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Pet Food Express

About Pet Food Express

In California, Pet Food Express is a network of retail outlets that sell pet food and supplies, self-service dog-washing facilities, and premium holistic and organic pet food brands.

When Michael Levy launched his first Pet Food Express store in San Francisco in 1980, he sold small dog food and supplies. His business partner, Mark Witriol, joined him in 1992 after he quit dog training in 1986 to concentrate on retail.

By that time, he had grown to three sites. There are now 54 sites in Northern California and 9 in Southern California due to their further expansion.

With over 250 non-profit animal rescue and shelter groups as partners, Pet Food Express usually donates more than $1 million annually.

Starting in 2011, the firm opened cat adoption stations in each of its California locations and boasts that about 1,000 cats have been adopted since the program’s debut.

A high degree of quality is maintained by Pet Food Express when it comes to its food and goods. Since “If we wouldn’t give it to our own dogs, we won’t sell it to yours,” is the firm slogan.

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However, Levy’s business took off, and he soon opened a pet supply store in his original location. His business partner, Mark Witriol, joined him in 1992, and the two are still the sole owners.

As of 2016, Pet Food Express has grown to 56 7,000 square-foot locations across California, with five more opening in the coming year.

Although Levy and Witriol had the option of franchising and expanding their business outside of California, where they could currently have over 1,000 locations, they chose to keep everything they own outright.

There were many challenges for Pet Food Express, including expanding into southern California. The timing of the move was meticulously planned, according to Levy.

Levy explains that to retain the company’s culture, “We’re extremely hands-on.” “Our culture and workers are the main driving force behind our success.”

It doesn’t matter how lovely our shops are; it’s all about the people who work there and the customers who shop there. It’s one thing to read about culture, but it’s another to live it.

Pet Food Express conducts extensive staff training programs to cultivate a positive work environment. During the three months before new-hire training, employees work in the stores to learn what they don’t know and get a true sense of what it’s like to work there.

A week-long intensive training program at the Pet Food Express University in Oakland, California, follows.

Customer service is “excellent,” says Levy. It’s more than just customer service that we’re trained in.” It all comes down to customer service and interaction with the retailer.

When consumers enter our store, we don’t ask, ‘Can we assist you?’. Let them know we’re here to lend a hand if they need it by greeting them with a friendly smile and learning the names of their pets.

Pet Food Express shops are set up to encourage customers to engage. Except perimeter racking, gondolas, and other fixtures are kept to a maximum height of five feet so that customers do not get lost in the store’s aisles.

Says Levy, customers should be able to see and be seen by everyone in the store. We don’t want our consumers wandering through endless aisles without seeing anybody else as a retailer. “The interaction is everything to us.”

cat Food

Choosing the Correct Product

In contrast to typical grocery stores, Pet Food Express does not include stock pet food that one might expect to find there.

All kinds of dogs and cats can find a wide variety of healthy foods, including raw, freeze-dried, home-prepared, and grain-free options. Food accounts for about one-third of the store’s 5,000 SKUs.

As a result, the pet sector has risen at an astronomical rate. Even though the pet sector has grown exponentially since Levy began his career as a dog trainer, only roughly 100,000 SKUs are still available.

In 2008, when other merchants were feeling the pinch of a weakening economy, the pet industry held its own. Because of this, Pet Food Express has been steadily increasing in size since 1980.

Pet Food Express provides immediate benefits to consumers with numerous pet families or just seeking a good value. Pet owners may purchase three goods and receive the fourth for free in various categories.

Large dogs or packs of smaller ones who consume a lot of food can save you money. Though the pricing is important, Levy stresses that it’s more important to provide the correct product to a pet owner.

Forever Places.

Levy has a lifelong interest in animal rescues after spending his youth rescuing strays and walking dogs. Pet Food Express donates 90% of its marketing budget to animal rescue activities and charitable events, which has a significant impact on its bottom line.

San Francisco and Marin County shelter animals have been fed every day for the last four years thanks to a $2.5 million donation from the corporation each year.

Our focus is on saving animals and finding them new families that will provide them with a lifelong home, adds Levy. Anybody can do sponsorships, but we’re the ones who make things happen.

An annual Bay Area Pet Fair is held by Pet Food Express, California’s biggest adoption event. Animals from at least 70 shelters are on display at the fair, and more than 20,000 people attended this year’s October festival when more than 1,100 creatures were adopted.

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More than 60,000 pets have been adopted since the San Francisco Bay Area Pet Adoption website was launched by Pet Food Express.

Pet Food Express sends out photographers who shoot pets given to their local animal shelters for $250 or more with its My Mutt initiative.

