Private Gym: A Complete Training Program

Private Gym

The private gym uses scientifically proven tools to help men enhance their sexual health and performance.
These subjects are also discussed freely in our training, education, and safe atmosphere for males to do so.

How we created our first product

After much deliberation, David and I concluded that we could improve my neighbor’s fitness regimen and create a new product.

The problem was that we didn’t know precisely how to begin. As a first step, we sought an expert in the area of medicine who was well recognized as one of the best in the business.

We searched for a long time to locate the perfect match. We were introduced to dr. Andrew Siegel, is one of the country’s most highly-regarded urologists.

Male pelvic fitness and prostate cancer 20/20 were among the books he had published, and he supported our objective.
His skills and personality were a fantastic fit for our group’s needs.

With dr. Siegel’s guidance, we devised a program that had two components: a world-class kegel exercise program and a proprietary, ground-breaking resistance device that enhanced the kegel program’s efficacy.

The world has never seen anything like it (and still hasn’t).
It was dubbed the complete training program because of the material’s comprehensive nature.

We started testing the software on guys of various ages and health profiles as soon as it was finished. Of course, we were hoping it would work, but the end outcome was much better than we could have hoped.

Our clinical studies’ findings are shown in this graph, which you may download in full by clicking here.
An all-natural, very successful treatment for male sexual health, the complete training program is now one of the most widely used. The best part is that it has a wide-ranging influence on various issues.

As a result, many men have taken advantage of the complete training program and avoided consuming scam items. Achieving this goal for the program was an awesome feeling.

Following our first success with the private gym, we moved on to the project’s next phase.

Private Gym

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The upcoming stage: specific programs

The private gym has helped thousands of men improve their sexual well-being since its inception, and we’ve learned a lot along the way.

In addition, we gathered a lot of information regarding how and why our clients were utilizing the complete training program.

It was remarkable what we discovered. Male sexual performance was one of the primary goals of the complete training program.

Others were utilizing it to aid with various ailments, including reversing erectile dysfunction, avoiding or recovering from prostate surgery, increasing penile size, and preventing urine incontinence.
The complete training program is often used with other items to maximize results.

Our targeted programs were born from this insight. Our targeted programs combine the complete training program with the finest third-party items and a well-structured routine for the greatest results. We provide solutions for the following issues:

  • Problems with erection
  • Ejaculation that is too early
  • Dimensions of the penis
  • Arousal and embrace
  • Enhanced testosterone levels

Among our most popular offerings, our targeted programs provide outstanding outcomes. All the time, we’re working on new software and improving the ones we already have.

To help men enhance their sexual health and performance safely and healthily with scientifically proven products, we’ve always been aware of our mission as we’ve expanded.

We’ve established a few guiding principles to assist us in remaining on track with our initial goals.

Our three principles

1. Principles

In the male sexual health sector, we feel it is vital to provide only goods based on scientific study and research. As a result, all of our products have either been tested in humans or have been shown effective via scientific investigation.
Therefore, are we saying that every product will always work for everyone? No, there isn’t. Only a few health items can guarantee 100% success, and when utilized properly, any of the items we provide may be successful.
This is the most critical of the three guiding principles, so it comes first on the list.

2. Principles

When a “solution” produces other, unrelated problems, what’s the sense of trying to fix the original problem?
Unfortunately, this is all too common in contemporary western medicine.

Because of this, we only create and use items with minimal or nonexistent adverse effects.
Our products are drug-free, may be used at home without a doctor’s supervision, and pose little danger when used appropriately.

3. Principles

Men have difficulty locating reputable resources for assistance with sexual health difficulties, and much bad information may be found on the internet.

Despite their lack of experience and time, physicians often prescribe medication as first-line therapy in the real world.

Since we want to make sure you’re in the correct program, our coaching staff wants to work with prospective students before buying anything from us.

In the same manner, we’re always here to help you after the sale so you can get the most out of our goods. The term “coaching that doesn’t quit” refers to this: if we don’t obtain results on the first try, we keep working at it.

Private Gym

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How does private gym work?

“Private Gym,” the first FDA-approved training program for pelvic muscle strengthening, was unveiled today by The Private Gym, LLC,” the company said.

Using the Private Gym program, men may strengthen the muscles supporting and regulating the penis in less than 10 minutes a day, three days a week.

Pelvic muscle training improves erection rigidity, reduces premature ejaculation, and increases orgasms while supporting prostate health and improving urine control.

1 Having solid pelvic muscles may also assist avoid the development of erectile dysfunction.

Private Gym is based on straightforward, well-established science: working out a muscle makes it stronger. An exercise program like Private Gym uses resistance equipment and custom workouts created by fitness professionals.

