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05/06/2017 6:06 AM


When we looked into who had access to premium SEO tools for free in 2010, we discovered that the number was surprisingly low. Thus, many companies were squandering their budgets on ineffective SEO strategies (SEO). Especially for clients on tighter budgets, this was a major problem.

We went along with the hoax and began to work. After securing the domain name, we quickly put together a talented team of developers and search engine optimization (SEO) experts to create innovative software at affordable prices.

Because of this need, dependable SEO tools have emerged.

These days, Mega SEO Tools is in charge of what is perhaps the most extensive "treasure mine" of useful SEO tools and information available online for free.

Clever concepts

Shamsul Islam Sajib, a digital entrepreneur located in London, unveiled Mega SEO Tools in 2020. Now that Mega SEO Tools is fully under his control, Tausif uses his visionary leadership and keen business sense to keep his team excited about the company's future. was founded on the principle that top-notch SEO tools should be easily accessible to companies of all sizes. There was no going back from that point on! As time has passed, the site's collection of tools has expanded, and it now boasts the largest collection of free SEO tools of any website on the web.

Our goal is to create cutting-edge SEO tools and make them accessible to everyone, wherever in the world. We've been planning for the future with this kind of grandiosity since the year 2020.

Our core beliefs

The opinions shared on are not shared by the majority. We believe there is an improved method of advertising that can be implemented. We believe that top-tier SEO tools, like all other excellent things in life, should be made available without cost to everyone.

As a result of the importance we place on this, we provide all of our content, including articles, free of charge.

Our intention is to provide first-rate SEO solutions that can match or perhaps outperform the many commercial options out there.

Therefore, we prioritize these two aspects of internet marketing—search engine optimization and content creation—to the greatest extent possible. People will be able to find your site and even make purchases after you have optimized it for search engines.

Attempting to optimize your website for search engines on your own is an incredibly difficult task. With the resources we've made available and the insights we've given, we want to make SEO easier for everyone to use.

NOW is the time to take a look at US.

Our company, Mega SEO Tools, has expanded rapidly from day one. Here are a few samples of our data:

Everything We Have Access To
After beginning with only three SEO tools, we've expanded to host far over sixty, including a vast array of excellent SEO and content tools in more than 10 categories. Not only are they better prepared today, but the bar has been raised considerably.

Possibilities we possess Our Mega SEO services have been used by millions of people in more than a hundred different countries.

Buyer community

More amazing perhaps is the rate at which we have been able to increase our user base. Considering we first started out, millions of individuals all across the world have benefited from our items.

In a Number of Publications from the Media
We've received praise, discussion, and promotion from Microsoft, Mashable, Moz,, Hubspot, Ahrefs, Lifehack, Woorank, Issuu, and Steemit, among others.