Then, the firm will print the photos and put them on display in their local Pet Food Express location. In all, it costs the corporation $400 for each shot, which includes the photographer’s time, the photo process, and the expense of hanging it in the shop. It’s all going to the homeless shelters.

Levy argues that “we live to determine our destiny and do what we believe is good” It’s unlikely that a typical board of directors would approve the My Mutt initiative.

Giving money out and getting nothing in return? Why? Because I think it’s the proper decision. To best serve our clients, workers, and the animals in our care, we have the freedom to do so. It’s cyclical. “Doing nice deeds for animals is excellent for us.”

Since boyhood, Levy has fulfilled a childhood desire by owning more than 30 dogs, completing his goal via his business, rescue initiatives, and the adoption of his latest canine, a rescued French bulldog called Winston.

How many Pet Food Express locations are there?

Expert advice and personal service are always within reach at one of 64 California sites of this chain of neighborhood supermarkets.

Top 5 Pet Food Express Trends for 2018 in California

There is a greater emphasis on nutrition, alternative medicines, and intellectual stimulation for pets in 2018, according to Pet Food Express (PFE).

Sales numbers from the Oakland-based company’s 60+ outlets in Northern and Southern California are being included in the report.

While this statement is timely, pet owners in the United States spent record sums in 2018: industry forecasts indicate $72 billion on food, supplies, training, and trips to the veterinarian.

That’s an increase of $3 billion over the previous year and a twofold increase over 2005.
PFE’s top-selling and fastest-growing product categories in 2018 were as follows:

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1) HEMP – Everything to do with pet pain alleviation:

Agriculture and Food Administration (USDA) Certified Organic Hemp OIL – Organic full spectrum hemp extract.

This year, Pet Food Express has witnessed the most significant shift in consumer behavior. The FDA does not accept medicinal claims concerning hemp products for dogs.

But Michael Levy, the proprietor of Pet Food Express, says that pet guardians are still doing their research. Customers are increasingly flocking to our businesses to purchase hemp oils for their pets.

“Pet-specific CBD products are produced from hemp, not marijuana,” Levy stressed further. Marijuana products should never be given to pets.”

2) Dog food of human quality:

Dog chow produced from human-grade components from JFFD ($5.99 to $22.99)

JFFD’s small-batch, home-cooked pet food is made with human-grade meats and vegetables. Founder Michael Levy of PFE believes that this is an entirely new method to feed your pet.

An all-veterinarian crew of nine produced the recipes. JFFD and other raw and dehydrated pet food products have seen a considerable increase in sales this year.

3) Dogs may enjoy a variety of healthy chewing options:

($5.99 to $14.99) Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

The move away from rawhide-chews was visible in sales at all Pet Food Express outlets from Pasadena to Sacramento to San Francisco.

The No-HideTM Chew is an easily digestible chew produced from farm-raised American chicken with no additional hormones, steroids, or chemicals.

4) Bathing your pet at home rather than taking it to a professional groomer is a better option. It’s a lot less stressful and safer.

a $15 self-service dog wash at Pet Food Express

Pet Food Express’s self-service dog wash has seen an increase in sales as more pet owners prefer to be with their pets while grooming.

The dog wash has elevated tubs, water-resistant aprons, leash clips, and natural shampoos available for your pet’s use.

5) Cat toys that stimulate the mind:

Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball employs sensor-activation to tap into your cat’s instincts to watch and follow prey. ($29.99)

There’s a wide variety of innovative goods for cats and dogs to fulfill their intellectual curiosity. One such example is the butterfly ball.

The Jackson Galaxy website claims that the “sensor-activated motion” of the ball provides “satisfying play.”

FAQ’S of Pet Food Express

1. Online Ordering

What delivery options do I have available to me?

We’ll work around your schedule, whether you need it right away or have a few days to spare.

Up to six days in advance, orders can be placed for same-day or later delivery. When you check out, you’ll see different options for delivery times. Store hours may differ.

We also provide AutoDelivery in some areas. With AutoDelivery, you can program a regular delivery schedule with a wide range of options for quantity and frequency. Click here to learn more about AutoDelivery.

What stores offer in-store pickup?

  • All Pet Food Express stores presently offer in-store pickup.
  • Pickup at the shop is always free of charge.

What cities do you service?

Pet Food Express stores in most nearby ZIP codes can get their food from us, and we’re happy to do so.

The vast majority of Northern Californian ZIP codes surrounding Pet Food Express stores are now covered by our AutoDelivery service. We’re sorry, but we don’t ship anywhere in the United States right now.

So how will I be able to tell if and when my package has arrived?

Pet Food Express’ contact information may be found at the bottom of your confirmation email if you’d like to arrange delivery or in-store pickup. Have your order number readily available.

