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With over 250 sites on the East Coast, Pivot Physical Therapy is the leading physical, occupational, speech, and sports therapy provider.

Its team comprises some of the best doctors and nurses in the area, all of whom are committed to delivering the best possible treatment for patients. Pivot Physical Therapy is a favored provider for leading doctors due to its evidence-based therapy and continued clinical outcomes.

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How many locations does pivot physical therapy have?

Pivot physical therapy has 250 locations

Pivot Physical Therapy

How many clinics does Pivot have?

In January 2001, Pivot established its first physical therapy facility in Westminster, Maryland. Almost immediately, athletic training became a vital element of our company’s operations. Patients and communities benefit from the high-quality treatment and service we give, which has helped us expand for years.

Over fifty physical therapy clinics and a comprehensive athletic training section existed in our region by the end of 2013. Between 2016 and 2017, we acquired approximately 150 physical therapy clinics and the performance section.

In addition, our section for occupational health and safety saw significant growth. In October 2017, Onsite Innovations became a member of our team, greatly enhancing our quality, value, and variety offerings.

Last but not least, Pivot Health Solutions was conceived to continuously expand service offerings and provide patients with a wide range of resources to help them go back to their normal routines and maintain their health in the workplace and at home.

Currently, Pivot has more than 3000 workers, more than 250 physical therapy sites, more than 100 onsite health clinics, 12 occupational health locations, and more than 150 sports medicine contracts throughout the United States.

Who owns Pivot physical therapy?

Gary Katz is the Chief Development Officer and Founder of Pivot Physical Therapy, the East Coast’s largest supplier of physical therapy, occupational therapy, aquatic therapy, and sports medicine services.

Katz began the firm as Maryland SportsCare & Rehab (MSR) in 2001. He then combined the firm with Professional SportsCare & Rehab to become PT Networks. In 2013, Katz collaborated with private equity companies InTandem Capital Partners and CI Capital Partners to enhance his acquisition strategy.

Before founding his firm, Katz worked as Regional Vice President at HealthSouth, one of the nation’s top healthcare providers specializing in rehabilitation.

Over his 20-year career in physical therapy, Katz also has as a consultant to the Washington Capitals of the National Hockey League. He also has helped treat professional and college athletes, including the men’s weight lifting team and women’s gymnastics team at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

Katz is involved in helping expand youth hockey in South Florida and supports the Diabetes Research Institute and Arthritis Foundation.

Katz got a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Connecticut, where he also did graduate-level studies in strength training and conditioning. He retains affiliations in the American Physical Therapy Association, National Athletic Trainer Association and National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Does pivot physical therapy provide transportation?

This week, Pivot Physicals Therapy, a top provider of physical therapy services, announced a new partnership with Luna, the leader in on-demand physical therapy.

This means that Pivot patients can get outpatient physical therapy in their own homes. It will start in Delaware this spring, and Pivot plans to expand to more places on the east coast in the next few months.

As Pivot CEO Chris Throckmorton said: “Our new partnership with Luna will give our patients more choices and flexibility about when and where they get physical therapy.” Each patient has a unique set of needs that we try to meet.

Offering one-on-one physical therapy at home helps us remove a big obstacle to care, transportation, from the equation. This allows more people to get high-quality physical therapy from us.

In the new partnership, Pivot will use Luna’s best-in-class technology platform and network of local therapists to quickly and easily match patients with therapists based on their specialty, where they live, their schedules, and other things.

At-home care: When patients want Pivot therapists to come to their homes, they can choose a time that works best for them.

The therapists will take the right steps to keep COVID-19 from spreading. For the service, there will not be an extra charge. It will be billed the same way as when you go to a Pivot clinic.

It will be the same high-quality care that patients get at a Pivot clinic, but it will be done in the patient’s house. The physical therapists at Pivot, for example, will look at each patient and come up with a unique plan of care based on their needs and goals. Luna will allow patients to see the same therapist for the whole time they are getting treatment, based on their schedule.

The head of Luna’s clinical services, Palak Shah, says that getting safe, convenient, in-person care at home sets patients up for success, making it as easy as possible to complete their treatment plans and giving them the technology to help them work out when they’re not in the office. “We are excited to work with Pivot to make it easier for people to get convenient, safe, and effective care at no extra cost.”

It will be available to Pivot patients in Delaware from April 1, 2021, in addition to the traditional in-clinic physical therapy that they already get.

Pivot Physical Therapy

As of today, Pivot has more than 250 locations in six states and the District of Columbia. Luna works with health systems and physical therapy groups in 15 states across the country to help people get at-home care through in-person delivery. Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Texas, and Washington State.

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Pivot Physical Therapy jobs

Pivot Health Solutions is a renowned supplier of health and wellness services that focuses on bringing people back to health, avoiding injury and keeping active where they work, live and play.

Our portfolio of businesses includes Pivots Physical Therapy, Pivot Onsite Innovations, Pivot Occupational Health, Pivot Sports Medicine and Pivot Performance.

We wouldn’t be Pivot without our enthusiastic and devoted team members. If you’re searching for a satisfying job in an environment that supports clinical quality, professional progress and collaboration, apply today!

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Pivot Physical Therapy billing

At Pivot, we continually search for ways to better serve our patients and create an ideal patient experience. We are delighted to announce a new online and telephone payment platform. This is a more convenient, safe, and fast method for reading your account statement and making a payment.

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