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12/10/2022 12:00 AM

That's why takes client privacy so seriously. This privacy statement's main goal is to make it very apparent to our customers what data we collect, why we collect it, and how we intend to utilize it. If this policy ever uses the words "," "we," or "us," it is referring to, Inc. and any of its subsidiaries or divisions.

We have crafted this Privacy Policy to meet the interests of our customers who may be concerned about the use of their "Personally Identifiable Information" (PII) in connection with their usage of our online services. According to US privacy legislation and information security, "personally identifiable information" (PII) refers to data that may be used alone or in combination with other data to identify, locate, or contact an individual. You should read this Policy carefully to understand how we collect, use, and manage your personally identifiable information if you use our Site, Software, App, or Services.

What kind of private data is safe on
This Privacy Policy is part of's Terms of Service and License Agreement, which you may read in its entirety at All information we learn about you via your use of the website, mobile application, and services ("Information") is governed by this policy (the "Terms of Service"). Unless otherwise stated above, capitalized terms used in this Policy have the same meanings as in the "Terms of Service."

When I provide information to, where does that information go?
Information that might be used to identify a user whether used alone or in combination with other data is recorded when a user interacts with our products ("Personal Data"). We'll collect data as well, but in a way that keeps people's identities secret ("Non-Personal Data").

information you provided when creating an account, such as your name, email address, password, and phone number. collects the following personally identifiable information from you when you willingly join up for our services:

Your name, email address, and preferred language are required fields. will ask for your consent to access some basic information (such your email address and name) from your Google+ or Facebook account if you choose to sign in with either of those services. We respect your decision to deny access to your account.

Those who shop often should feel safe providing their financial information. This is a necessary condition for to provide the full breadth of monetizable transaction types. Your data will be used to process the transaction you have requested. The "Buy Now" button on the PayPal® website will take you to a secure page where you can input your credit card information and complete the transaction. If you send information to PayPal® via their website, such data will be subject to their privacy rules.

Additional details are asked below, but providing them is completely voluntary. may collect the following information about you while you use the Site, the Software, the App, and/or the Services.

All of the text, files, and other information you provide to us when making use of our Services and/or Software is collectively referred to as "User Content."

What kind of information does the automatic system collect?'s systems automatically record data about the devices from which you access the website, as well as the actions you do when using the website's content (including but not limited to Site, Software, App, and Services). The following are some potential categories of data that may be stored in such a repository:

We may consider your device's location when you use our Site, Software, App, and/or Services. The device's Internet Protocol (IP) address or other unique identifier may reveal its location.

Similar to other websites, our Site, Software, App, and/or Services automatically collect information and store it in log files on our servers. This log data may include information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type, settings, and preferences, as well as the date and time of use, cookie information, and the language you have selected.

Insights unique to your application The information offered here is tailored to your individual needs and how you make use of the website, app, and/or services. Some of the data we use to analyze user behavior on our site, app, and/or services comes from other sources. We will be able to determine, for instance, how many people in total have visited a certain website and which links have been clicked on the most often. All of this information will be analyzed and used to better serve you on the site.

How much detail can you provide us about your gadget? Data such as the user's operating system, web browser, and device identifiers are gathered from the user's computer or mobile device in order to enhance their experience on

We describe the information that may be obtained through cookies and provide a link to our Cookie Policy in the section under "Does Use Cookies?"

Putting up with the Distribution and Use of Confidential Data
Exactly what type of data is discussed on will share your information with other parties in the following scenarios:

We use the help of third-party vendors for tasks such as hosting, updating, and distributing our Services. There are certain services, such as customer assistance, email delivery, and data analytics, that we outsource to third-party vendors. These third parties will only have access to, be able to handle, or be required to record Personal Data when doing so on our behalf and within our limits.
The confidentiality of your information will be protected, and it will only be shared with third parties with your express consent.

We may launch an investigation if we have reason to believe that our Terms of Service have been breached, if we need to enforce our Terms of Service, or if we believe that there is reason to investigate or take action regarding illegal activity, fraud, or threats to our Site, Software, App, or Services.

We have determined that it is necessary to store, access, or disclose your Personal Data in order to defend the rights, property, or personal safety of and the users of our site, software, app, and/or services, and to properly comply with requests from any public authorities.

This is of the utmost importance before to or during any asset sale, merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy, or initial public offering of shares. To the extent permitted by this privacy statement, we may disclose or transfer your information to other parties.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information may be shared with the public and other parties, such as our affiliates according to a contract we have with them or as part of user-provided status reports.
Results from are not admissible in court.
Any and all rights to refuse to accept digital or electronic evidence belong to

We use a cookie to keep track of the items you've placed in your shopping cart so that your orders may be processed more quickly.
Know what other people care about and keep it in mind so they may benefit from it later.
We may adjust our services in response to what we learn via monitoring and analysis.
Your browser may be configured to alert you before accepting cookies, or it may be set to automatically reject all cookies. You may do this by modifying the settings in your browser. The help menu inside your browser will provide the most accurate information on how to change your cookies. Turning cookies off may cause the site to not perform properly.

Exposed Information from Untrusted Sources

Information about identifiable individuals is never shared.

Hyperlinkable Websites That Can Be Visited

Occasionally, we'll link out to related websites so you can get the most out of your time here. On our Privacy Policy page, you'll find links to third-party sites that give even more information about the way we handle cookies and other personally identifying data. Please exercise care while visiting any website that has a link on our site, as we are not responsible for the content of any sites you may visit. Do your own research before clicking on a link to a third-party website.


Each of our products—web, mobile, and desktop—uses Google Adsense to provide customers with contextual ads. The name of this document says it all: Google's Advertising Principles is a condensed version of the company's advertising policies. The purpose of these configurations is to make people's experiences with the service more positive.

To get more information, check out this link:

Advertisements that appear on our website, mobile app, and/or computer program are provided by a third-party vendor that uses cookie technology. This vendor may be Google. Our Site, Software, App, and Services, along with other websites, use a Google cookie called DART to monitor and record user behavior. See the Google Ads and Content Network privacy disclosure for information on how to disable the DART cookie.

What to Do If Your Identity Is Stolen or Other Personal Information Is Lost
Some of the options available to you for controlling your personal information have previously been covered. Send an email to for no-hassle information on these safety measures.

On very rare situations, we may fall short of 100% of customers' realistic expectations, no matter how hard we try. Consider if it would violate the rights of other users or be immoral, for instance. But be assured, we will always give you enough warning. In order to verify your identity and the nature of your request, we may require extra personal information from you.