Seven days before your next planned order, we’ll send you a reminder email if you’ve signed up for Automatic Delivery. When your purchase is ready to be sent, we’ll notify you through email.

How do I keep track of my order?

The contact information for Pet Food Express may be found at the bottom of your purchase confirmation email, and you can use it to track your order. Having your order number handy is a good idea.

In your tracking history, do you notice the status of “Returned by Delivery Provider?” Because our courier could not deliver your goods, you will get a refund within 24 hours.

My package hasn’t been delivered yet. What should I do?

We may be experiencing problems if your shipment has not arrived within the time frame you specified for delivery. If your order has not arrived by 8 p.m., please click here to contact one of our Pet Experts.

Is there a way to alter my order?

Once your delivery driver has been sent, there are no refunds available.  Pet Food Express’ contact information may be found at the bottom of your confirmation email if you’d like to arrange delivery or in-store pickup.

Having your order number handy is a good idea. You may make changes to your AutoDelivery order up to four days before your delivery date.

An order modification email will be issued to notify customers of any modifications made to their purchase.

What is the rationale for the minimum order quantity on certain products?

Certain commodities may only be ordered in case of packs for AutoDelivery, necessitating a minimum order quantity.

Same-day delivery or in-store pickup may be an option if you just need a few of these goods.

In-store pickup orders are held for how long by the store?

We will endeavor to contact you if the order has not been picked up by the next day. A week beyond the planned pick-up time, in-store pickup orders will be retained for customers to pick them up.

Your order will be refunded if we are unable to contact you. Restrictions for Pickup. We need a copy of your confirmation and an official photo ID when you come to pick up your package for your protection.

We may also need to examine the credit card used to purchase if the transaction is significant. Some conditions must be met before we accept an order. We’ll try to get in touch with you in advance if that’s the case.

Do you know how to skip or cancel your AutoDelivery?

Using the “AutoDeliveries” section of your account, you may opt-out of impending AutoDeliveries or cancel an AutoDelivery subscription. Please contact us at any time by clicking here or by calling our Pet Experts at (510) 609-3600 for help.

Suppose an item in my AutoDelivery is unavailable for any reason.

We’ll do all we can to ensure you get what you ordered. An incomplete AutoDelivery order may be sent to you if we’re experiencing supply issues.

Depending on the situation, you may be given a delayed delivery, a substitute, or the cancellation of your order. Please reply to this email or give us a call at (510) 609-3600 if you have any questions.
Suppose my AutoDelivery is scheduled to arrive on a holiday or a day when Pet Food is sold out of stock.

What’s going on?

Orders placed for automatic delivery that are due to be delivered on holiday or when Pet Food Express is closed will be delivered the day before. Before this happens, we’ll contact you to know what’s going on. Alternatively, you may reach our Pet Experts at (510) 609-3600 or by clicking here.

Does the Internet have diets prescribed by a doctor?

Because we cannot validate prescriptions online at this time, they are not available for purchase via our website. All prescription diets may be purchased from us.

How can I change my shipping address?

Select “Addresses” from your account. You have the option to change, remove, or add a new address in this section.

Do you charge a fee for shipping?

Free delivery service is available for $30 or more purchases, minus VAT after any discounts or promos are applied. We can also deliver for $4.99 if you choose that option.

My order will be delivered by whom?

Your pet’s food will arrive on time, thanks to our partnership with third-party delivery providers.

How much should I give my delivery guy as a gratuity?

Tipping is a simple way to express gratitude to drivers for their hard work, but it’s not required. Once your purchase has been delivered, you will be sent an SMS text message with a link to leave comments and a tip for the delivery service. Use the app to submit a personalized tip by providing your credit card details.

Your delivery driver receives the full amount of your gratuity.

Is it necessary for me to be there when my package arrives?

As a precaution for the well-being of both our personnel and consumers, we are solely providing contactless delivery at this time.

It’s usually up to you to make the final decision! At checkout, you will be given the option to choose whether or not a signature is needed when the package arrives at your door.

If you are not home, the driver will leave your order at your door or another location specified by you if you do not need a signature.

Sadly, I didn’t get an email confirmation. I don’t know.

You might contact our Pet Experts by clicking here if you didn’t get a confirmation email after completing your purchase.

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2. Payments

How can I change the way I pay?

“Payment Methods” may be found under your account. A new payment method may be added or an existing payment method deleted.

In what way may this be happening?

Whether you’re experiencing difficulties with your credit card during checkout, check to see if you’ve completed Steps One through Four (Customer, Checkout Options, Billing, Payment) correctly and accurately. If a section doesn’t have a checkbox, please fill it out.

To ensure that the billing address on file for your credit card and bank match, double-check the address. Name and credit card number must be entered precisely as they appear on the card.

