. All parts of our business and culture benefit from the richness of our community’s diversity.

Regardless of a person’s ethnicity, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, we support and promote the highest standards of conduct in the workplace to ensure fairness and equality for everyone.

Get Long Term Support.

We want you to know that your health journey doesn’t end when you leave our programs, and we want to remind you that you’re never alone in it.

Please join our Retreat Alumni Community to remain in touch!

For us, it’s our mission to help our alums realize their full potential by cultivating a sense of community, compassion, respect, and inclusion.

Wellness is embraced and celebrated by offering exceptional opportunities for growth, reflection, advocacy, education, and connection.

Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Keeping in touch with the people you met through treatment
  • Access to Program Staff, Alumni, and Event Calendars 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Assistance with Self-Care and Resilience Building
  • Helpful Recovery Tips & Inspirational Meditations
  • Links to educational and inspirational podcasts, videos, and books on health and wellness.
  • An Anniversary Milestone Counter for Recovery
  • Keeping a Gratitude Diary
  • A Chance to Repay Those Who Have Helped You

Activites and Occasions

Beyond our monthly gatherings, we aim to promote our members’ health and well-being by participating in educational and entertaining events.

Play games, go to the movies, or go bowling as a way to relax and have fun with your friends and neighbors during your time off.

Learn new life skills, improve your mental health, and cultivate your faith by participating in programs and talks offered by the community.

*We presently provide some of our seminars and conversations online, through Facebook Live, and in person when available.

Possibilities for Service and Advocacy

Sharing your experience or aiding others in the form of volunteer work might be beneficial on your path to healing. As a part of your Alumni Retreat Community, you may take advantage of these opportunities:

  • Participate in Alumni Speaker Meetings, either in person or online, to share your own story of hope with the patients now through treatment.
  • Be a part of a discussion panel on recovery or wellness.
  • To encourage others and lessen the stigma of Substance Use Disorder and Recovery, share your experience publicly.
  • Be a part of or lead a local alumni event or gathering.

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Retreat Behavioral Health

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Retreat Behavioral Health jobs

When it comes to assisting people, Retreat Behavioral Health may be a good fit for you if you are kind, compassionate, and empathetic.

Our Palm Beach County, Lancaster County, and South Connecticut offices are looking for new employees.

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Retreat Behavioral Health Salary

Psychiatric nurses get an average hourly wage of $54.77, while security officers make an average of $12.49.

A Director of Communications at Retreat Behavioral Health makes about $80,000 annually, with an average compensation of $25,000 annually.


A rehabilitation hospital, is Retreat one that has been accredited?

The Joint Commission has certified all our facilities in southern Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Palm Beach, Florida.

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities now recognizes our Lancaster County, Pennsylvania facility (CARF).

Can I get my medical records from Retreat if I go there for rehabilitation?

Our facilities in southern Connecticut, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Palm Beach, Florida are all Joint Commission-accredited.

The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities now recognizes our Lancaster County, Pennsylvania facility (CARF).

How can I know whether I need to seek alcohol or drug abuse treatment?

You’ll probably require rehab if you’re using drugs or alcohol to the point that they’re badly affecting your health and personal development.

Both alcoholism and drug addiction are debilitating illnesses that need prompt medical attention from specialists.

You’ll learn how to quit using drugs and alcohol and sustain long-term sobriety in a treatment program that teaches you practical methods.

What’s the point of Retreat?

Patients at Retreat Behavioral Health get customized treatment regimens based on the most up-to-date clinical and medical procedures.

At our facility, we provide medically supervised detox treatments for both drug and alcohol misuse. In addition, we provide various services and programs to assist our clients in maintaining sobriety over the long term.

Our facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we provide free transportation to and from them.

How does Retreat deal with the problem of drug and alcohol abuse?

Detox, inpatient, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient and outpatient treatment programs are available at our facility.

Relapse prevention, 12-step recovery, coping skills, and repairing relationships are all part of our typical treatment plans here at the Recovery Village.

We provide many services: trauma, pain management, co-occurring disorders, and grieving and loss.

Medical professionals, first responders, people with disabilities, and other organizations are eligible for special programming at our facility.

Why should I choose Retreat for my addiction treatment?

Licensed drug abuse therapists, mental health therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists are all part of our treatment staff, as is a nursing staff available around the clock during the day and night.

A full-time ABAM-certified medical director is in charge of this team. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we can keep our patients wholly involved and focused on rehabilitation.

What’s a typical day like at Retreat?

Retreat’s programming would not be complete without structure and predictability.

Patients begin each day at Retreat by meeting with their primary therapist in a small group setting to analyze and discuss difficulties or obstacles they are currently experiencing.

Meals and snacks are available all day for patients, prepared by our head chef and culinary staff. You will attend a therapeutic and educational track group each day, depending on your unique therapy requirements.

You may also choose from a variety of complementary and alternative treatment options.

Some holistic therapeutic alternatives available at Retreat are art therapy, music therapy, recreational therapy, equine-assisted therapy, yoga, drumming, culinary workshops, and gardening.

Additional choices include a full-hour massage from a qualified massage therapist. When you’re not engaging in planned groups, you’ll be able to meet with your therapist, work with other experts on-site, enjoy the facilities offered by Retreat, or take some time to think, rest, and recharge in a secure and comfortable setting.

Will Retreat accept my health insurance?

Retreat Behavioral Health accepts the majority of commercial insurance types. Please get in touch with us at 855-802-6600 and talk to an admissions representative to find out whether we accept your exact payment plan.

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