A four-week interactive DVD training program for men teaches them to develop their pelvic muscles with “Kegel exercises.”

This is the first step in Private Gym’s Complete Training Program. Many women, especially those who have just given birth, have relied on these tried-and-true exercises to help them regain their pelvic floor strength.

After the first four weeks of “Basic Training,” the curriculum continues with four more weeks of “Resistance Training.”

To produce consistent, accurate, and quantifiable outcomes, Private Gym’s proprietary resistance equipment uses a new design that integrates silicone-covered magnetic weights.

Lifting and lowering the penis is made easy with this piece of equipment. As a consequence of this activity, the pelvic muscles expand and strengthen to their fullest extent.

Dr. Andrew Siegel, creator of Private Gym and renowned urologist, surgeon, professor, and author of Male Pelvic Fitness: Optimizing Sexual and Urinary Health, stated, “We exercise all portions of our body, yet utterly overlook the muscles that govern our sexual function.”

One of the most essential muscle systems in men’s bodies may now be safely and organically strengthened with Private Gym.”

The pelvic muscles that promote erectile function begin to decrease in males around 30. The Journal of Urology reports that by the age of 40, more than half of all males have some impotence.

As males approach their 60th birthday, this percentage rises to 66%. As described in The Journal of Urology, weakening the pelvic muscles may lead to premature ejaculation, which is even more common than erectile dysfunction.

Men’s erections may be made more robust and last longer with these muscles, and their premature ejaculation can be improved.

Dr. Andrew Siegel collaborated on the development of Private Gym after he saw his patients’ erectile function improve due to pelvic muscle training.

To educate men on training their pelvic muscles, he recognized a need for a thorough program. With the help of eminent urologists, physiotherapists, and sexual health educators, including Professor Grace Dorey, he created Private Gym, a state-of-the-art private gym.

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction, published in 2005 in the British Journal of Urology International, reported that 76% of men improved their erectile function with pelvic muscle therapy carried out by Dorey.

It’s been known for a long time that Kegel exercises are beneficial for women, says Professor Dorey. Men now have a new, unique option to strengthen their pelvic muscles naturally.

In addition to the DVD, step-by-step instructional guide, FDA-registered resistance training equipment, magnetic weight, and carrying case, the Private Gym Complete Training Program includes an interactive, follow-along eight-week fitness program on DVD.

Visit for more information about Private Gym and its products.

Private Gym

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Private gym cost

See it in detail

Private gym training

Everything below the waist is propelled by the pelvic muscles. The Private Gym Program may assist guys like you with various issues, including erectile dysfunction (ED), confidence issues in the bedroom, and even incontinence.

Learn how to isolate and develop specific muscles with the Private Gym Program in the videos below.

Eight weeks of Private Gym Complete Training Program includes the 4-week Basic Program and 4-week weight resistance training. A unique, FDA-licensed weighted penile ring and a magnetic weight are included in the Private Gym’s Pelvic Strengthening System.

Clinical studies have shown that our comprehensive training program improves sexual performance, urinary wellness, and prostate health.

Without the price and side effects, it’s as good as Viagra.” By Dr. GRACE DOREY, The New York Times, JULY 2014.

Discover more about our educational offerings.


The most successful routines incorporate exercises that isolate and target specific muscles, whether training your biceps, triceps, or legs.

The Private Gym does just that: For pelvic muscles, it’s like having a personal trainer on call.
Online and DVD versions of pelvic exercises are available for your convenience. Every week, the workouts get more difficult since the intensity, frequency, and length of the training vary.

The powerful pelivic muscles regulate the penis, bladder, and prostate.

Male pelvic muscles, which control the penis, bladder, prostate, and bowels, are strengthened in the Private Gym.
When it comes to erectile dysfunction (ED), incontinence (II), prostate health (PH), and other issues, these muscles are weak, to begin with, and grow more fragile as we get older.
Men of all ages may benefit from The Private Gym’s Pelvic Strengthening Program.

Strong Pelvic Muscles Require Resistance Training.

An exercised muscle becomes more powerful and becomes more vital as you add resistance to it.
To meet this need, The Private Gym’s Complete Training program includes resistance training using our proprietary, FDA-registered “resistance ring” and magnetic weights and bars.

The “resistance ring” weighs just 2.5 oz, which isn’t much, yet it’s enough to significantly strengthen and expand the pelvic muscles when placed on the erect penis.


You can fit the program into your schedule. Three to four times a week, for 10 minutes at a time, work out. Within a few weeks, you’ll begin to see a difference.

Private Gym comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee since we’re so sure you’ll notice results. Here, you may learn more about our 100% guarantee.

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