Add the CVV, a three-digit number on the back of your credit card, before you make your purchase.

Contact our Pet Experts here if you’re still having problems.

In what ways may I make a purchase from you?

We take Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Pet Food Express gift cards, retail cards, and online store credit* for purchases made online.

To redeem an online shop credit, you must buy anything online.

When will my credit/debit card be charged?

Your payment method will be debited the same day you place an online purchase for delivery or in-store pickup.

We’ll approve your payment method for AutoDeliveries three days before your shipment is scheduled to arrive. You will be charged immediately once your order has been processed.

How can I check the amount of my gift card?

Check your Pet Food Express gift card balance by clicking the “Check Gift Card Balance” option at the bottom of the page or by clicking here.

You’ll be greeted with a prompt and a form. Your gift card number, PIN (located in the right corner on the back of your card), and a CAPTCHA code are all required. As soon as you press “Submit,” you will get your remaining funds.

What if I want to use a gift card or merchandise card online?

Gift cards and merchandise cards from Pet Food Express may be redeemed at checkout underpayment by entering the card number and pin in the “Gift Card Number” and “Pin” sections.

Do gift cards work on the internet?

We cannot accept gift cards online, but please know that we are working on making this option available very shortly.

3. Coupons & Promotions

How come B3G4F isn’t accessible on the internet?

We cannot provide the B3G4F discount for online orders due to vendor limitations. This contractual restriction prevents us from making this campaign available online. If you’d like to see our in-store B3G4F program in action, we’d be pleased to show you around one of our numerous locations.

Find out more by visiting this website.

3 Get the 4th Free!

Is my 20/20 coupon valid online?

The 20/20 coupons may indeed be used in-store or online. The discount box will display at checkout as soon as an email address has been typed in. Enter the code using the “Coupon Code” column in your “Order Summary,” enter the code. Click “Apply.”

I got a promo code. What do I do with it?

After entering your email, a discount box will pop up at the bottom of the page. Enter the code using the “Coupon Code” column in your “Order Summary,” enter the code. Click “Apply” after that.
Delivery is free for purchases above $30 (after any discounts or promos are applied), except tax, so please keep that in mind. We can also deliver for $4.99 if you choose that option.

4. Exchanges & Returns

If I used a gift card or a merchandise card to make my purchase, how can I get a refund?

Petfood Express’s Pet Experts may provide an online store credit instead of a refund if you paid for your purchase with a gift card or merchandise card and have an account with the company. Only online purchases are eligible for online shop credit.

In-store refunds are delivered in a gift card or merchandise card that may be used for both in-store and online purchases.

How do I return or exchange an item?

Bring back your product regardless of how it was delivered or purchased in-store. To return or exchange, all you have to do is visit any Pet Food Express facility.

Here’s how to do it:

Refunds for new products are available for returns made within 30 days after purchase with a receipt. It usually takes three to five business days for transactions made with both a credit and debit card to appear on your statement. Refunds for purchases made with cash will be made in cash.

It doesn’t matter whether or not you have a receipt, and we’ll be happy to give you a store credit or exchange. Your name, address, and picture ID are required for all refunds, credits, and exchanges.

To see a complete list of Pet Food Express locations, go to this page: Click here. If we erroneously fulfilled or delivered your order, we will refund the delivery fee.

Find out more by visiting this page.

5. Services

My pet’s VIP PetCare records are where?

VIP PetCare provides veterinarian services at our wellness centers and mobile veterinary clinics in partnership with our company. To get a copy of your pet’s medical records, call VIP at 1 (800) 427-7973.

What more do you need to know? We’re here to assist you in any way we can! Please use the form provided to get in touch with us.

What kind of service do you give to pets?

Yes! Most of our stores include a self-service pet wash. Find out more by visiting this website.

Are there adoption fairs in your area?

Pet Food Express locations sometimes organize adoption events for local rescues and shelters. To learn about future activities, contact or visit your local shop.

Do you provide dog training?

Visit your local shop to find out more about in-person dog training services.

To find out more about our virtual dog training service, please visit this link.

6. Support

Need a live pet expert on the phone?

At (510) 609-3600, you can reach our Pet Experts. Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 8:30 pm, and 9:00 am to 7:30 pm on Sunday.

How can I get in touch with customer service?

We’re here to assist you! You may reach us at any time by clicking here or dialing (510) 609-3600 to speak with one of our Pet Experts. Monday through Saturday, 9:00 am to 8:30 pm, and 9:00 am to 7:30 pm on Sunday. Please expect a response from us within the next 24-48 hours.


Is there a sales tax?

The sales tax rate is determined by the delivery ZIP code or the pickup area.

What is your company’s policy on privacy?

Pet Food Express takes your privacy very seriously. Here is our privacy statement.

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