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Prestige Fitness & Zone Athletic Clubs

Wholly owned and run in the community, Prestige Fitness & Zone Athletic Clubs are committed to the health and wellness of its members. Members may choose from various courses to discover an exercise routine that works best for them.

Don’t like working out in a team? Benefit from our wide range of services. In our cutting-edge cardio theater, you may watch your favorite program while working out on one of much cardiovascular training equipment.

Our extensive collection of strength training equipment ensures that every one of our members may find something that works for them.

Our free weights area contains a complete set of dumbbells for novice and seasoned weightlifters. Group fitness courses like yoga, HIIT, BURN, and pilates are great for fitness enthusiasts since they provide a more encouraging and motivating environment to work out and burn calories.

Please visit our website to read about our great history as a Colorado health club.

Every day, the members of Zone Athletic Clubs and Prestige are the priority at both facilities. Regarding helping members get in shape, Zone Athletic Clubs and Prestige recognize that a combination of weight training, diet, cardio, and group courses is the best way to go.

Zone Athletic Clubs and Prestige provide fitness experts and personal trainers to work with members to reach their health and fitness goals.

Zone Athletic Clubs and Prestige are perfect if you’re looking for a health club that offers a wide variety of workouts, including weight lifting, group exercise classes, personal training, strength training, weight reduction assistance, and various types of yoga and pilates.

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