Get Your Regional One Health Medical Records Easily [4 Steps To Follow]

Regional One Health

Regional One Health is a healthcare system that provides patients in the Mid-South with easy access to high-quality healthcare that is also cost-effective.

Its core service areas are West Tennessee, East Arkansas, and North Mississippi. Talented and sought-after medical experts may be found at Regional One Health.

Over half of all medical professionals in Tennessee have completed some or all of their training at the Mid-premier South’s teaching hospital.

We have become a renowned medical education leader through our association with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis.

Trauma, burns, neonatal intensive care, and high-risk obstetrics are just a few of the specialties offered by the hospital’s Centers of Excellence at Regional Medical Center.

In addition to specialist treatment, the system provides general care and an outpatient facility with over 38 specialties.


ROH is Tennessee’s oldest health system, having been founded in 1829.

There are also numerous more Centers of Excellence for Burns, High-Risk Pregnancy, and Neonatal Intensive Care within Regional One Health, in addition to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center (NICU).

The University of Tennessee Health Science Center’s most prominent medical and surgical teaching facility is at ROH. Over half of Tennessee’s physicians will undergo part or all of their training at ROH.

The relationship between Regional One Health and the University of Tennessee Health Science Center includes the biggest teaching physician group in the Mid-South, UT Regional One Physicians.

Regional One Health

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Regional One Health medical records

You can understand How  to get regional one health medical records easily 

Information Management in Health Care

Health Information Management is tasked with safeguarding the privacy and security of your medical records in line with federal and state privacy laws.

Patients have the right to see or get copies of their medical records in line with the Regional One Health Notice of Privacy Practices.

Send or Fax Medical Records to Yourself

Medical records may be requested by the patient or the patient’s guardian/legal representative. Make sure you fill out and sign our authorization form before requesting copies.

Please send the form to the Health Information Management department at the address below or fax it to 901.414.9939 with a copy of your government-issued picture ID.

Within 30 days, we will send you a copy of your medical records.

  • One Health for the Region
  • For the attention of those in charge of HIM medical records
  • Number 877 in the vicinity of Jefferson Avenue
  • Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Make A Personal Visit To The Hospital To Request Your Medical Records

Visit our Health Information Management department Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm to get copies of your medical records.

The Chandler Building’s 1st level houses Health Information Management. The person making the request must be either the patient or the patient’s legal guardian/representative in some capacity.

Please provide a copy of your driver’s license or government-issued picture ID to release records.


Depending on the reason for the request and the mode of delivery, fees may be incurred (paper, electronic, etc.). Depending on the number of pages ordered, pricing for print copies may include shipping expenses.

Requests for documents to be delivered directly to a doctor’s office or medical institution or for eligibility review with insurance carriers or other public assistance programs are free.

Please call 901-545-7581 if you have any questions regarding medical record fees or requesting copies.

Regional One Health

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Regional One Health billing FAQs

What exactly is a hospital-based clinic?

Regional One Health owns and operates a licensed outpatient facility known as a hospital-based clinic. As a hospital department, it is subject to more stringent government regulations.

When you visit a hospital-based clinic or see a doctor, you are not receiving care in a doctor’s office but instead at a hospital.

Do I have to pay more as a result?

In addition to costs for any treatments performed at the clinics, the Hospital’s bill may contain a clinic/facility fee for the services, facilities, employees, and equipment supplied by the Hospital.

Do I have to expect to pay extra at the clinics?

There is a possibility that your out-of-pocket costs will be increased because of the clinic or facility charge.

Make sure to check your insurance benefits or get in touch with your insurance provider to find out how much your policy covers.

What questions should I put to my insurance company?

Ask your insurance company whether “clinic services” or “facility costs” at a hospital-based outpatient clinic are covered by your benefit plan and how much is reimbursed or applied to your deductible.

When comparing outpatient operations performed in a hospital clinic vs. a doctor’s office, be sure to find out what your insurance covers and how much you are responsible for.

What are the implications for a Medicare patient?

Two invoices will be sent to Medicare beneficiaries at a hospital-based clinic, one for physician services and the other for hospital services.

Out-of-pocket Medicare costs in a hospital clinic may be greater than those in a doctor’s office, as the benefits offered might vary widely.

What if I still have a lot of questions?

If you have any more inquiries, you may reach Patient Financial Services by calling (901) 545-6644.

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