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Physiq Fitness

There’s a good reason why Physiq Fitness Centers have dominated the Mid Valley market since 2012. We take the boredom out of working out and make it both cheap and effective, and it’s more than simply a gym.

Physiq was established in 2007 to make exercise accessible to everyone and alter people’s lives. Physiq was founded with little more than a resistance band and a strong desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

Since then, in 2008, we’ve expanded into a full-fledged personal training and sports performance business in our area.

After just two years, the Physiq staff had reason to rejoice when they bought their first storefront in the heart of Salem.

We created this venue to have a more positive effect on the people in our neighborhood. Since then, Physiq Fitness has become an established business with a stellar reputation.

The Best of Mid Valley competition honored Physiq as the second-best fitness facility in 2012, and Physiq took first place in each of those years.

We Believe

At Physiq Fitness, we think of fitness as a need, not a luxury. To help you maintain an active lifestyle and enhance the quality of your life, we provide an all-inclusive fitness membership at a reasonable cost in a welcoming, non-threatening atmosphere.

We are committed to helping you realize your full fitness potential, regardless of where you are now. Our mission is to provide a luxurious fitness center at a price anybody can afford. Join us as we help you make a positive change in your life.

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Physiq Fitness

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Physiq Fitness cancel membership

The Cancellation Policy

  • Memberships must be signed before July 1, 2020.
  • When you become a “month-to-month member,” your membership continues unless you cancel it in writing within 30 days. All payments scheduled 30 days after the cancellation notification are still payable.
  • Members who sign up for a year at a time are considered “term” members. 10-day cancellation notice and a $39 cost for essential, a $59 price for premium, and a $79 fee for Qfit are required for early cancellation. Following the first 12-month commitment period, the membership will transition to a month-to-month plan with the same cancellation terms.
  • Upgrades made by members after 7/1/2020 are subject to the cancellation rules detailed below.
    Joining after July 1, 2020 (for those who join up later)
  • The Memberships are on a month-to-month basis. A member may quit their membership any time during the first six months with a $15 notice, a $50 cancellation cost for the primary and premium plans, and no cancellation fee for Qfit. After the first six months, the cancellation period is reduced to 15 days.
  • Cancellations received for memberships offering a free trial period and no upfront costs (such as the 7/1 QFIT promotion offering no payment details at signup and 30 days free) must be accompanied by at least one successful payment processing before cancellation may take effect.
  • Member may revoke this Agreement before midnight on the third business day after Member signs this Agreement. Within the window above, the Member may terminate their membership by completing a cancellation form at Physiq Fitness. Any cancellation request must reach PHYSIQ before the end of the 3-business-day grace period. Within 21 days after receiving notification of cancellation, PHYSIQ will return all payments paid by Member, less a daily charge of $3.00. Members may discontinue their membership with 30 days’ written notice by completing and submitting the cancellation form available at any Physiq Fitness location. All fees scheduled to be levied before the 30th day after receiving the notification (the “Termination Date”) will still be collected. Example: If Member gives PHYSIQ notice of termination on March 5, the Termination Date will be April 4. In April, you’ll get a bill for the amount owed in that month. The cancellation of a Term Agreement may incur a charge. If you want to terminate your Term Agreement and avoid being charged for the next month, you must do so and pay the cancellation fee within seven business days of the monthly due date. This Agreement shall be automatically renewed every month until and until Member cancels or terminates a membership as provided in this paragraph. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN IN CASH.
  • Cancellation requests must be made in writing using the club’s cancellation form. Please submit a written notification and evidence of the move to 4825 Commercial ST SE Suite 150, Salem, OR 97302, if you cannot visit the club in person because of your relocation. Any fees scheduled to be levied within 30 days after receiving the termination notification will still be assessed. If Physiq receives a member’s termination notification on March 5, the termination date will be April 4. The total amount of any charges that are due between those dates will be billed. There will be no monetary returns.

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Physiq Fitness

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