How To Cancel Onyx Gym Membership?

Onyx gym

When you work out at Onyx Gym in Bellmore, New York, neither the large nor the minor things will get you down; we like to SWEAT!

If you’re weary of working out in inferior facilities that care more about advertising and fees than their current members,

Onyx Gym is the place for you. Our 20,000-square-foot space features:

Boxing & Kickboxing

The instructors or leaders of our Boxing lessons are among the finest in the nation.

Training for the Heart

Our Cardio Training sessions are taught or led by highly qualified fitness experts who are among some of the finest in the nation.

Training for Strength

Our Strength Training sessions are taught or led by highly qualified fitness experts who are among some of the finest in the nation.

Private Coaching & More!

Our Private Coaching classes/sessions are conducted by professionally qualified fitness specialists who are among some of the finest in the nation.

Onyx gym

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Onyx gym Membership cost


At the Onyx Gym in Bellmore, New York, we don’t worry about the little things or the important things; we like to SWEAT! Onyx Gym caters to people of all fitness levels, weight loss goals, and those who want to be more active.

Onyx Gym is the place to go if you’re sick of working out in mediocre gyms that put new customers before current ones. There is something for everyone in our various membership levels.

Onyx Standard Membership


Onyx Elite Membership


Onyx Youth Membership (ages 6 to 12)


  • Added Club Membership Perks
  • Advantages of Group Exercise Classes at No Extra Cost


  • Club Membership Bonus + Free Drinks
  • Benefit from unlimited group access +
  • Complete Boxing, Kickboxing, TRX, and More! — Elite Level Classes!


  • Plus Membership to Exclusive Club
  • Unlimited Boxing & Kickboxing Classes for Kids and Teens


Onyx gym Cancel Membership

Canceling your automatic renewal of a Subscription purchased on the Site is as simple as sending an email to

If you buy your Membership through an App Provider, you may cancel the renewal of your subscription at any time with the App Provider.

Onyx gym

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ONYX gym hours


Day Time
Mon to Fri 5 AM to 11 PM
Sat 7 AM to 7 PM
Sun 7 AM to 7 PM

Onyx Gym app

Is the Onyx Gym app free?

Get in shape at no cost with the most advanced home fitness program. Onyx monitors your workout and provides feedback and form corrections via webcam.

Onyx gym equipment


Onyx gym FAQs

What time does Onyx close?

Yes! Members of Onyx Fitness get 24/7/365 access to the facility with their access card.

What is the minimum age to join Onyx?

Adult members may use the facilities whenever they choose. Members between the ages of 15 and 17 can use the center with parental permission and proper documentation.

Get in touch with us if you have children or teens in your care between the ages of 7 and 14.

What am I getting as a member?

You may use the gym and the locker rooms as much as you want throughout the month, and your membership fee covers it all (showers, sauna, lockers).

What sort of memberships do you offer?

Members may commit to anything from one month to a year or more. As a result of the present constraints, however, we can only accept long-term membership commitments now.

Payment plans of 12 months or more are included in this category, as are yearly subscriptions paid in full. This is only a stopgap until more permanent solutions can be found to the problem of excessive foot traffic.

How can I join up?

Memberships may only be purchased and signed up for at the facility itself. Appointments are required to visit the office. Please get in touch with us right away to make a reservation.

When possible, may I have a trial run?

Absolutely! Before making a financial commitment, we hope you’ll stop by and enjoy our warm hospitality. Just sign up for our free 7-day trial by clicking the button below. For a Free 7-Day Trial, Click Here!


Changing rooms, lockers, showers, and other similar facilities are cleaned as often as required to ensure sanitary conditions.

When it comes to keeping things pure, cleanliness and disinfection are top priorities for any equipment.
Onyx has given each member a spray bottle to use during their training to make things easier and reduce the number of high-touch locations.

After using a piece of exercise equipment, members must wipe it off before moving on to another part.

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