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Premise Health

To put it simply, Premise Health is the premier direct healthcare provider around the whole globe.

Our revolutionary method centers on the highest levels of clinical knowledge, the most convenient access to treatment, and the most direct possible experience for our members.

We’ve been providing the healthcare the world needs ever since we opened our first on-site facility at Random House in 1964 (a collaboration still going strong).

Now, we provide on-site, near the site, 24/7 virtual, mobile, and event care for leading organizations worldwide.

We deliver on our mission to promote people’s health by eliminating obstacles to treatment and making it easier for them to recover from illness.

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Why Premise 

The difference is in the details.

Extra Value

We are the most significant direct primary care, pharmacy, and occupational health provider with unified in-person and digital touchpoints for members, with over 30 special offers.

Size and Expertise

We have the expertise and scalability to get things up and running quickly and the resources and solutions to satisfy the demands of the most extensive and varied member communities.

Innovating Constantly

With approximately 35 new concepts or collaborations executed each year, we have the most significant R&D expenditure in the business.

Excellency in Operations

Our top 50 customers have been with us for 15 years, and we’ve helped them move from previous suppliers. With our help, setting up a business will be a breeze.

Information Safety

Our electronic health record has been certified by the HITRUST CSF to meet its rigorous security and privacy standards. Our InfoSec team is the most extensive and most advanced in the business.

Clinical Quality

Highly credible evaluation bodies like HEDIS, AAAHC, APhA, and AAOHN have verified our work.

Premise Health

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Premise Health Careers

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Premise Health salaries

The average compensation at Premise Health is $214,099 per year for Urgent Care Physicians and varies from $32,000 per year for Technologists.

Hourly wages at Premise Health are between $11.40 (Data Entry Clerk) to $36.04 (Occupational Health Nurse).

Premise Health

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Premise Health FAQs

What is Premise Health?

Premise Health offers virtual and in-person health services to some of the world’s most prestigious companies. We are a national leader in providing onsite and offsite health and fitness facilities to our clients.

Premise health cares for thousands of patients annually, works with some of the best firms in the country out of more than 800 offices, and employs more than 6,000 individuals at the top of their fields.

Premise Health is here to help you feel and perform your best at all times, at home, at the office, and in the community. Here, we prioritize prevention over cure, giving you the tools you need to take charge of your health and wellbeing.

Where does Premise Health stand out?

The standard medical model is not our objective; we want to deliver innovative treatment. What we provide goes beyond what you expect from a typical medical facility.

The foundation of the Premise Health experience is straightforward: you are the center of attention.

Our doctors will spend more time getting to know you and your health than in a typical neighborhood clinic. This is something new. As a result, there is less of a sense of urgency.

In a nutshell, it’s more practical. Having reliable support from reliable individuals is the first step. Those willing to hear you out. People with whom you may develop a genuine rapport will result in superior medical treatment.

Five minutes is our typical wait time, and our Net Promoter Score of 94 indicates that our members are inclined to suggest us to others.

Will I have to use the wellness center?

Care at Premise Health is entirely elective. You get to decide. You are free to keep seeing your current doctor, but your company also offers the optional Premise Health program.

Suppose you pick Premise Health as your primary care provider and later discover you need to see.

In that case, a specialist, the friendly and knowledgeable staff, can assist you in finding the best specialist in your insurance plan’s network.

How will my existing doctor be informed that I will be seeing a doctor at Premise Health?

You have the right to transfer your medical records to another doctor after receiving care at Premise Health.

Electronic health records (EHR) maintained by your community provider may be accessed using the My Premise Health portal and vice versa if your provider also utilizes Epic.

What kind of doctors and specialists will I have access to?

Depending on the requirements of your business, the Premise Health team at your site may consist of a wide range of healthcare specialists.

It may be anybody from a doctor to a PA to an NP to a pharmacist to a wellness nurse to a PT and beyond.

You may be sure that your clinicians at Premise Health have the same rigorous screening process as any other medical institution and possess state-of-the-art training and credentials.

What is the fee for a visit to a doctor at a Premise Health clinic?

Premise Health’s fees are determined by the specifics of your company’s benefits package and the choices you make for yourself.

Who may use Premise Health services?

The services of Premise Health are restricted to paying subscribers. In some businesses, this means partners and children above the age of two who lives in the household.

In some instances, participation in the company’s benefits program is a prerequisite for eligibility.

Where can I go to schedule an appointment with Premise Health?

When it comes to setting up appointments, we make every effort to maximize both quality and productivity.

My Premise Health is a user-friendly app we provide, but if you need help, you can always phone your local Premise Heath office and talk to a helpful staff member.

Appointments are often available on the same day with short wait periods.

Can I stroll in at Premise Health?

It is essential to double-check the site’s policies since they may differ from place to area. Remember that you may often get an appointment the day you call.

What is My Premise Health?

Access your member site, My Premise Health, here. Safe and convenient, it can be accessed from any internet-connected device.

My Premise Health streamlines your healthcare experience by allowing you to schedule appointments, communicate with your healthcare team, have virtual visits, check lab results, see your bill, and make payments.

How can I put My Premise Health to use?

  • Have telemedicine consultations
  • Access your medical history online
  • Schedule and take care of appointments
  • Get in touch with your medical team and doctors by sending them messages.
  • Look at your medical records and vaccinations online.
  • Verify laboratory findings
  • Be sure to ask for refills as necessary.
  • The Forms Must Be Filled Out
  • The My Premise Health website may provide detailed instructions and video demonstrations.

What exactly is the definition of an EHR system?

As the nation’s premier ambulatory EMR vendor, Premise Health has partnered with Epic to digitize the traditional paper charts.

Electronic health records (EHRs) provide secure, real-time access to patient-centered data. Any doctor or nurse who also uses Epic will have easy access to your medical records.

How will safe my medical records be? I need to know who can see my medical records.

Your health records and other sensitive information will be kept private and safe. Premise Health follows HIPAA regulations and is dedicated to supporting patient data security.

Besides information about occupational health harm sustained on the job, Premise Health is prohibited from disclosing your personal health information without your express consent.

Your employer will not be given access to any of your medical records. Premise Health will also use a closed network and proprietary software inaccessible to the general public and corporate employees.

The Premise Health clinic where you are treated has a copy of their privacy notice for you to read.

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